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January 22, 2008

A look inside Pur Lounge

Some of the folks behind the new club Pur sent me a few photographs and more info about the Canton lounge.

One of the waterfalls inside is apparently two stories tall.

But the real jaw-dropper: It costs $20 to get inside.

I think that officially makes the Pur city's most expensive lounge.



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Posted by Sam Sessa at 10:33 AM | | Comments (62)
Categories: Bars & Clubs


Sam, if you paid me 20 bucks, I'd get a hose and run it down my stairs. If you wanted more atmosphere I could overcharge you for a Bud Select and do a human beatbox. Maybe I should open a club and call it "Fül" for all the idiots paying 20 bucks to get in.

Lets start a pool to see how long it lasts! Each week between opening and Jan 1 2009 costs $1. Whoever wins can spend the proceeds on Bud Select @ Bryanintimonium's Ful lounge.
Baltimore wont pay $20 for a cover- no matter how many tall waterfalls you put in- not when you can go half a block down and $20 will cover the majority of your tab.

That's awesomely stupid.

I almost missed this entry because I was too busy looking down on you from the rarefied air I sniff as I bask in the mist of a two story waterfall.

I'm going to drink my Amstel Light, wear my black shirt with the black undershirt, I'm going to pay my 20 dollars and I am going to be seen, chumps. And when "bryaninTimonium" opens his happening club with the beatboxing where the old Boston Market/Roy Rogers was on York Road in Timonium, well, I will be there, too. With my Gatsby cap, my form fitting suit and kickin' European style boots.

bryanintimonium, when you get this project green lit, I want to be considered for VIP treatment. See to it.

Yikes, there's a similar waterfall in my gynecologist's office. It's supposed to calm and soothe you before they ... oh never mind.

I think Canton should be renamed "Little D.C."

I'll take the Mt royal tavern anyday. And Ressurrection whenever its poured. Yum.

Dumb, utterly dumb.

@ anon: Don't you mean "L'IL D.C."
old people sheesh

I give it 6 months max before the In crowd (expense account crowd?) moves on to the Next Big Thing with Water.

What is it with the water obsession/attraction in B'more? Didn't the Pur owners learn from the club with the pools that didn't last long? I think it was called Cabana..I already forgot.

bryanintimonium...thanks for your "spot on" comments.

Maybe they just wanted to avoid another fire.

actually, Aqua is seasonal and will return in the Spring. Until then why don't bring friends to Red Square where there is fun and the drink prices are reasonable! (this is not an ad)

I spent 3 years in DC and never once paid a $20 cover charge. Now I live in Canton, and as I saw PUR being brought together, I got excited at the thought of an actual lounge in Canton. But after seeing this post, I know I will never go. I can't believe that people will pay this on a regular basis! Canton needs a good "upscale" place that isn't going force me to live off of ramen! So sad.

Hi Sam! The cover is only after 9 pm Thursday - Saturday. All other times it is FREE of charge to come and enjoy the lounge.

Yes, there are 3 waterfalls and a wall display of Siamese fighting fish to make the aesthetic interesting but the best part of the new spot is the service.

So don't knock it til you try it. It's new and ready to welcome everyone in with a warm smile and a cold drink! Support the new spots in Baltimore as they continue to bring energy to the area. It's another place to dance as well, which I thought you wanted!

J. Rich -- I'm not judging the place. I haven't been there yet. I was just marveling at the $20 cover. And yes, I definitely want another place to dance.

I had the pleasure of viewing the spot(PUR) on opening night and I thought the spot was very nice. Now the 20.00 is a bit much, however the spot is very upscale. Give it a couple of months they will eventually knock the price down :)Good people, Good Conversation. Dont knock it to you try it.

Went to Pur lounge last week, never paid, came back with my girlfriend for her birthday to celebrate and loved the bartenders.

So the $20 cover is only during prime time when most folks go out to drink. Good to know. If I ever feel the need to feel ultra trendy on a Tuesday afternoon, I know where to go.

I’ve never paid, but if I had to… it is well worth it. I’ve paid more for less at other venues.
I’m a young professional working in the Downtown area and I have visited the new lounge on more than one occasion. I usually don’t party in Baltimore; however, this new place does offer me the type of atmosphere that I am looking for without having to travel 295n with about 2 drinks in me at 4’oclock in the am. The lounge has a very nice vibe, and it attracts a very mature crowd. So, I think if you are looking for a place that you can put on a nice dress and not feel overdressed…then this is the spot to be.

A club with an umlaut (I doubt the people who frequent the place even know what an umlaut is) in its name in BALTIMORE? I think I'm gonna ralph.

Again, heres to all the Baltimore Critics who I guess get paid the big bucks to wander the city knocking events and places that they have never tried and are to cheap to even do so.

If you dont want to pay for quality then keep going to the hole in the wall places that you have for years. The owners of the place are not in business to give you a place to sit around on your cheap duffs and soak up on the atmosphere. It's already hard enough to open, rehabb, built, furnish, pay the arm and leg for the liquor license, and keep open a lounge to have all the $1.00 special drinking crowd knock it.

