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November 17, 2010

The Gino Giant is back!!!!! Only 106 miles away

ginogiantBut you'll have to go to King of Prussia, PA, to get one.

The crazily popular burger chain, founded by Baltimore Colt Gino Marchetti, has been gone from the landscape for almost 30 years

Gino's Burgers and Chicken celebrated its grand opening on Sunday, November 15 in the Philadelphia suburb. Although the chain has its roots in Baltimore, the chain flourished in the Philadelphia area. 

I'm off to get the details.

The CEO of the new Gino's, Tom Romano, got his professional start at Gino's as a manager trainee.

Anyone else out there work at the old Gino's?


Posted by Richard Gorelick at 10:59 AM | | Comments (72)


I didn't work there, but my sister and a bunch of my friends worked there, at the one on Perring Parkway and McClean Blvd.

I used to work at the Gino's in Ellicot City - now a Boston Chicken place...Gino Giants and the steak subs - awesome baby!! KFC didn't hurt either! Extra Crispy!!

Gino's was my favorite place to eat as a kid. My second favorite...Roy Rogers. I'm lucky enough now to live a block near one of the last Roy Rogers' restaurants down here in Springfield, VA.

I went to the Gino's on RT. 40 in Catonville for years before they closed. The Gino Giant was always better than the Big Mac.

Wow! A blast from the past. How good is that!! These youngsters today don't what they missed.

My first real job was at Gino's by Ft. Meade - wow - this brings back memories for sure !!!!
I just recall their milk shakes & fired chicken were the bomb !

I remember Ameche's Drive In, too, with his Powerhouse Burger. Ah, the good old days.

"Everybody goes to Ginos, 'cause Gino's is the place to go!" Sing it!!!

I was at the opening of the Towson Gino's too many moons ago. Still have the Colts team picture (1958?) that they handed out; somewhere..........

I remember the last Gino's to close was on Mountain Road in Pasadena. Yes...the Giant was better than the Big Mac and their KFC chicken was great as well. One of the great brand names of all time.

There was one on Edmondson Ave near Mt De Sales my Dad used to take us to after Orioles games. Awesome. I can still taste the minced onions on my hamburger.

Worked at the Ginos in Timonium. 1972 & 73-they gave you only 1/2 hr. break but you could get anything to eat in the store

I spent approx. 3 months cooking Colonel Sanders' KFC at the Gino's on Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie in the fall of 1972.

I was always amazed at the number of people who would tell me that the only fried chicken they would eat was KFC...of course, since I was cooking it, I couldn't stand the sight or smell of it LOL!

I worked at Gino's on Reisterstown Road in 1973 then transferred to the one on Main Street in BelAir, MD. When I went to college I transferred to a Gino's in Wilmington, DE. All together I worked for them about 6 years - all through high school and college.

I worked at a Gino's in Philly for 4 years. My two older brothers did also. Still have the polyester red/orange/tan shirt. Wish I could fit into it.

i ate at Gino's on wilkens ave at southwestern blvd.

You use to be able to take your Colts ticket stub and get a buy one, get one. Maybe it was just a get one free. I remember thinking the Gino Giant was great.

I worked at the Geno's on Frederick Rd just west of the Beltway in 1964 and 1965, Great times, great food. Hey any of you folks remember the red light on the beltway. I think it was at the intersection of Rt 170.

Remember Ameche's on Rt. 40 in Catonsville? Just like American Graffiti!

being from baltimore and living right near the gino's on patapsco ave, i can probably count on one hand the amount of times I ate at a McDonalds until Gino's sold out to Roy rogers

I worked at the Gino's in Dundalk. It was my first job. At that time, in the late 70's, they also sold KFC, in addition to the Gino giants and heros.

My first "real" job was at the Gino's on Belair Road in Perry Hall. My mom always complained that I smelled like a french fry when she came to pick me up LOL! The Giant rocked!

" Everybody goes to Gino's,
Cause Gino's is the place to go!!
Yes EVERYBODY GOES to GINO's cause Gino's is the PLACE to GO!!!!!!"
My Mom would pile me and my five brothers and sisters in the chyrsler wagon and we would sing the 'Gino's" song the whole way there! The one in Dundalk. we loved it!

My first job was at Gino's in Essex, on Eastern Avenue. I worked there from 1975 until 1978. It was the best!

" Everybody goes to Gino's,
Cause Gino's is the place to go!!
Yes EVERYBODY GOES to GINO's cause Gino's is the PLACE to GO!!!!!!"
My Mom would pile me and my five brothers and sisters in the chyrsler wagon and we would sing the 'Gino's" song the whole way there! The one in Dundalk. we loved it!

Worked at 6000 Belair Road in B'more; 1972-1977, and Adelphi (College Park) 1977-78. Met my wife there on my first day. She worked counter, I was in the chicken area. Love me some Tommy Fader.

