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February 6, 2008

Hipsters vs. indie kids

In light of this week's Fab Five Friday topic, I thought I'd draw the line between indie kids and hipsters.

Hipsters fix up and look sharp. Their hair is meticulously messy. Sometimes they sport tattoos.

They are music snobs. Some manage to look bored no matter what is happening around them.

Indie kids have greasy, messy hair because they bathe less frequently than hipsters.

They can also be music snobs, but not nearly on the level of hipsters.

Indie kids are more grounded and less concerned with looking or acting cool.

They often have pale, pasty skin.

(Photo of hipster MC Naeem Juwan of Spank Rock) 

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really what does it matter anyways? I write a lot about music and i always have people asking me what "indie" means. Asking what a hipster or "indie" kid is the same thing...just some vague idea of something that everyone has a different skew on.

While it makes for entertaining comments, it's almost a futile effort. it is what it is...

I'm too fat to be a hipster, the skinny jeans don't come in my size...

Have you heard my song about that yet? It's on my MySpace page.



I am curious to see where these cats congregate outside of MICA...

Does wearing a fedora make me hip? What if I look stupid in designer jeans? Can I still be hip? What if I like to comb my hair because I work for a company that prefers people who don't look like they just rolled out of bed? Do I need a sleek leather jacket? Does my deep love for the rock music of the 1970s preclude me from being hip? Since I like sports can I not be a part of this scene?

I find our operating definitions to be lacking. It seems the defining factor is musical taste and slim fitting clothes.

But what of shoe type and color of clothing? Must we smell the hair of the hipster to know if it's "meticulously messy" or the result of not bathing?

Sam, you made a funny.

JTK, to quote the infamous JMGiordano, you're more hip than a legless man.

My mom says I'm cool.

Whatever. I'm going to keep on wearing clothes I had in middle school. If getting good mileage out of faded collared shirts is hip, then I'm Miles Davis.

Am I the only one who finds it humorous that "indie rock" originally referred to groups that were on independant labels, but now is one of the most trendy musical genres out there and that a large portion of the groups are signed to major labels...indie rock is the new grunge.

Indie kid: "I'd tell you my favorite band, but you've probably never heard of them."

Hipster: "I have heard of them and they suck. I bet you've never read my favorite book."

As long as it's ironic you're set on all accounts

Hipsters are people who don't read this blog (trust me. I asked)
@ JTK: thank you. Thank you very much.
I'll be @ McScrooby's Madcap House of Laffs (as Homer said "Misspellings are funny") all week.

PS: how about a photo credit. that thang looks pretty professional (and seriously photoshopped)

This hipster olympics link breaks down the "mechanics" of being a hipster, if not what it actually means to be a hipster. It's a strange subgenre, for sure, more there to fill a vacuum in urban living more than anything else.

JMGiordano -- this pic was in the Sun photo archives from a story I wrote on them in April 2006. They never listed a photo credit when they sent it to us, so I didn't list one here.

HAA, lets get some thing straight about indie kids.

We bathe frequently because we hate kids who smell bad.
We wear designer mixed with vintage because we dont need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to look good.
We listen to music that isnt part of the "sub culture" and we can probably name over 500 bands you've never heard of with the snap of our fingers.
We're stuckup before you meet us, and your best friends when you do.
We're conceited and we know our music is better than yours.

There's still hypsters?
I always associate hypsters with the 1950s and people like Lord Buckley.

A read of Lord Buckley's The Bugbird, his Jazz adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's THE RAVEN:

Lord Buckley performing his interpetation of A Christmas Carol, SCROOGE :

I went to Starscape, was the oldest person there, and had great fun laughing with and at all of the designees. It seems to me that once you are labeled and become part of any pack then you have lost all of your "coolness" anyway. It is ultimately best to simply defy definition. Big ups to Doug E. Fresh and the nerdy guys in the Ghostbuster outfits - you dudes were awesome, LMAO :-)

Vicky. Please tell us this wasn't you!

hipsters and indies are annoying. boring and annoying. gutter magazine represents all that is annoying with these types. articles on shoes, jeans, bands no one has heard of or cares about. they need to get over themselves and join the real world.

kc. we are in the real world actually, not the B-more world. I think that's why you're peeved.
Let's take it from the top shall we?
Clothes no one cares about: please feel free to send something off to Cupcake, Shine, Aparadox, designer Sheila Frank (who showed at Bryant Park this year-that's New York Fashion week for those who "haven't heard about it") and designer Paco Rogiene (a contestant on next years Project Runway-a show that is prob ignored by you due to a conflict in schedule with the King of Queens) about their clothes no one cares about.

