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March 18, 2008

Hard times for Chris Sligh?

Chris Sligh (pictured), a finalist in last year’s American Idol competition, performed at the Open Door Cafe in Bel Air this past Saturday.

About 75 people paid $5 each to see Sligh sing and play guitar for about an hour, along with a backup percussionist.

Sligh got a cut of the money made at the door.

Afterward, he signed autographs, said cafe manager Rich Corbin.

“They loved him,” he said. “Everybody had fun.”

You could say one of two things about this ...


1) Sligh was just stopping by to play a gig for fun.


2) This is the part of Behind the Music: Chris Sligh where he rides the gravy train until he goes broke and spirals into a five-year heroin binge.

Your thoughts? 

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 11:53 AM | | Comments (82)
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Who is Chris Sligh?


Excuse me.

Chris Sligh is in the middle of a 55 city Radio and TV tour to promote his new single, "Empty Me" and upcoming debut CD, "Running Back To You", due out May 6th. His single has only been out since Feb 22nd and it is already charting.
I'm sure that he is very tired and stressed out from the multiple appointments each day. The fact that he made time for a small concert is to his credit.
You can hear his music on his Myspace site and can pre-order the CD at

As Rosalee said, Chris is very busy right now on his radio/tv tour to promote is new single. BTW, "Empty Me" is available for download at iTunes.
Chris is an extremely talented individual and has the most awesome voice I have ever heard.
Take the time to visit his Myspace site and listen to his music - you'll be blown away.

As said in the other comments "Excuse Me". Chris has been all over the US promoting his new single 'Empty Me", which is an awesome song. Take the time to visit his MySpace site and give his new songs a listen. You will be extremely pleased!!! The guy has the most awesome voice I have ever heard. Plus his songwriting is so heartfelt...

Due to computer problems, I couldn't reply sooner. I was wanting to say that you, and many others like you, amaze me with the ability to cut others down with your negative observations. With all due respect, you need to learn how to be a better journalist. Check things out before you make a rash judgment against people. Like the others before me said, Chris is talented, and deserves credit for that gig he played. Many former Idols, I understand, love the more intimate atmosphere of a smaller venue and have performed at them, packed out. Check the link out below. Chris won't be going broke, nor will he need heroin. He has the Lord to sustain him, as many of us his fans do.

Who's Chris Sligh?


I'm trying to imagine Chris Sligh as a heroin addict. Nope. Not working.
This guy is as pure as the driven snow. And he actually puts on a pretty decent show, speaking as one who paid more than $5 to see it.

Better yet, who is Sam Sessa? Clearly an overly negative nobody. Remember kids, before you hate, realize that it's CHRIS who is making the headlines, not you. :) I really don't see how selling out his first show since his single was released and already hitting the Billboard charts makes you someone on "hard times." Hmmm.

Hey, Sam, go to, preorder his cd -- you get it autographed and maybe when you're jobless you can sell it for a hefty price.

Who are JTK and Sam Sessa?
Apparently the Abbott and Costello of the Baltimore Sun.

What is the Baltimore Sun?
Not living in Baltimore but by the tenor of this article, a supermarket tabloid at the checkout with the National Inquirer, World Weekly News, People, and Self.

As with those esteemed publications, news that fortifies the spirit and improves one's life.

Well, Sam, my thoughts are these--you're either:
1) not a fan of Christian music OR
2) not a fan of American Idol

If you'd really sit and listen to Chris's music, I think you'd appreciate his wonderful voice and amazing songwriting talent. And my final thought:
Who the heck is Sam Sessa?

Re-read this article, one is left with the suspicion that the writer didn't actually witness the performance as there is no mention on how the show went or how it was received by the audience.

Sounds like the product of the print equivalent of a talk head, not a reporter.

Who is Sam Sessa?


Who's on first?


Whatever, I'm not a reporter.

Chris Sligh is an overweight and witless d-bag. He kinda looks like if Josh Groban (also an insufferable d-bag) ate nothing but Cheetos for a year. The only way he's going to break the charts is if he sits on them.

I'll bet the only whole note this kids knows, are the kind he gets after he's done at Taco Bell.

