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May 25, 2010

Lemongrass closes

LemongrassLemongrass, the Thai restaurant between Baltimore's Little Italy and Harbor East, has closed its doors.

I don't have the full story yet. But the assistant manager I got on the phone just now said the place closed a week ago Saturday.

Its sister restaurant, Diabilita Cantina, continues to operate in the same building, at 1300 Bank Street. But the Diablita owners are no longer interested in operating a second restaurant there, the assistant manager said.

She also said that owners of the building have been showing the space to potential new restaurant tenants.

I believe the restaurants shared a single kitchen. So that could make renting the place a bit of a challenge.

More details to come.

Sun photo by Elizabeth Malby
Posted by Laura Vozzella at 11:50 AM | | Comments (15)


They didn't share a kitchen. I used to manage Tsunami - There were 2 different kitchens. Unless things got really crazy after I left, I think that's probably still the case :)

Maybe that came along later. EL indicated they did share a kitchen in this review:,0,4524642.story LV

That's sad. That location was tough.

I assume the Annapolis location is still chugging along?

The assistant manager indicated that the Annapolis and Baltimore Lemongrasses had not been affiliated for six months or so. Still hoping the higher-ups will see fit to call and give me the official story. LV

Def sad...I enjoyed that place a lot but haven't been there in a .year or so....that location is brutal

That loction is not brutal. It needs ledership and a good lease.


How can a location but tough when you are the first business to occupy said location?

Tsunami and Lemongrass were Thai and Sushi for dbags. Hey, let's take something good, make it crappier, raise the prices, treat people like fools and put it in the ghetto. How could that possibly go wrong? Oh, never mind.

Hubris is not a spice

Wondering why this place didn't close months ago! A rude staff and incompetent management ran this LG into the ground. The food sucked, the bartenders and servers were haughty, and the hostess was one of the harshest people i've ever encountered.

Ms. Joker and I had dinner there back in the fall. She had eaten there 6 months prior and raved. Being as I'm a sucker for tom ka gai, we went.

The aforementioned "soup" was unedible, and I sent it back. My "Crispy duck" was neither crispy, nor am I sure it was duck. Back it went as well. Her green curry was a thin, flavorless broth of 1 shrimp, 1 mussel, and some calamari.

Flat out, for me to send something back, it has to be exceptionally awful, and I don't recall the last time I did it. We were the only table in the front area, and still were ignored by the bartenders/waiters.

To make matters worse, I wrote them an email to express my disappointment. Never heard from them there, either.

I want to see all restaurants prosper and succeed, but this place was doomed. Good riddance.

Yeah, the service and food was absolutely terrible the few times I went there. The bartenders acted like they were God's gift to mixology yet none of their drinks were ever consistently good.

Also, I remember the hostess! One night I went in there and she was wearing an oversize flannel shirt and PJ pants to greet guests in. Wasn't this supposed to be a sophisticated place? Could of fooled me.

I ate there twice in the early going and found everything to be pretty good, including the service. Prices were a little high for Thai but I knew that going in. Seems as though things might have gone awry after they split with the Annapolis Lemongrass owners.

I actually went there once and had a waitress act huffy and roll her eyes when I asked for a refill on our waters. That was not the same day when I went there and had almost completely raw shrimp delivered to me in my dish. I can stand undercooked food but I can not handle horrible service. I'm sure it was that kind of experience that deterred repeat visitors and caused their demise. I agree with Joker...good riddance.

It's really hard to undercook shrimp

Each time I went to the Lemongrass I became less and less impressed with the food (at the Baltimore location). Ambiance was great and location was fine!

Tiny Elvis- you are tellin' me! I almost laughed in the waiters face when they brought it out because it was their shrimp and asparagus dish- so the shrimp was anything but hidden and it was almost fully gray. I'm not sure what they were thinking...

I know Diablita and Lemongrass shared restrooms, but have no idea about there kitchen!

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