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June 20, 2010

New menu feature, courtesy of BP

oil cleanupA little box on the bottom of the menu at Columbia's Victoria Gastro Pub reads:

"Unfortunately, due to the Gulf oil disaster, we have been forced to temporarily increase the price of our seafood offerings."

No huge surprise here. But I'm wondering: has anyone out there seen that sort of disclaimer on other menus yet?


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Posted by Laura Vozzella at 8:20 AM | | Comments (12)


You've got to take the good with the bad. When prices drop do they lower their prices? For whatever extra money they are making, they are loosing it in bad P.R. with their guest, amateur move.

Once prices go up, they rarely come back down. This will establish a new baseline for seafood prices. The disclaimer will disappear, the prices will stay the same.

I just gave up seafood entirely. Between the poor conditions on overseas products ( and high dioxin, mercury and environmental damage caused by them) and the pending collapse of the Gulf of Mexico region, you're pretty much stuck with Atlantic or Pacific stocks, and some species that are over fished in one are plentiful in the other. I give up. Old Bay on your fries, anyone?

It's a good time to consider vegetarianism.

Prices do come down, in the last 2 months prices came down on tomatoes, salmon, lamb, chicken, pork and oranges to name a few. Deal with the increase and stop moaning. The Gastro Pub is making bank on draft beers, suck it up. They do not get it!

Dahlink, you're right; all the current silliness has left me with label exhaustion. It's too hot to care, read labels, do research and try and remember ( or write down an expansive list) as to what it "okay". Maybe i'll just classify myself as a going-forth vegan do to the sublime combination of sheer laziness and vanity.

If you don't want to read labels, just pay the nice people what they put on the list at the restaurant, have a couple drinks, and put a fork in it.

Victoria's is the so overpriced already, this will just drive more customers away.

The draft beer prices are ridiculous plus add in the snobby attitude that the servers and bartenders always have...I'll gladly spend my money elsewhere.

It's just as likely to be a lame (shrewd?) marketing ploy to get you to spend a couple more dollars than you would have otherwise spent for the added satisfaction of shaking a fist at BP.

This is not nice, even dissembling. They're implying all seafood comes from the Gulf and all prices are up. Maybe they should use Chesapeake Bay seafood and there are even watermen/waterpersons who will deliver directly to them:

I'll gladly spend my money elsewhere.

I can't remember exactly where I heard it, but Red Star is supposed to be good.

Good!?!?!---Try AWESOME!!!!!!

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