Sam & JTK,

Are two going to keep this call and response every five or six comments,

Apparently comments are by people who know and care who Chris Sligh is but have no idea who Sam Sessa is, and first impression hasn't been particularlly endearing or respect inducing.

Ain't life grand?


The obvious response fulfilled.
No points for the predictable, but please carry on.

Do stop in Paterson if your ever in Northern New Jersey and see Lou Costello's statue, erected in his hometown.

Uh oh Sam...looks like you angered some people.

Who knew Baltimore was part of the Bible Idol Belt???????


By calling Sam and JTK "Abbot and Costello", you do realize that you're implying that they are in fact, funny, right?

It's mostly true too. This one time Sam Sessa was walking in the hall and met Frankenstien, and it was hilarious. He was all like, "hamana hamana" and Frankenstien was all like "raaawr!"

And suprisingly enough, the Frankenstien monster had a better voice than Chris Sligh.


I didn't know we were handing out points for comments, just Sessa-esque swag occasionally.

But, if we are scoring at home...

Chris Sligh: 0
Adult Diabetes: 1

I am having deja vu. I wish I could find a news article referencing this... but a few years ago (say '03-'04) when one of Clay Aiken's albums came out, there was this whole comment war on KMart's website, I think, where people submit customer reviews of albums. Maybe it was other online CD sales sites, too... but the message boards were totally flooded, even on the review pages for other, un-Aiken-related CDs, any artist who knocked him out of a top sales/singles rank... it was, like, impossible to find a solid user review of anything else.

"The fact he made time for a small concert" ... sounds like he is in the midst of 55 of them.

Who is Chris Sligh, anyway?

Then, the doctor told me that BOTH my eyes were lazy! And that's why it was the best summer ever.

Let's do something novel and return to what the article didn't and did say.

The article should have addressed the performance and how it went down with the audience, with personal comments how the writer felt about it.
None of this addressed.

Comments about how his career is going are out of line, particularly as he is not privy to what's going on behind the scene. The Heroin comment is wildly unwarranted and libelous.

The general remarks about his appearance, weight, how his career is going, and what kind of person he may be with no personal dealings with him are petty, mean spirited, and off the subject, an exercise in being superfical and unfair.

Can I comment on how this Christian rocker is throwing up the Devil sign on his American Idol performance in the picture? Heathen.

Anyone think that GDA may actually be Chris Sligh? Sam, keep up the great work. Your blog gets most of us through our 8-5.

GDA- What you have to realize is the "Hard times for Chris Sligh?" is not an article. You will see no mention of Chris Sligh in the physical copy of the Sun paper. This is a blog by the nightlife and local entertainment reporter. Sam throws out topic for discussions. I do not think this Chris Sligh would get mentioned in the paper when he is playing in front of 55 people paying $5 a head. The Sun’s entertainment section barely covers national acts that get thousands of people, unless it is the Spice Girls.

I'm not anyone than I've ID'd myself as.
If I were Chris Sligh, I'd wouldn't have the time to being posting multiple comments.
Elsewhere is has been posted that he is in the midst of a promotional radio tour.

This is the best MS post thus far

evan -- agreed. who knew we'd hit pay dirt with this post? i ought to start lampooning american idols more often.

"Lisa, if the Bible has taught us nothing else, and it hasn't, it's that girls should stick to girls sports, such as hot oil wrestling and foxy boxing and such and such."

GDA, thank you for your comments on the pettiness. You're able to say things much more maturely than I would be able to because honestly, I'm more annoyed at these idiots who think it's funny to make fun of someone based on their appearance. And don't worry for them accusing you of being Chris, people accuse me of being him all of the time. It gets annoying but just take the compliment. :)

And Sam, obviously not many people read the Midnight Sun if you're surprised that people are just finding this NOW and commenting it after you mentioned someone who was on American Idol. If you want nothing but negative responses then hey, that's your prerogative, I guess.

carrie and GDA, CHILL. stop taking everything and everyone (and yourselves!) so seriously! calling everyone who doesnt watch american idol and doesnt know who chris sligh is an idiot pretty much just makes you, well, an idiot. no one said anything negative about chris or the way he looks. i mean, ppl who get on behind the music are usually famous and talented, yes?

learn how to relax and take a joke. life is more fun without sticks up your butt =)

Wait a second...

