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January 11, 2008

Pur Lounge's grand opening

Finally got in touch with the folks from Pur Lounge, the new nightclub on Boston St. where GoodLove used to be.

The private, invite-only grand opening is Jan. 17.

The public grand opening is Jan. 18.

Pur's interior is almost all white. Like GoodLove, it is three stories.

Unlike GoodLove, it has a couple of running waterfalls.

"It's the Miami theme in Baltimore," said co-owner Marty Mason. "It's something different."

Pur's hours will be 6 p.m.-2 a.m. daily, Mason said.

A Web site and phone number for the club will both be coming soon.

(Photo by me) 

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Miami in Baltimore? This ain't South Beach Marty!

maybe the fountains will have Boh in them- remember its the land of pleasant living!

I'm assuming this will also come with Miami like prices.

E$ -- they always do.

Doesn't the ü make this club German?

Let's hope they keep the candles to a minimum...

this sounds so lame.

This sounds like a cool place to me. Maybe because I saw pics of the place with lots of people having fun on I plan to be there Friday.

I forgot to note that Baltimore is changing it's club nightlife from the average music and dancing to a more upscale, retro, high fashion, party atmosphere, such as clubs like Xanadu in downtown Baltimore for example. The people that go to these establishments are party people looking for a good time in a safe environment. For these people, the money is worth spending; however, these clubs are not to expense where you cannot enjoy yourself.

If anyone needs some reviews for the club nightlife in Baltimore and where to party, feel free to let me know. Peace out.

I think the umlaut makes it scandinavian. By way of Miami.

I think places like this are a nice addition to Baltimore, but their success depends on the location and the attitude they take. Places that try to be too upscale inevitably fail (Redwood Trust). But, I think that if lounges are not too pretentious, they can really succeed. I'd really like to see the equivalent of DC's 18th St. Lounge come here.

Oh, and I do hope no more bars based around fitness club pools open up.

How can I get into the grand opening party tomorrow?

I think its open to the anyone can get in.

hey marty congratulations and much success. when you get a chance i need you to email me because i want to know if we can celebrate my bestfriend birthday on jan. 25 at Pur Lounge.

PUR Lounge.... What can I say? The name speaks for itself. Upscale, is an understatement. A beautiful atmosphere, mature crowd, and great music. If this is what you are missing in Baltimore, you must sample this new Canton club. You won't be disapointed.

anyone else want to advertise their venue for free on this blog? Allow me...
hey dude. I wuz @ da Ottobar last night and that plce was dope! You should stop in, evbdy wuz havin' fun and drinkink affordble drinks....

Marty - I just wanted to commend you on your new nightclub. I was at your spot on Saturday (1/19) with my girls and had a great time. The inside is really hot!!! I love the white walls and the waterfalls. My only suggestion is to get a new DJ! :)

Congrats and much success to you!

Congrats on the opening of Pur (sorry, can't make umlauts on my laptop). I must say though that Baltimore has it's own personality & "bringing Miami" to Baltimore is not necessarily going to make a spot successful. Here is where success lies - exclusivity & a hot DJ. So I suggest removing that horrid awning & getting a more experienced DJ. Awnings attract cornballs (club one) & bad DJs ruin parties...

1. The DJ is whack/lame
2. The lounge looks nice
3. Miami in Baltimore sounds corny, especially if you are not offering Valet parking or you lack an overwhelming abundance of hot women and metrosexual men
4. If you want to bring the right kind of guys in (i.e. No Thugs/Punk Rockers/Lames) you need the right kind of women. Most (not all) Baltimore promoters cater to the 18-21 or 30+ crowds...which is the reason most 'nice' venues up here fail...the 21-30 year olds are all in DC!

The ambiance is awesome, my friends and I truly enjoyed ourselves, and we didn't have to pay a cover.!!! We went twice that is how much we enjoyed ourselves.