VERY short red dress short they had to have shorts under them...and white nurses shoes LOL! Many buckets of chicken made their way out the door and into Tommy's 'Cuda. Nothing like chicken and cold beer! I worked there from 1974-1976. Good times :)

worked at mountain rd ,pasadena.71-75 1.50hr. but all the food you could eat

What was the first Gino's in Balto? Was it the store at Loch Raven and Taylor, Liberty Rd just past Essex Rd? Do you remember Ameche's, Buddy Dean Show, Lee's of Broadway, Varsity Drive In, Connolly's Seafood on Pratt St, Yogi's Magic Shop, Howard St at Christmas time, the opening night of the Civic Center (Balto. Arena), the Bullets, the Clippers, Mayor Tommy D'Alesandro, Jr, Friendship Airport, the Colts winning the '58 & '59 NFL Championships, the Hamms beer sign at Memorial Stadium, Carlin's and Gwynn Oak Parks, window fans, sleeping out in Druid Hill Park on hot summer nights, when the tallest building on the B'more skyline was the Maryland National Bank Bldg., Price's Dairy Ice Cream, good coddies, phone booths, old fashioned snow balls, and the Block was about 5/6 blocks long? If you remember most of these things, you're showing your age. Wasn't B'more a great to grow up in!

The Gino's in Perry Hall (Belair & Joppa) became a Roy Rogers for a while, then a Popeye's, and is now a Starbucks.

My first real job was at Gino's in Bel Air in 1968 . We had a blast working there . I had to peel the potatoes in a big peeler then hand
cut the fries and soak them in sinks of cold water. Very old school. The chicken was fried in pressure cookers . I enjoyed some of the best times growing up and working there. At one time my two brothers and myself all wokred there together.I can't wait to bite into a Giant.

I used to work at the Gino's on North Ave. part-time, during my high school and college days before going to Medical School.

I never worked at Gino's, but the one we went to was on Route 1 ... in Media, Pennsylvania.

I was, however, Kathy Ameche's date at her 16th birthday party. (True! We sang together at church.)

And when I married my wife, "the Other Canon," her next door neighbors, the Sanduskys, were there in droves.

I worked at Gino's Randallstown through high school, and transferred to the newer Painters Mill Rd location when I started college. What a great time!

When i was in the Corps in Vietnam when it was my turn for watch i would often think about Gino's and Ameche's, and that special sauce and promise myself i'd go and have 2 of them at once as soon as i got back and i did. We'd tell our girlfriends we were taking them to an Italian restaurant and then pull into Gino's (no kiddin')

First job was Gino's in Owings Mills, MD - 3 days after I turned 16. Worked there for a year and a half.

i remember the coupon for a free giant that came with my junior orioles kit!!! mid to late 60's

My first job when I turned 16 was at the Gino's in Timonium in 1978. Worked there part-time for 1 year which was long enough to save up for my first car - a 1969 Firebird!

The problem with Baltimore is that it has issues supporting things most of the area KFC resturants are old Gino locations. Would Baltimore support the new Gino`s who knows? Baltimore is not Philly support is an issue here night clubs,radio stations,resturants, and of course football teams have all gone by the way side in Baltimore because a lack of support.

To Donta: Your last statement "of course football teams have all gone by the way side in Baltimore because of lack of support. " Huh?!! The Ravens since their inception have consistently sold out! Not to mention that before Bob Irsay bought the Colts, they held the record for the NFL for consecutive game sellouts. Yes, it's true that the Colts were only drawing 24,000 before they left town; however, I don't know of any fan base that would have tolerated the buffoon and supported their team!

The first Gino's I saw was on Pulaski Highway. They advertised a meal for 5 for $1.75. Five burgers, five cokes and 5 fries. The Gino Giant was the best of the combo burgers then and now. Late 1950's or very early 1960's. sigh.

i used to stop at the ginos on edison hwy at sinclair lane on the way to work at the two guys dept store after college....a buddy of mine worked there and would give me the giants that were going to get thrown out.....all were tasty!!

First Gino's I remember was on North Point Blvd , next to the old drive in theater! When they first opened it was just $.15 hamburgers, french fires, milkshakes and sodas. Walk up windows, the Giant etc all came later!!

We used to go to the one in Perry Hall before they build the one on 40 across from Joppatowne. I worked there in high school as did a lot of my friends. Gosh it was fun.

I grew up within walking distance of the Gino's in Perry Hall. Many trips with friends to get a cheap but good burger. This was a time that a 12 year old kid could actually cross Belair road without getting run over.
On a related, burger note: does anyone else remember a place (I think it was off Loch Raven Rd) called "Hamburger Junction"? The burgers and sides were delivered via a model train. Loved it as a kid.