...who is Chris Sligh?



I've not called anyone an idiot and never commented on expecting people to know who Chris Sligh but the negative remarks on his career and mode of living.

Regarding negative appearance remarks, go back and read, Allan | March 19, 2008 9:15 AM.

May be guilty of not getting the humor but then the joke isn't exactly conceived with the best premise for mass appeal.

Enough about Idol has-beens. GDA - Who is getting booted from Idol tonight? I hope the skinny blonde. I'd drive out to Bel Air and pay 5 bucks to see her -- now she has talent.

Wait a second.....

Who is GDA?

Nice! Who knew there were a half-dozen Christian rock lovin' versions of jmgiordano?

I and several other folks that I know wanted to see this performance by Chris Sligh but we were told that the venue was sold out. I find it interesting that you failed to mention this bit of information in your story. Just because an artist chooses a small venue to perform in, doesn't mean that they are a “has been” or on the road to self destruction with drugs. Some artists purposefully choose small venues so that can offer a more intimate setting for their fans. . What kind of entertainers do you hang out with as The Sun's nightlife and local entertainment reporter that has caused you to be so negative? Those whose venues need to match their egos or the ones with non-existent morals that seem to be so prevalent among the entertainment elites?

I think that in the future it would be prudent to actually “interview” an entertainer before passing such a ridiculous assessment of them. I find Mr. Sligh’s choice of venue an obscure and ambiguous thing to write about. I would have rather read an article that actually reported on Mr. Sligh’s artistic ability as an entertainer. Of course that might have actually taken a little journalistic skill. I guess it is just easier for you to be mean and juvenile than to do your job as a “reporter”.

actually, "reporting" has nothing to do with this, carmen. it's a blog, existing for the purpose of creating conversation between members of the public. it's clear that he's struck a chord with you idol obsessed, stiffy mcstiffersons. go and be "moral" somewhere else. we're having fun here.

I like how people continuously try to associate this blog with real journalism. I'm also a huge fan of the outrage. THE OUTRAGE

Sam Sessa for President!

lewis, apparently you associate taking cheap shots at people as conversation, that's really sad and pitiful. Would your opinion remain the same if you were the intended target of all this.
How dada!

Evan said...
"I like how people continuously try to associate this blog with real journalism."

I guess it has something to with the fact that it has the Baltimore Sun mast above the title, then Midnight Sun: Sun "reporter" Sam Sessa covers the city's after-hours scene."

It makes everything completely transparent, if not cyrstal clear, in it's intent and the following expectations of some honest, if lightweight, jouneralism.

sure thing, GDA. hit me with your best shot

Screw Clapton - Chris Sligh is God

Who are all you people? I came here to read about foxy boxing.

Jonah Hill + wig + Jesus = Chris Sligh

you know, it seems to me, if this chris guy had generated this much enthusiasm during his stint on american idol, he may not have LOST.

Yeah GDA my point is pretty plain if you read ANY of the other posts in this blog, most of it is light conversation mixed with just as light reporting on various happenings around the city. There wasn't anything dishonest about the actual facts in the original post unless you're taking exception to the clearly (to me anyway) sarcastic/ironic dig at the very end. I'm pretty sure that if Sligh's performance were good enough to make the actual print edition it wouldn't have included such a joke, as last time I checked the actual publication has a staff of editors, while the blog does not. Despite the fact that the blog is under the mast of a reputable newspaper, you ought to know better.

So, turn off the Chris Sligh option on your Google News Feeder for a day, let your mind rest and take it easy with a nice glass of lemonade.

ps welcome to the internet

No Sam Sessa? KNOW Sam Sessa.
and isn't Sligh that kid from Superbad?

Actually, Sligh's made some pretty cool cuts.
My fav, which he sang at his American Idol audition was "Me and Dad the Ape" and "Abortions for me, abortions for you."
nah, straight up, his cover of Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" is awesome

I love eating cookie dough. Buy my album.

"Nice! Who knew there were a half-dozen Christian rock lovin' versions of jmgiordano?"

heck yeah. You should see it when I get the hair moving!
PS: sam, it's not American Idol that makes this post comment heavy. It's the Christian "rock" aspect of it. Start busting on, like, ida know Newsboys or something and watch the Bible's fly!

