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March 28, 2011

Recipe: Peep-Stuffed Brownies


I have no CSA recipes to report so far this week. I'm still struggling with pine mouth, so I wasn't feeling particularly like experimenting this weekend.

But I did stumble across this recipe, and before I knew what I was doing, I impulse-bought a box of brownie mix and some Peeps to try to make these Peep-Stuffed Brownies. 

Calling this a "recipe" is really an overstatement. It's basically a gimmick, but it's funny, and it's sugary, and it's chocolate and marshmallow, so how can you go wrong?

The original recipe cut the Peeps in half and used only three. I had a ton, so I put in six un-beheaded Peeps. In the oven, they puffed up, as seen above, giving the pan a "zombie Peeps arising from a chocolaty grave" kind of look. 

After they were removed from the oven, the Peeps deflated, and the marshmallow spread out. These were no longer cute; the Peeps no longer identifiable. But they were yummy, in an Easter-basket sugar-coma sort of way. 

Recipe: Peep-stuffed brownies

Courtesy of

Makes: 6 brownies (my brownie mix said it made 16; I think 9-12 is probably a more accurate count than either 16 or 6)

1 box of brownie mix (+ ingredients listed on box)
3 Peeps – cut in half (I used 6, not cut in half)

1. Preheat oven according to package directions.  Mix brownies according to package directions.
2. Spray an 8×8 oven proof dish with cooking spray. Place 3/4 of the brownie mix into pan. Press peeps down into brownie mixture {1/2 peep per brownie section} Spread remaining 1/4 of brownie mixture on top.
3. Bake brownies according to package directions. Allow to cool completely prior to slicing.

Notes: Make sure you really grease the pan well. Even buttered, my pan was reluctant to give these brownies up in one piece. 

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Mmmmmm. Peeps.

I wonder if the bunnies would poof up as much (assuming you laid them flat in the batter)?

BTW, you can also do this with peppermint patties (my favorite) or Symphony bars. Or probably any other kind of chocolate-friendly candy.

Another fun Peeps thing to do: Put toothpicks in the side of two different colored peeps, leaving most of the toothpick thrusting forward like a sword, and put them in the microwave with glass door. Take bets on which peep will swell up faster and thus pop the other one first. Thirty seconds max of fun, fun, fun! Warning: Peeps quickly deflate and become hard after this.

It is also the time of the year for Peep S'mores! My niece and nephews were always amused with the process - my sister not so much. It's just like making traditional S'mores, only you nuke the Peep on a plate in the microwave for 20-30 seconds (caveat - watch carefully lest smoke and bad burnt smells ensue) until it gets all grotesque and gooey then slap it on graham crackers with a slab of Hershey's chocolate. All manner and color of Peep critters work well.

MC, I know I am showing my age here, but to me the "traditional" way of making S'Mores involved a camp fire, not the microwave!

My little "peeps" love to dip these Easter treats in melted milk chocolate and then dip them in jimmies, toasted coconut and finely chopped almonds. But, we might try the brownies this year!

Dahlink, very true about the lack of a campfire, but one cannot underestimate the perverse satisfaction of watching the microwave turn a Peep into something resembling something out of an old horror movie. I used the word traditional only in the sense of ingredients used for the process. The taste of the campfire smoke is, however, missed.
As for showing one's age, my motto is "It's never too late to have a happy childhood".

Peeps Brulee'! Roast a peep of any variety over an open flame, preferably a stove top flame. Allow to cool. Eat. The sugar caramelizes and the marshmallow gets all gooey. Too bad I gave up candy for Lent.

I loved Peeps when I was a kid, however, I can't eat them.

Off topic but related, you may want to check out the Peeps diorama contest at The Washington Post. I don't think the finalists have been announced yet, but, there may be pics from past years.

Am I the only person that hates Peeps? I love Marshmallows but... peeps? bleh.

MadelBlue, you are not alone. I have never liked Peeps, even as a child. I think a pan of brownies topped with a chocolate bunny would be awesome, though!

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