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April 21, 2008

Federal Hill needs Jumbo Slice

Why won't someone open a pizza joint that serves cheap massive slices 'til late at night in Federal Hill?

I was at Maria D's on Light Street this past Saturday around 2:30 a.m. eating some of their pepperoni pizza and wishing it was Jumbo Slice.

Maria D's just doesn't cut it for me.

I need, love and long for Jumbo Slice.

If you've ever been out in Adams Morgan, you know what I'm talking about.

So big. So delicious.

I mean, you only get four Jumbo Slices out of a large pizza. You need two paper plates just to hold one.

The cheese, sauce and crust don't have to be top-notch, either.  

D.C. has a bunch of spots where you can get Jumbo Slice quick and cheap.

Federal Hill is under-served.

Somebody please start serving Jumbo Slice. You'll make millions.

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I'd love it if Angelo's expanded to Federal Hill. But they're all the way up in Hampden, and that's out of walking distance -- at least for me.

The pizza in Federal Hill is awful.

Thirsty Dog has great pizza, but they don't offer that fast and easy late night slice. Maria D's is despicable; their crust tastes like dusty cardboard. I think Ultimate Pizza on Cross St. is the best for the late-night slice, but even that is pretty awful on the broader scale.

I would be happy with any decent non-franchise pizza joint in Federal Hill, jumbo slice or not.

J&P Carryout ain't bad... Tell them Shaniqua sent you.

Allow me to solve your problem...

...stock up on Mama Celeste's pizzas.

You're welcome.

but but I don't wanna cook a pizza ... i wanna jumbo slice NOW!

i want the world ... i want the whole world ...

I think one of the pizza places on Broadway in Fells has jumbo slices, but I don't know how late they're open.

Oh come now, Pizza Boli on Cross St. isn't that bad and they do sell fairly larger-than-ordinary slices. It's still a faaaaarr cry from jumbo slice however.

Who wants to put in a couple grand and open a jumbo slice with me.

Boli's has large, greasy slices and are open pretty late.

Yeah, a jumbo slice would make some good cash, but who's with me in opening a Sonic/White Castle in the Towson area? Talk about rolling in it!

I agree on the sad state of fed hill pizza. Half the places close at 11 PM.

J&P is pretty decent but remember ordering a dozen BBQ wings and a dozen buffalo wings from there once. 10 minutes later they call me back to ask if I want the sauce on the wings or on the side...not a good sign.

Any word on the Ledo Pizza that was supposed to open in the Southside Shopping center?

That Ledo's is open, locust point man. I'm not sure how late it stays open at night, but it's open for business.

Federal Hill to be more like Adams Morgan? Isn't it bad enough already?

Pizza Bolis? Is that some kind of sick joke? Soggy, lifeless, greasy, slimy, flavorless Pizza-Boli's. Evan, you should be ashamed....

It's not Federal Hill (South Baltimore) but... Little Italy in Fells on Broadway, by where Crabby Dick's used to be has a great Jumbo Slice...

PY in Canton has wonderful jumbo slices. Just try to ignore the silly name. Oh, and the fact that it's not in Fed Hill.

If you want the best late night pizza in south baltimore, try hilltop pizza at jackson and fort. just look for all of the local "thugs" hanging out front.

Say what you want about Boli's, it's still better than Maria D's.

Besides, sprinkle on a liberal dose of Old Bay and McCormick Pork Rub and it'll taste wonderful regardless of how lifeless and greasy it is.

Evan -- McCormick Pork Rub? Wha?

yeah it's pretty great stuff, pretty much on anything and everything.

but you can't overdo it on pizza, it'll get too sweet. one must craft a delicate synergy of Old Bay and Pork Rub.

Independent of the jumbo slice consideration.

1) Who has the best pizza in Baltimore that you would go out of your way to buy and recommend?
Thin slice
Deep dish

2) Who has the best price break between pizza quality and price?
Federal Hill
Anywhere in Baltimore

Weird Sam Sessa...I was at Maria D's at like 230 AM as well...

the first time I've been and lemme tell you we got back to the house and ate it was a unanimous wow this pizza tastes like crap!


Is that John McCain ordering a slice?


Can this be a topic for a fab five friday: Best Late Night Pizza?


Best "Thin Slice" is-hands down-Iggies on Calvert just north of Center Stage. Authentic Neopolitan thin slice, with killer toppings-and BYOB is great.

But best BIG SLICE has to be Angelos (yeah, too far to walk from Federal Hill unless you're Madison Smartt Bell) but you need a hand truck for their "one slice" slice.

Evan -- yes indeed, that is presidential hopeful John McCain. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice.

Wheelsee -- I'm not sure. I'm worried about stepping on L.I.Z.'s toes. I'll talk to her and see what she thinks

adam says: "try hilltop pizza at jackson and fort. just look for all of the local 'thugs' hanging out front."

Hilltop at 230 am...taking your life into your own hands.

I swung by Southside yesterday and did see Ledo's Pizza open. They might want to think about getting a sign out front...

I know it was a joke, but if you think going to hilltop at 2:30 am is "taking your life into your hands" you are sheltered, elitist (buzzword!), and scared.

I thought you took your life in your own hands the minute you crossed the county border into the city.

Wow...sarcasm is elusive.


oh right there are other evans.

Evan...a Sonic/White Castle in Towson would be pure genius! Every time i see either of their commercials, I hop on the websites and consider making the drives just to experience one of these fast food Meccas! (Sonic is 45 min away, while White Castle is over 2 hours)

I'm SO in to open one...I'll be your manager!

i'm fine with 5 guys continuing to take over maryland

Jumbo slice in Fed Hill is sad...

Don't get me wrong. Mama D's has good pie for Baltimore, but Boli's is awful and Hilltop sits three rungs below that along with the thugs that you see there after 10PM.

The Big Slice in Fells should fill a truck with pizzas and park outside of Magerks to sell sliced. They'd pay for the truck in one Saturday night.

...still no Mama Celeste.

Mikie's on fort. not jumbo, super-sized slices, but the best pizza in FH.
boli's makes pizza? i was wondering what that was...

Trouble, No the sarcasm is pervasive but that is life.

(Bowling) Ben, Let's give proper credit to Allan for The Sonic/White Castle proposal.

Federal Hill needs Kimbo Slice.

I work in DC and know there are NO pizza places around anywhere (except Pizza Hut). What places are you talking about?


This AOL page includes independents, starting with the first entry:

So I am here in DC this weekend and got blasted last night. Rolled out of the bar... and what did I see? Jumbo Slice.

Oh Man. I was gonna take a pic. But it looked sooo good and I was sooo hungry. Although I still have a headache this morning.

There's now a Ledo Pizza in Southside Marketplace on Fort Ave in Federal Hill/Locust Point. The pizza is yummy.

Angelo's has pretty good pizza, haven't had the "world's largest slice" yet, but it IS massive. Unfortunately, they're not open very late.

It's not federal hill, but there is a Pasta Mista opening in the Canton/Brewers Hill area. It's right off Boston St.

They have a location in Towson that hands down puts out the best NY style pizza in Maryland.

Great sauce; crispy crust; yum yum.

Their health inspection is scheduled for August 8th and they plan on opening shortly after that.

The downside, if they keep in form with their Towson location, they won't be offering delivery.

That place is going to finally open? The sign has been up since spring (at least) and I keep driving in to see if it has opened. I'm never too disappointed because then I just end up getting 5 Guys


Yeah, I've been eating a lot of 5 guys too, while waiting for them to open.

They had some problems with permits and all. They said it won't be more than a week or so after the inspection.

That's providing they pass, of course.

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