Congrats on your new business!! It is so good to see us step out and do something positive. Don't let the negative comments distress you. Negative people lead misarable lives. I bet you they don't have their own business or anything close to it. People.. WAKE UP! Stop HATIN! If there is something that may displease you, there is always a way to approach it with something that's called.. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM! You guys keep up the wonderful work that you are doing in providing a spot for us to enjoy. Keep your positive energy flowing and it will flow back to you!

Peace & Blessings

FINALLY!! A reason to stay in Baltimore on a Friday or Saturday Night! I had the pleasure of going to PUR as a guest of someone who was invited to the grand opening.

I honestly didn't feel like being there but the supercharged atmosphere, HOT decor and great service quickly made me forget my apprehension. I've lived in NY and partied in Vegas, Miami and London and I'm just happy to see that my hometown is finally offering a world class party experience like PUR. I'm glad you're leading the way but I hope that you are just the beginning of this trend. I'm coming back soon and plan to bring friends!!!

If I write an over-the-top gushing comment about how fabulous this place is, can I get paid too?

The place has only been open for a week, right? Why would anyone have gone there twice already?

I haven't had the opportunity to visit Pur yet.but from what I am hearing it's a nice place to visit and get your drink/meet on. I hear the cover is a bit ectreme, but that remains to be seen!

PUR would be a tad bit more upscale if the interior furnishings (not all, but most) were purchased elsewhere than Ikea.

What DJ are you guys talking about at this PUR lounge???

Ive been there once, and plan to visit again. PUR is very laid back classy and music is very NICE. The DJ is MOTAE and he's very Eclectic!

So who is the DJ that sucks???

So what DJ sucks at PUR?

We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals. You guys have accomplish your goal Keep it up Dj and all!!!

I feel you nice....but they was giving so much back lash about the DJ's I was just wondering because each time I have been down there, I PARTIED!!!! SO....Keep it up Guys :}

Don, or anybody else, if you can answer. What time do you need to get there in order to not be charged a cover? My girlfriends and I got there at 10pm and there was a $20.00 cover. Sorry, but I am not paying $20 to come and pay to have drinks in any lounge.

Pur is beautiful, staff is friendly, plus they offer valet service and often have catered events. I think that it is worth a cover. The crowd is definitely a good look for dating and mingling so what more do I need a lounge to offer? I have driven to DC paid more and gotten the same, so some nights I just save myself the drive and party at Pur. Let's support Baltimore businesses and not hate unneccessarily. Have a great summer!

I have been to Pur a few times on Thursday because some of the ugly but want to be upscale Baltimore women I know recommended it. The problem with Pur is not about Pur, the problem with Pur is Baltimore. Baltimore is not a city with a lot of high income office jobs for black people. Lounges only are successful for that office crowd.

Baltimore's main occupations have much more in common with Philly, Richmond, Boston, St. Louis, etc then Miami, New York or DC. Baltimores occupations are much more manual labor ie healthcare, daycare, transportation, etc He should change the format and stay in business. There is a reason black upscale clubs fail in Baltimore. We do not have a black upscale professional base.

We have a lot of very nice people who work hard, but realistically, how many 30 year old black heterosexual men with no kids you know in Baltimore that are still single, make $100,000 a year? If you a black man in Baltimore making $50,000 you have more than enough women chasing after you without having to step foot in the club.

Change the format to a flat price club like Iguana Cantina. Charge $25 all you can drink...or all you can drink before a certain time. You make money off of repeat business and people having a good time. not being someplace people go to once a month. The more they come, the more they drink.

How many people are going to pay $20 cover charge, twice a weekend, 8 times a month to go party at a club in Baltimore when gas is $4 a gallon? People are struggling in this economy, Pur needs to get a clue or take a view around the city and tweak its business plan. A packed club will always generate much more money than a lounge. Blacks are social people. They like to be around other people like themselves.

Few men have anything in common with a woman who is pressed enough to pay a $20 cover charge to get into a club to meet men who make $30,000 working for UPS. A hoodrat can do the samething by standing at a busstop tipping for free. L

Any recent updates on Pur Lounge thinking about having a party there.

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