You dont go to a five star restaurant to order and ask why is your bill more than macdonalds. Maybe the owners want to keep a standard of people at the lounge. Maybe all the people complaining about the price is not the kind of people intended to frenquent the place anyway. How wants to meet and get aquainted with a loser who can't spend 20.00 dollars for quality anyway. Well, to the hater and debater; get a better life and stop commenting of a life that you are not quailty enough to live. To the owners, you are doing just fine keeping the riff raff away by charging a modest cover charge during the peek lounging time. If you dont like the prices of this DC style venue, trying taking the drive to DC at present gas prices and still paying the 10-20 covers they charge when you get there. Heres to pur. Keep it pur

I totally disagree with the people who are complaining about the $20 cover charge. I have been to spots here and D.C who charge $20-$40 on the regular. I'm a young professional in a relationship and I want to go somewhere that has a hip mature crowd. I'll pass on the 17 and older and/or college night spots.

I'm a DC resident who has recently moved to Baltimore. I haven't even been here for 1 week as yet. I actually 'found' this spot by accident when I drove by it last week. I checked out the reviews on the internet etc. It amazes me how people are complaining about $20.00 cover...???? In DC that's more or less standard cover if you get the club really early, like around 10pm...I've seen people pay up to $80.00 to $100.00. I once saw some dude pay $1,200 to get in the club with sneakers and still 'ball out' once inside. Now I'm not saying that paying $100 to get in a club is something that I agree with, but what's $20.00? After partying in Miami and seeing people pay in the hundreds to get into a club on a 'big' night etc, it makes me wonder if people in Baltimore are cheap or something.

Kevin- Its more of a "what do I get for $20?" attitude. That, combined with the fact you can go to another bar 2 doors down thats going to, for the most part, have the same types of people, show the same O's game, give you the same Miller Lite bottle @ the same "special" price, and have the same conversation with no cover at all. The neighborhoods may have different "character" but the scene is pretty much consistent through and through. DC has bars and clubs with a theme or style that is unique.


I have never been so, so proud to be poor.

Pur will fail....Guaranteed.

I think Pur will fail also, NOT because it is Pur, but because it is in fact, on Boston street and that my friend is death sentence IMHO. Everyone go to Sam'a article on Is Boston St cursed? and I think you'll agree. As my inner devil's advocate would say, I have friends that would DRIVE to Baltimore to go to the Pur scene, but would not to play flip cup at Kisling's or Looney's. It's all about clientele. j, take a xanax, it's just a bar, unless you own it?

I wrote the 'comment' about moving to Baltimore and wondering why people were complaining about the $20.00 cover. Like I said, I've only moved here 1 week ago and I've never been to a club/lounge in Baltimore. I'm going to go see what it's like and then make my decision. Is Fri/Sat the better night?

Just got home from Boston Ave... and it looked like a tuesday night orioles game. To say the bars there dead would be an understatement. Five dollar pitchers at Castaways led to 6 people in that bar... smoking in Hukkas led to five people in that bar. There looked to be about fifteen people at The gin mill. To say that Boston Ave. is dead is an understatement. I looked inside Pur (I'm not spending $20 cover in NYC let alone Bmore) and there looked to be six people in the 1st floor not including the four bouncers outside. The hot spot seemed to be the upstairs club at Hukkas which seemed to have a decent crowd but I'm shocked at how dead it was along the avenue but I guess if there's no parking what do they expect.

Pur has live jazz, wine tastings and hot parties but no smoking and $1 specials. On any given prime night it is certainly busy so I would say try Friday or Saturday Kevin but even a Thursday is a good night to party at Pur.

Hey guys, I've just tunen into this site an no one talks about the food, entertainment, dance music, waiters bartenders, services and what makes it so special?

I went 2 a b-day @ pur sat. and it is a really nice lounge with a pleasant atmosphere. I would go back again and the Dj was nice.

Yeah, but Wednesdays features some very artistic music akin to the old Good Love days, and its FREE! They also do a 1/2 price drink special until 10pm. The band is called Tonic and features on of the finest drummers Baltimore has produced, Dan Marcellus. Check it out.

Yeah, but Wednesdays features some very artistic music akin to the old Good Love days, and its FREE! They also do a 1/2 price drink special until 10pm. The band is called Tonic and features one of the finest drummers Baltimore has produced, Dan Marcellus. Check it out.

I love Pur! I live 15 minutes outside of DC and will definitely make the trip to Canton to visit Pur at least once a month. It has a hip, chic atmosphere and the service is fantastic!

So has Pür's guerrilla advertising campaign on MS helped them out?

Hee hee. We're pushing 40 comments on this post! It's painfully obvious one of the owners asked his friends to post awesome reviews of Pu on here. Don't know if it's working though. I haven't been by Pur lately.

