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February 27, 2008

Pink Jesus at the Kitty Kat Bar

Yes, you read that right.

Last night a few of us went to the Kitty Kat Bar on West 23rd Street.

No, it's not a strip club.

After one night there, I'll easily vote it my favorite Remington bar, hands down.

The Kitty Kat is the first Baltimore bar I've seen to have absinthe, which was legalized in the U.S. last year.

And, they have a pink Jesus Magic 8 Ball, where you ask it a question, turn it upside down and it gives you a random answer.

We asked it if we should order a glass of absinthe and it said "Believe."

Blasphemous, yes, but also awesome. 

(Photo by me)

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Is it still considered to be a magic 8 ball if it's in Jesus form?

I like "Fortune Telling Jesus"

Ale mary's also has the jesus 8 ball...and one that appears to be a garden knome

Hey Sam. Just curious as to how they serve Absinthe at the Kitty Kat Bar...Please enlighten me.

I'm a big fan of the "Buddy Christ."

I feel like I should go to confession after horsing around with Pink Jesus while drinking absinthe.

But how I could even begin to explain it to the priest?

There are legal forms of absinthe that can be sold in the U.S., but some aren't actually absinthe (they're just marketed with the name) and others are essentially the same but highly diluted.

The most exciting thing about this post was the absinthe revelation, I somehow had no idea it was legalized last year. In my more hard core party days, I snuck a couple bottles into the country. A buddy set himself on fire one night in an absinthe stupor. Good times! But thanks for clearing things up linz, figures it would be diluted or missing some ingredient here.

Hey guys, it's not diluted or missing ingredients.

Here's a link to a story with more information:

Original absinthe was banned in the U.S. until 2007. Prior to that, you could get versions that did not contain wormwood oil (which has thujone, which is reported to be psychoactive). Dionysus was serving it for quites some time.

2007, St. George Absinthe Verte was the first brand of American-made absinthe legally produced and sold in the U.S. in nearly a century. Absinthe is available at many bars. Just had some at Ryleighs the other night.

Interesting stuff on Absinthe, might have to get some one night for old times sake.

But, it sounds to me like the jury is still out whether this is "real" absinthe or even what "real" absinthe actually is. I've had Absente and some of the other "fake" versions here and they weren't the same as what I had around Europe. I never had hallucinations per se, but it was definitely a different buzz than usual. Does the amount of thujone matter or not? St. George, Lucid and others in the U.S. sound like they still limit the thujone to 10ppm, unlike Europe. Does this matter or not? The guy making Lucid claims no, but he is also trying to sell the product here legally. I guess a taste test is in order!

Forget thujone. It is not psychoactive, but it is toxic. Tests done on absinthe from bottles produced and preserved from the early 20th century show no measurable amounts of thujone. It is distilled out. It is in the raw wormwood herb, which ironically has always been available in the U.S. in herbal and essential oil form. If you've ever had vermouth, you've had wormwood. Pronounce it with a bad German accent and you'll see (Etymology:
French vermout, from German Wermut wormwood). Drink enough of anything and you will see the face of god or the devil, there's nothing magical about absinthe, except its forbidden allure. Yes, I've had massive amounts in Europe of the real stuff. And it tastes just horrible.

The Jesus is called "Answer me Jesus". Apparently for diversity there is also an "Answer me Buddha"

Did they use a slotted spoon, or the drip thing-y?

this place may not be as friendly as it seems... last night i was in the kitty kat with some friends and leaned over an empty bar stool to order my beer. when the girl sitting next to the chair pulled it closer, i apologized and said that i wasnt taking the chair, just ordering a drink. when i did it a second time (to order a second drink) and the same thing happened, I apologized again. For some inexplicable reason, the bartender decided to yell at me in front of the entire bar, tell me to "shut the [heck] up" and kicked me out. i was not being offensive or drunk... i did nothing but apologize for entering into the personal space of the empty chair next to this woman. beware, the people at this place are nuts.

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