Bands: Oh kc...poor kc.....let's see. We've profiled MGMT (whose headlining at Glastonbury this year), Darkroom Productions who do the music for the Wire and most recently the rap duo G.E.M.Z (BEFORE Rolling Stone called them one to watch in the lcoal scene and Fader, a little known music magazine, called them one of the best things about Baltimore).
We would love to hear from you about musical choices we should cover. The Eagles reunion, or Toby Keith's new Cd perhaps, so feel free to let us know.

As to Jeans and shoes, we're working on that. As soon as our Fila spread comes in this month, I'm sure no one will care abou that either.
But thanks for reading and i hope that you may find something in the future that may pique your interest.


Why so broadly testy?
Obivously if their is a magazine catering to their interest and taste, there must be enough people who care and want this information.

Remember the other side to this may be people who think youe'r a boring old intolerant fart.


indie is becoming not so indie.
"Hipsters" are really most into the indie fashion not the indie music.
it sounds funny but its true.
i got some hipster friends.
they say they are indie. they never admitt they are SCENE or HIPSTERS.
they are all into the new trends of music (hardcore<--yuck) and spend so much money on their clothes at "the mall".
i dont really understand them.

the original indie kids, used to represent their name INDIEPENDENT,
settin your self from the rest, musically, and clothing wise but with out making a scene.

hipsters are so skandelous seriously, wearing bright colors.

everyone should dress like THE STROKES.
thats what i think


You know what after reading all those comments that kept arguing indie this, indie that or hipster this, hipster that... I don't think those real legendary bands that they listen to dont really care bout these kiddie stuffs...
You know what...
If u really know how to create real music that people could enjoy too... You wont really care about these.... Cause when ur in a band, indie or not is the question.. its yer ideas and talents that matters... Fuck all these arguments man... These are all shallow and pretentious

wow a lot of ppl have misinterpretations of both hipsters&indie kids. Myself ugh i call me indie but i'm rather a rebel. I Wear whatever i want &do what i want but indie kids are running with deep emotions have playlists of millions of songs that are never heard on the radio&dress with dope ass new/vintage tee's of bands and or with a creative vibe.Hipsters follow everyone by the music/art/everyday life and they are soo cliche.Indie kids rock bc they hav an attitude towards everything and are like suprrr smart and have intelligence for days,indie kids are better dressed,well groomed, and soooo interesting on every level of insanity&knowledge. i rather b known as an individual then part of a group.Indie kids keep things to themselves some just make art/videos/documentaries and read a lot. i love em bc each one i meet has a different view on life and its perspectives.

april is soo objective. hipsters & indie kids are soo cliche.

what's with giving people labels anyway? a kid is a kid, a teenager is a teenager and everyone has the right to be equal. why discriminate between groups? it's stereotypical and unnecessary. People expressing what they are on the inside should be praised, not stuck in a branded box and put on the shelf. they have the right to be the person they are, whatever others may call them. not all "Indie" kids have greasy hair, I have been labelled one of them and I shower every day. I believe labelling, stereotyping and discrimination is wrong.

Im indie, and i wash my hair every day! Im somewhat offended.

I can't believe I just read all of these comments. I feel like I'm back in high school. Back to work....

This is really really retarded.
Society just has nothing new to offer.
Now they label indie with hipster with slight "differences".

Indie kids are like that. Hipsters try to be like that.
Hipsters. They are normal kids that decided indie was cool.

Indie kids are like that. Hipsters try to be like that.
Hipsters. They are normal kids that decided indie was cool.

Indie kids are like that. Hipsters try to be like that.
Hipsters. They are normal kids that decided indie was cool.

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