Sam, you said that you "Don't Know" if it is working. Speaking of which, have you seen the inside of "said bars" lately. Football is right around the corner. ;-)

It's is so amazing to hear people complain about a $20.00 cover charge. It's clear that you all have not traveled outside of Baltimore to other hip cities around the country or the around the world. $20.00 is nothing. I thought Baltimore was moving towards being able to support nice bars, clubs and lounges. Maybe not. So sad.

Bebob if you knew anything about Baltimore at all you'd know that putting a lounge with a 20 dollar cover on that portion of Boston Street is about as stupid as it comes.

But then again, you don't know anything about Baltimore.

Wait, is this place closed yet?

Unfortunately not ... looked like it had met it's end around Christmas, but it was a false alarm.

I went to Pür this weekend and I thought the place was nice inside but not $20 nice. it was really small. No parking, no seating and a younger than 30 crowd.

I just so happened to cross this site, and I am actually really surprised and how people are so negative and practically begging for he club to be out of business. The bottom line is that this lounge is for a certain clientele. I am from LA and this really shows just how tacky and poor people in the city think..

Lisa C.,

Please stay in LA. We don't want you in B-more anyways


Congratulations on being from L.A., that's one hell of an accomplishment.

I'm from New York, but I haven't received my cookie yet, did you get yours?

Does anyone else find it odd that once constructive criticism is voiced regarding any of these soon-to-be-defunct venues, the 13th Floor, Dubai, Redwood Trust, Pur, etc... they always have some "out of town" friend who comes to their defense?

Pur has Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

Dubai had LA and Miami

13th Floor had Miami

... and so forth. Now, it's blatently obvious that these people aren't from where they claim, but that aside, why do Baltimore residents feel the need to present themselves as out-of-towners to defend these establishments?

Any shrinks on this fourm?


I think it's because often, the owners of these kinds of clubs are emulating other cities such as L.A. and Miami. So when people claiming to be from those cities lavish these clubs with praise, it looks good -- at least in the club owners' minds.

Just a hunch.

Social experiment - find some sort of LA blog and start complaining about "a lack of Baltimore" or "this club sucks it needs a taste of Baltimore" and see how many negative responses you get.

the way the economy is going it's not going to matter which city you're from, $20 might as well be $50.
@ Mark, pop psych here: but people that own the ests. put these "Miami friend" up to these answers and make B-more look bad.
I think most of the problem is location and marketing. Look @ Bourbon Street. Opens in November with Palm trees on the top deck though it's too cod to stand around outside. and NO MARKETING. I wouldn't have known about it other than driving by and reading about it here.
Aqua had like a $20 cover, and they were always busy in the summer. I saw their ads everywhere. Trust me, D-bags and club goers are like coal in this town. They're there, you just have buy the equipment and dig for them.

I paln to go to the club just to see waht the big deal is. I don't mind paying the $20. My issue is the fact that all the clubs in Baltimore close before 2 a.m. I am a Baltimorian, born and bred, but I have paid far more than $20 to go to a club in other states. Howard's Homecoming is an example of a $100 night and when Puffy came here , I paid $150 a ticket for VIP. No matter what I pay for a club in Baltimore, I am never completely satisfied because of the ignorant crowd and early closing time.


Ok, but I doub't Puffy will be dropping in for appletinis anytime in the near future, and the howard homecoming is a far cry from a corner bar with white spray painted walls, cheap ikea furniture and average drinks.

Twain strikes again! I have GOT to meet you.

I drive by Pur several times a week, and it's never open.

Pur is open Thur - Sun.
Pur is a upscale venue were people can come & feel a good vibe, hear good music & have a good time.

Way to be a shill!

Although I applaud for owners trying to buck the trends in B-more, ultimately it never works. To be frank Bmore is a blue collar town. Always will be. I've been to all these upscale lounges and there just isn't a market for them. I prefer the Bmore bar scene and the upscale DC scene. That way you have the best of both worlds. Really the clubs that make the most money were Iquana Cantina and Hammerjacks. Possibly Lava Lounge when it was over by Hard Rock Cafe. But at the end of the day patrons in Bmore are looking for nice casual bars with drink specials. Honestly I prefer Canton/Fed Hill over Adams Morgan/Georgtown.

Well here's a well known secret: people in DC love coming to Baltimore bars, to get away from the pretentious DC dbags.

Upscale in Baltimore seems to me to be DunBurnie d-bags who wanna be Jersey d-bags who want to be .... I don't know. Upscale means downscale.

I have seen these places come and go for years and it seems like they exist less because there is a demand and more because the owners are idiots, to be blunt. They create supply where there is no demand, so that supply gets bought up cheap by low-class jholes who think they can buy their way into "upscale" status by buying $15 Guava Cosmos for skanks who usually drink Diet Coke and despair.

Hey guys,
Am new to Baltimore. I am trying to find out the best place to be at on New Years eve.
An upscale club with decent dance floor and DJ. Can you suggest some please?
Many thanks.

Happy holidays everyone.

Baltimore is blue-collar at heart and always will be. people pretending to be from LA and Miami, etc need to stfu and respect our towns character.

Pur has a public notice hanging outside - requrest for live entertainment and outdoor seating ... possibly a license transfer too?

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