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January 26, 2011

Rainy day lunchtime gallimaufry -- A Koodie review, the Minimalist and salmon

Eli reviews Pizza Hut's stuffed-crust pizza in Adventures of a Koodie

Mark Bittman's much admired column, The Minimilast, concludes its 13-year run today in the New York Times. Bitttman will be blogging, he says, and will also be contributing to the both Time's opinion pages, where he will address what he describes as "the continuing attack on good, sound eating and traditional farming in the United States" and to the Times Magazine, where he will contribute a regular recipe column.

And this entertaining post from Obamarama Foodorama concerning the president's reference to salmon regulations in last night's State of the Union address.

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I'll be honest with you, Richard: I really, really, really don't understand your fascination with this kid's blog. I know he's 9, but his writing is crap! I've seen writing from a 9 year-old that was much more interesting, and with less typos, mispellings, misused punctuation, etc. Also, Pizza Hut is gross.

Maybe dissing a 9 year-old makes me a bad person, but that's what you get for putting your business on the internets!

I like it I think because a parent hasn't edited it, which is so refreshing in the era of so-called "helicopter parenting"

Uh, "less typos" should be "fewer typos." And "internets?" Just to be charitable, I won't point out your other errors. So much for dissing someone else's writing as crap.

I accept your criticism of "less." However, "internets" was a liberty I took in an effort to be cute/funny. Oh, well.

Sounds like BIttman's new job will maximize his time.

Today's pun quotient has been met.

I had only started reading through some of Bittman's articles last week as I was pointed to it by a companion. It's a shame he's moving on, but at least I have 13 years worth of content to catch up on.

As a 9 year old I loved any type of pizza...but now yes pizza hut is gross. Remember you are talking about a 9 year old boy...they eat anything and everything.

Sarah: what ingratiating 9 year-olds do you know?? All the 9 year-olds I know are the pickiest eaters EVER.

I realize that kind of just made it sound like I know tons of 9 year-olds, as if I'm a perv or something. My fiance has tons of cousins, I swear!

My 10 year old nephew often discusses his food as if he's on a talk show. It would be great if he could write down his musings, but his fingers are way too sticky to type.

Eli reminds me of a budding Calvin Trillin. Now all he needs is dog named Alice.

Food was the last thing on my mind when I was 9, as far as I remember. Mostly I just remember mouthing off to my teachers and running around trying to kiss all the boys in my grade. Man, I was such a little slut!

Just backing Liz up on the "Internets" being a joke reference that's been around on the, well, Internets for ages.

Duh, of course internets is a joke. I'd much rather have a drink with Liz than Anonymous. A sense of humor is essential when dealing with people on the interwebs.

OMG, I would take you up on that offer! We can even go to Aldo's, since I know it's your fav.

Perhaps I'm opening up a can of worms here, but Anon referred to "other errors." My pride is wounded, as I have NO idea what he/she thinks those are!! Anyone up for a nerdy grammar/style debate?? Consider the gauntlet thrown, my friends.

"other errors."

I'm on your side and I think picking apart someone's comment is asinine and I suck at grandma and punctuation but I counted 4 punctuation transgressions. I let one other thing go because it was a style thing, but I was severe about the use of exclamation points as enthusiasm points! ;-)

Honestly, nothing ruined the flow in a comment which is supposed to be a quick note. Anybody who expects perfect punctuation from a blog comment is a douche. A blog post is a different matter, but still, it is blog post, not something in the paper paper,. This is all supposed to be fun, not formal writing.

Always glad to meet new people. Aldo's is just one of my faves. My usual drinking lair is very close to there. Send me a DM on twitter @owlmeatgravy to arrange. Or a message on Facebook to "Umberto Swarm".

What is a Koodie? A Kid Foodie? I HATE the term foodie for that matter. What elitiest crap. "My tender NZ lamb wept when slaughtered and is presented over a bed of Prehistoric Grains and angel wings"

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