Does anybody know, is this the same Gino's as in the 1970s that had the awesome HEROBURGER? If so, we had one in Alexandria, VA on Rt. 1, was a MAJOR hangout place after football games, awesome food!

I worked at the Gino's in Salisbury, MD in 1975, as a college freshman.

i worked at the gino,s on frederick rd in catonsville in 1979

i worked at the gino,s on frederick rd in catonsville in 1979

I remember the Gino's on Belair Rd. between Glenmore & White Aves. There was a big hill behind it and we always called it Gino's hill. Alot of kids hung out there.

I got kicked out of the Gino's at Joppa Rd. and Satyr Hill Rd.

I was working at Roy Rogers in Olney when Marriott bought Gino's in 1982, and I remember being bummed that the Gino Giant was being discontinued. I'm also bummed to hear that the new Giant isn't like the old one. A true Giant has two small burgers and a bun in the middle. But yeah, that Giant sauce kills McD's special sauce.
To the Roy Rogers fan in VA: there are a bunch of them around the Frederick, MD area, and one in Leesburg. Their roast beefs and bacon cheeseburgers are still awesome.

I worked one summer "69 or 70" at the Gino's on Kenwood Ave. It is now a Bill Bateman's Express. The free meals were the best part. Tou just wrote the food off as spoilage.

I worked one summer "69 or 70" at the Gino's on Kenwood Ave. It is now a Bill Bateman's Express. The free meals were the best part. You just wrote the food off as spoilage.

My first job was at Gino's at Joppa and Satyr Hill. Started in 1978. My sister and brother also worked there. Ahh, those were the days: cooking chicken and eating everything in sight! Hey Plunk, Ice on Two!

I worked at the Ginos in Waldorf MD in 1972 when I was 16. I used to cook chicken and make Gino Giants. I hated unloading the Buff Henley truck, and I hated the acid we had to use to clean the chicken fryers!...But I loved a good Giant!

My Uncle was a Manager at the Gino's in Dundalk on Wise Ave. I loved the Giant..

First Gino's visit ever was in Perry Hall on our way home from The S&H Greenstamp Redemption Center in Hamilton. The burgers were 15 cents. I later worked at the Gino's in Bel Air as did many of my girlfriends. The place was mobbed on Friday and Saturday nights. But the best hangout in Bel Air was a little independent joint called The Harvey House.

I worked at Gino's in 1976, in Waldorf, and I am still very good friends with co-workers I met there. The Giant was great, so was the Hero burger.

If Gino's was still around, you would be crucifying them along with McD's, Burger King, etc.



I worked at store #19 on Frederick Rd. in Catonsville from 1965-1966. I think I cooked more KFC chicken in 1 year than most people cook in a lifetime. Loved the Gino Giant. Better than any Big Mac ever made.

I miss this burger joint. We used to go to the one on South Orange Ave. in East Orange NJ. The best burger by far in line with White Castle.

I grow up in Baltimore and I remember Gino's on Washington Blvd. very much . I have watted for years for them to make a come back . I hope to see one in Damascus, Maryland were I now live soon.

Rev. Rick

Thanks so much

We walked to the one on Washington Blvd...always wondered what happened to them...its a Burger King now I think. Would be great if there was one in Baltimore...maybe theyd be more likely to last if they were only within so many miles of each on east, west ,north and south and maybe in the counties...people WILL go somewhere for better quality food.

I worked there in 1969-1970. We made the fries from scratch. Peeled the potatoes and washed them three times and blanched them. The store was located on Edision HWY. and is now a church.

I worked at Gino's on North Point Blvd. back in 1972. They had the best gino giants. The Big Mac cannot compete. My friends and I talk about how we would love for a Gino's to open again. It would do great.

My husband worked at the Gino's in Perry Hall. I always this day here stories of how he worked there and was always mopping the floors, Making chicken and everything. He said the way kids work these days is nothing compared to the way he worked at Ginos

I lost my class ring at Gino's while making onion rings there in 1975. If anybody finds it, please forward it to my cousin Richie Gorelick. I will gladly reward with some Chewpons for Squagels on the Square or one on-the-body pants pressing at Murray's Fine Casuals of Pikesville.

for the millionth time, it's Richy with a "Y"

I worked at the Gino's in Perry Hall in 1970. My manager was Lee Ende. The wage was $.75 per hour. Those were the good day. Hope they come back. I always had to make up my sister's cashier shortages. I had a great time then!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to eat at the one on Liberty Rd. and remember getting KFC from there. Had the best burgers...Need to open one here in Central Florida near where I live. Nothing can compete with the Gino Giant.. Many of the Burger kings, Checkers, and Arby's have closed so we have plenty of room for a quality burger. I would even scout for prime property for you. Teach these southern crackers what a good burger is. Keep me posted

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