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September 23, 2010

Gnocchi quest

gnocchiI just heard from a guy looking for some good gnocchi.

Anybody know a restaurant in Baltimore that has a way with those little potato dumplings, which done right, are light and springy, but done wrong, are gummy and dense?

I've enjoyed them in a creamy tomato sauce at Amicci's in Little Italy. 

Other suggestions?











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Cinghale---sauce changes but the gnocchi are always light with that perfect "tooth" my Sicilian nonna would strive for!

Aldo's -- my wife says they're the closest she's had to when she lived in Italy.

Aldo's -- my wife says they're the closest she's had to when she lived in Italy.

Amicci's are made by Frank Velleggia's Casa Di Pasta, I think. Definitely not house-made. They are very labor intensive.

There are good and bad gnocchi, but the perfect size portion is three gnocchi. That is just right.

what? 3 gnocchi? get your head out of your pasta. unless your gnocchi have been exposed to toxic radiation a la "honey i blew up the kids," you can find a nice serving (of more than 3) at any of the little italy mainstays. gnocchi make a filling meal wherever you find them.

Best I ever had was the baked gnocchi at Sabatino's in Little Italy

Nope, three. Plus, you can't have an even number. Bad juju.

Sabatino's is gross in every way, I can't imagine they would make good gnocchi.

I had absolutely wonderful ricotta gnocchi at Brewer's art. Nothing gummy about these babies. Soft, light, wonderfully flavorful with a tad of sweetness from the ricotta. Lovely.

Second for Amiccis - very good.

Before it was sold, I had excellent gnocchi at Velleggia's but I am not sure if any of the recipes went with the sale.

Duh, Vellegia's & Amicci's gnocchi are from Casa di Pasta (a Vellegia joint). C di P makes their living selling their products to local restaurants that pass it off as homemade. Stop by their store and buy some, heat it up and tell your friends you made it yourself. It will def be as good as any resto that serves it. The proof is in the pudding.

Had some at B&O Brasserie that were outstanding...

+1 on Sabs being awful. The loyalty to that place reminds me of the misplaced loyalty to Natty Boh around here...

Chiapparelli's all the way. I've been devouring them like a zombie eats brains for 18 years. They've been awesome 95% of that time. And you get a salad.

At least Natty Boh has the virtue of being cheap.

B&O Brasserie and Cinghiale get it right.

I hadn't had a Natty Boh in about 40 years, went to a crab house in Ocean City a few weeks back and ordered one with my crabs. Oh, my God, was it awful. I can't believe I used to drink that stuff.

last friday i had the octopus appetizer at brewers art (which includes potato gnocchi) and they were amazing. some of the lightest i've ever tried. but it's just an app, so probably doesn't help much

the gnocchi at trattoria alberto is supposed to excellent. i cannot vouch for it though.

Geez, I hope they re-name the blog "Bite Me, Baltimore" when Richard takes over.

Sabatinos & Sammy's Trattoria on North Charles. Sammy's is awesome!!

Aldo's was the best, soft ,cloud like taste that I have ever seen in America. period.

Thanks to those who like our gnocchi at Aldo's.

We don't offer them every night, so be sure to request them when making your reservation and we'd be happy to make them for you and your guests.

I spent a few years (literally) working on the recipe to get the precise texture I wanted. Gnocchi aren't at all complicated, but I abhor versions that are heavy or gummy. They should be feather-light but also have a bit of texture, IMO.

We serve them with a parmigiano tomato cream, but they're also great with pesto, or "alla New York-ese," as I refer to them.

Aldo's has the best gnocchi in Baltimore. There is no comparison! I could go for a dish right now!! They are so light and delicious!! Yum!

speaking of the closest thing to an "Italy" experience, We spent last week end in Baltimore and were pleasantly surprised to find the best little restaurant in Little Italy, Cafe Gia's. Boy, what a treat ! We're from Boston and believe me, we have a hard time finding great Italian food outside of the North End. This place is a treasure, and by the way one of our dishes was a gnocchi dish and it was unforgettably delicious. We've not tried all the other places down there but boy did we hit a winner. Hope to visit again soon. Cafe Gia's has our vote!

My favorite place to eat in Little Italy was Aldo's and still is now "one of my favorites", along with Cafe Gia. These two restaurants far exceed all the others down there. As far as the gnocchi's go, I've gotten them at both places and they were equally as great. I think the dish is called "cavatelli" at Cafe Gias. You can tell the difference between bought and homemade and theirs' are definitely homemade. Anyway, I don't usually respond to things like this but these two places are like kissing cousins,worth a ride to Little italy!

Cafe Shill

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