J.M. Giordano,

The character named Seth in Superbad was played Jonah Hill.
See above.


This argument was over 30 posts ago.
See above.

This probably was dead a few comments ago, but after all the controversey, I decided to give Chris Sligh a chance. I found a really good video of him, and his amazing musical talents.

Allan -
You're a real comedian. That joke was over in about 30 seconds.

Why don't you listen to some REAL music of his?


This was a one off, but it may be more your style.

Hey Sam, post a blog saying something bad about Sanjaya. You'll reach your next 1,000 comments in no time.

What I want to know is why I didn't get credit for telling Sam about this concert?

Elizabeth the Restaurant Critic,

You'll just have to write a strong memo to the managing editor or whop the ingrate in the puss with a custer pie.

whop, ingrate and puss in the same sentence. Where are you from a bugs bunny commercial? BWAAAAA! ingrate. I love it!

for those who don't know who chris sligh is let me give you a clue, he was on amercian idol season six . and i happen to be maybe one of his biggest fans here in bmore, give me a break . no hard times for him ,btw he like his time here go to his blog , where he rports on his time here he brought his wife here too.i have heard his track empty me on WRBS where i heard he spent some time here ,the release date for the rest of it is may 6th i preporded mine btw ;)

Free makes everything better,...maybe!

An opportunity to assess other attributes of Chris Sligh.

Chris Sligh's record company, Brash Music, has made "Arise", the lead off track from current CD "Running Back To You", available as free mp3 download.

geez, you're like a necromancer you are. raisin' the dead and whatnot.

Ok, self-important hipsters on the right, self-righteous Christian rockers on the left. Now everyone look mean, snap your fingers and strut towards each other.

Wait a minute...

...who is Chris Sligh again?

I'm into exercises of futility.

Look here if really interested:

Peformance of the lst single "Empty Me'

Sam's usual reply will be "Exactly".

you mean cruel people don't know the person behind the music and yet you cut them down. Ingrid Michaelson..I mean Chris Sleigh is an awesome singer and disciple of our Lord who just wants to rock out like any other C-list musician!

Why are we talking about this again?

PS: I don't look like him in a wig anymore. Lost 28 pounds.

This is by far my favorite Midnight Sun post ever.

J.M. Giordano,

I guess cruel people who don't know the person behind the music and who take potshots deserve to be cut down, but that wasn't what was intended.

This on going game of "who's Chris Sligh" sometimes may be someone who authenticly doesn't know who he is but is not taking the time to read all of the above entries, most likely fat chance.

Take you f'instance, people not taking time to properly investigate your photography may humourously regard your work as c-list compared Amsel Adams, and Richard Avedon.

The photo that your name links to shows a guy with hair, presumably you, that looks like it was badly teased, Sligh's is far superior.

Sligh's weight really should be a non-issue as he's a musician, not a model or leading man actor, but then again we live in supremely superfical times.

You once said you were going to stop posting and get a life, what happenned?

J.M. Giordano,

the source for the last line:

J.M. Giordano | March 24, 2008 2:28 PM

Yeah, Chris Sligh sure is a big fatty Mc Fatterson. I think all the people that got kicked off that season, were just fed to him instead of being sent home.

And when cruel people, such as myself, take potshots at that guy, it's pretty hard to miss.


I wonder what kind of self image you have that you have the need to persist in making cheap and petty potshots months beyond any possible humour has passed.

Rock Stars Need Money:

Rascal Flatts have recorded a song co-written by Chris Sligh & Clint Lagerberg entitled "Here Comes Goodbye". It is the first single off their new album, "Unstoppable",which has an April release date.
It entered the Country Music charts in position #29.

Hear it here:

"Here Comes Goodbye" is the title of a song written by American Idol season 6 finalist Chris Sligh and Clint Lagerberg. It was recorded by the country pop group Rascal Flatts, who released it in January 2009 as their twenty-third single, and the first from their sixth album, Unstoppable. This song debuted at #29 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts dated for February 7, 2009 and became their tenth Number One on the chart dated April 25, 2009.

source: Wikipedia


Who's Chris Sligh?


never gets old.

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