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November 17, 2010

Sunday's review -- Sushi Sono

sushiMy review this Sunday is of Sushi Sono in Columbia.

Who's been?

The great thing about having a blog is being able to dispense with a tangential concern that doesn't really belong in the review but that I always tried to shoehorn in there anyway, something I felt the universe needed to hear.

More often, than not, I'd end up reversing course and cutting it from the review. But that course-reversal would exhaust me.

So, I am not spending anytime in my review of Sushi Sono pondering this koan:

There is no place in Baltimore where the access, parking, and signage is as confusing and alienating as Wincopin Circle.


Baltimore Sun photo/Amy Davis



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I've been. We had a great meal, but not without dropping a WHOLE lot of cash on it. It amazes me how fast sushi adds up.

I hate Columbia. My husband lived there when we met and I've never gotten over how much I hate it.

Been there plenty of times; generally outstanding. As Summer notes, it's not for the weak of wallet!

Columbia appears to have been designed to purposely hide any retail locations behind berms, trees, etc. Guess it makes for idyllic travels, but yeah, it's tough to find things.

Give Sushi King off Dobbin Road a try next time. Much more parking, easier to locate, just a notch below Sono in quality, imho.

Ah yes, welcome to Columbia. They really don't want you to find anything, but look at all those nice trees!

I, too, loath Columbia. When i worked there, it was fine enough to walk, but heaven forbid you have to navigate in your car or give directions. I have a pretty darn good sense of direction, but not good enough!
Sushi is one of those things where you have a bit of this, a bit of that and then you're up to a 60 dollar meal without even realizing; but i would like to give Sono a go, provided that someone else drives!

The link is wrong in the post. It is a broken link attempting to find the kosher supermarket article (and failing). Amusing.

oy yoy yoy

You really want fun in Columbia, try to find a bus stop. Half of them are unmarked, and when you approach people to ask where the bus stops are, they tend to rush off, grabbing their cell phones and shooting scared looks back at you.

Lissa - Go back to Detroit

great restaurant. nice setting with the water, though i suppose it's getting a little cold for that.

food's great provided you can wait a while for seating. always seems a bit crowded, and reservations run behind.

KitKat - Second that

awesome restaurant - favorite place for sushi - especially their wedding veil

Been to Sushi Sono many times. Food, service, and atmosphere are all top notch. Yes, it is pricey.

Agree with the poster who gave props to Sushi King. I think they are an equal to Sono. Not cheap either, but the food and service are always good.

Don't get the Columbia hate though.

Been to Sushi Sono many times. Food, service, and atmosphere are all top notch. Yes, it is pricey.

Agree with the poster who gave props to Sushi King. I think they are an equal to Sono. Not cheap either, but the food and service are always good.

Don't agree with the Columbia hate.

One of the most important things for an outsider driving into Columbia is to make sure that you have sufficient gasoline in your tank. Trying to find a gas station in Columbia if you don't already know where they are is likely to be an exercise in frustration.

Completely agree on both Sushi Sono and Sushi King. We tend to go to Sushi Sono due to convenience. (I believe King once owned both locations, and maybe he still does.)

And I second Hal's need for a full tank of gas. I moved to Columbia in the early 1990's, when I worked in Laurel. I'd fill my gastank in Laurel because I couldn't find a gas station in Columbia... even though there was one just 1000 feet from my apartment hidden behind a berm and with a sign only four feet off the ground.

A good friend of mine visiting from Boston said he couldn't stand Columbia because from the road, everything looked like a townhouse or a bank.

And if you are lucky enough to find a gas station in Columbia, be prepared to pay 25-30 cents more a gallon than you would in any other part of Howard County.

I once saw a flier that gave directions to an event with an idealized map, where the most prominent words were "PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STRAIGHT ROAD IN COLUMBIA!"

I was once out having a post-concert pint with a rather well-known musician who used to call Columbia home, and we got to talking about, of all things, musical group names. "Nowadays, it seems that you take any adjective and any noun, no matter whether they're related or not, and just throw them together--Smashing Pumpkins Counting Crows........"

With a deadpan face, I replied "No. That's how you come up with a place name in Columbia."

He fell off the barstool laughing.

Do they have that Italian sushi? I have a $500 gift certificate for Club Milan, but somebody said they were on vacation this week.

I thought I should test it out before the party cause I booked a party for my company and there spending 50 llarge on a thick blowout in Decemer. If it aint dope, maybe I can get the $$$ deposit back, bt i'n sure ill flip for it.

My cuzin went to a thick bottel party way back in Memorial Day and the Cuvassiay & that Diddy vkda. I am gonna be a stone deaf HERO come xmas!!!

I guess Japanese sha shimi would be okay, but I hate that fish shimi roles. Im tote into that hot Cleaveland Steamer role. Whats that place on Liberry Road with the fried sassage makie? Susie something. Wevs.

Milan, baby! Bring on da shorties y'all. It;s my birthday, got to party! Its my birthday party hardy! It;s my birthday gonna get down. party party party yall! Cum on girlies let hit that thing on Penn Ave for sme hulks.

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