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January 22, 2008

A Miller Lite town

I do my best to change this perspective when I'm out drinking, but I've had tons of Baltimore bartenders and bar owners tell me, "Baltimore is a Miller Lite town."

Now, these are usually bars in party zones like Canton, Power Plant Live and Federal Hill.

And often, the crowds that drink at these bars want cheap brand-name beer. So I see why they would go for Miller Lite.

But I'm also told that in Pennsylvania, Yuengling is more popular than some big name domestics, because it's brewed in the area.

I'd like to see the same thing happen in Baltimore with beers from Clipper City and the Brewer's Art.

Your thoughts? 

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 12:04 PM | | Comments (16)
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I here ya Sam...A friend and myself went to the Hon Bar just yesterday for a sip after work. We both ordered Resurrections. I overheard someone a few stools down say to their companion "Why would you drink Resurrection if you're not at the Brewer's?" Since I was there to unwind after a long day at the office, I refrained from letting the person know that I heard them and whole-heartedly disagreed. A short while later I noticed that they were drinking....that's right, Miller Lite!

Having gone to school in Phila, Yuengling was consumed like water. In fact, I think for a short time, that's what came out of our faucets. Plus, given the proximity to Pottsville and the fact that you couldn't buy 6 packs, only cases, Yuengling was very affordable, even for college kids.

I used to be a Miller guy, living the High Life whenever possible - until I took a tour of the Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis, now, if I am forced to do the brand name dance, it's the Great American Lager.

If available, I'd exclusively drink from these two. More and more places appear to have a Resurrection on tap than before, which is good.

The problem is that many area bars are lucky to have Sam Adams on draft as their "premium" of choice. Most of the folks drinking in Canton and Fed Hill actually only want macro swill and sweet mixed drinks. Take a look at what people are drinking at Max's--the bar with the best selection on the east coast--on a Friday night and it isn't any different than anywhere else...

I love Resurrection & Ozzy, but I typically can't drink too many of them without turning into a raving lunatic.

I like Miller Lite, because I can drink it steadily throughout the night, it's fairly cheep, quote to old's less filling.

Plus, my budget doesn't allow for a lot of the local beers on a regular basis...

I drink Miller Light because my frat bro's drink it and I don't want to stand out too much. That's why I wear khakis, a Polo shirt and an outdated cell phone strapped to my belt under my gut.

EVERY city in America is probably a Miller Lite or Bud Lite town. It's definitely not my beer of choice, but it's thrown in our faces constantly. They have the BEST advertising (not that it makes it the best beer)and they are at every major sporting event and concert.

In the last 5 yrs my education of beer has changed dramatically. I am a huge supporter of the craft beer industry and mostly only frequent bars that sell craft beer. (Max's and Mahaffey's are just 2 of them). I go to Max's every Tues night for a beer social and I belong to the SPBW ( that promotes real ale.

Our group has over 200 members now. We have a Real Ale Fest every yr with around 400 in attendance and hope it will continue to grow. Oh yeah, and my husband is the president of the club! There are PLENTY of bars/restaurants that have craft beer in the area. It's hard to change a Bud Lite drinker though!

if the local brews were as cheap and available as miller lite, then i think you'd have half a chance. yuengling in PA is just as cheap, if not cheaper, than miller and bud. it's also got a flavor that most people love. i wouldn't say the same for resurrection. before my hubby moved here from the midwest, he wasn't a beer drinker. once he had his first yuengling, that all changed.


In speaking with the owner of a bar located along the Fort Ave corridor, the sales folks from Brewers Art aren't exactly the easiest to work with. The bar I am referring to contacted Brewer's Art prior to opening in hopes of getting Resurrection on tap. The people at Brewer's Art essentially blew them off.

After the bar developed a bit of a following and it was apparent the business was going to be a success, BA sent a rep out to the bar. The owner told them to get lost and refuses to carry any of their products. Some attitudes will have to change before BA beers become commonplace throughout the metro area. I am a Yuengling man... except for when I am playing beerpong with JM Giordano

Normally, Miller Lites are on special at bars in Baltimore. I prefer Coors to Miller, but whatever is the cheaper of the 2 works. No Budweiser though, gives me headaches.

I hear a Resurrection draft costs $30 at Pur.

What? No love for Bud here?! As much as I enjoy the Oliver beers at the Wharf Rat, a Bud at the end of a long day still does it for me most times. Sam, tell me you're not a beer snob!

how has no one mentioned natty boh here?

I cannot drink Resurrection every night because my body cannot handle falling up my stairs every night.

Sorry Dan Thanh, I can't respond to your comment because I can't see it. My nose is too far up in the air.

Drew -- Budweiser gives you headaches but Coors and Miller don't?

Heather, that's what the couch is for. Sometimes you need a foot on the floor too, to keep the room from spinning.

Hey Sobo Bob,

Thought I'd write about your testimony regarding the availability of Resurrection. We have been brewing at capacity for some time now, and our top priority is to serve it here. When someone calls about getting Resurrection, I tell them the same thing: that we are not in a position to accept new outside accounts because we simply are not able to make enough beer. Our feeling, and the feeling of our distributor is that we should not cut off people who have been loyally buying the product for years just to get a new account.

FWIW, we do not have a "sales force." I have no idea who would have gone to see your pal. And believe me, the last thing I like to do is to say "no" to people who want to serve our beer (not to mention the countless people who call here looking for kegs for their super bowl parties, etc.) However, until we are in a position to brew more (i.e. expand) we just can't sell any more Res.

Volker Stewart
Brewer's Art

As a beer dork, I just wanted to second the jaw-dropping confusion I experience when I go into a Max's or Mahaffey's and see LOTS of people drinking Miller Lite and Bud Light. I guess it really is a free country, but [darn], there's only enough bar stools for us dorks and there are tens of thousands of barstools out there for you in non-"beer bars".

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