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March 25, 2008

The next Fab Five Friday

Chug! Chug! Chug!

This week, let's rank the five most awesome drinking games.

It can be trickier than you think.

Example: Which is better -- beer pong, flip cup, quarters, Edward 40-hands or beer scavenger hunts?

I'm sure there are more that aren't coming to mind right away either.

Hit me! 

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"You drink, I drink." - A delightful little game from college. The name is pretty much self-explanatory.

"Drink Uno"

"Drink Simpsons."

"Drink WWE/WWF" - We used to levy bets translated to drinks and associated with certain cliches. A romping good time.

Are keg stands a game? How about shotgun beer races?

"Bust and chug" - a blackjack-esque game of chance and blinding drunkeness.


Drinkball, drinkball, drinkball, point-and-drink, and drinkball.

Circle of Death.

Hands down. There is simply no discussion.

Especially since the "Rule" card (usually Jacks) can cause no end of hilarious disaster. Circle of Death is awesome.

Even the name is awesome: Circle. Of. DEATH.

Of course everyone's rules are slightly different but here's the Wikipedia (take that, Hoyle's!) version:

(Props for the Edward 40-Hands reference, though, Sam.)

Oh for the love, there are soooooo many wonderful choices.

3-man - for those who hate cards, a dice game with hilarious results

Find the two - definitely the most lethal drinking game around

POWER HOUR - social AND lethal!

A-hole - the time tested classic

some more card games - BS pyramid, golf, drunk driver, horse race, kings aka circle of death, Hi-low (also lethal).

Perhaps there needs to be more than one category? One for games you play at the table (card games, Quarters, etc.), one for games that demand physical skill or speed (Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Boat Races), and maybe a miscellaneous category for those that require props (Frisbee Boat Races) or setup (Edward 40-Hands).

Maybe I'm splitting hairs—yes they're all drinking games—but when I pull out the cards for Circle of Death I'm in a totally different universe from when I step up to a Beer pong table.

PS: My brother's friends play Beer Plinko using a 4'x6' board studded with nails and an empty circular Altoids tin. It's awesome.


Point of order, its Beirut not Beer Pong!

Wow...6 posts before the Beruit vs. Beer pong argument got cracked open.

I also played a game where I would sit in my apartment and drink til I couldn't feel feelings. I call it "life."

Thumper is a great drinking game... as is apples to apples!

without a doubt

"I never" or "Never have I ever" whatever you want to call it.

Has anybody mentioned, QUARTERS!

I went to my roomates coworkers house and played "Royal Rumble Power Hour".

It works like this, get an old dvd of any Royal Rumble match. There are 30 guys in a Royal Rumble, so divide the number of players you have by 30, in whatever way you see fit. (Ex. 10 people playing, each get 3 wrestlers.)

So this is how you drink:

Every time a Wrestler enters the Rumble, you take a shot.
Every time a Wrestler is disqualified, leaves the ring, you take a shot.

When your guy enters the ring, you take a shot.

If your guy puts out some one else’s guy, they take a shot.
If your guy is put out by some one else’s guy you chug.

Of course we played with beer, as it would be galactically retarded to use anything else.

Also, it's beer pong around here. If it's "beirut" to you, you're from New England, and the sweater around your neck is too tight.

@JTK, if it's a two player game, I would like to join you!

How about the game Drunk ...
They play it in Federal Hill and Canton.
(that one's for you Rick)

Circle of death! I'd forgotten all about that one. Good call Patchen.

JTK, how often do you play that game?


Good to have you back, Giordano.

Anytime you want to go to Ropewalk and play beer pong, coerce gals into doing a few Jager Bombs, and sing along to Livin on a Prayer, hit me up. I'll be the dude in the baseball hat and red polo shirt. First round of Miller Lites on me.

Ice cube tray races.

I guess I've gotten to being a BOF.
These all seem to be so foolishly adolesent, [expletive] contests before and after.

GF is objectively correct. Drinkball is the perfect drinking game.

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