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April 9, 2010

Orioles Sushi

O's RollStarting with today's season opener and continuing throughout the baseball season, RA Sushi is offering the O's Roll.

It is an eight-piece spicy lobster roll, topped with fresh salmon and avocado, and drizzled with an orange spicy mayo sauce ($11.00).

Fans who come in with their ticket stubs will get $2 off on game days. For those without tickets, the restaurant will have big-screen HD-TVs tuned to games in the bar area.

“The O’s Roll was a crowd favorite last year as Baltimoreans showed their support for the hometown team,” said Scott Bernas, general manager of the restaurant, at 1390 Lancaster St. in Harbor East. “We’re excited to bring it back for the 2010 season.” 

The O's Roll. Photo courtesy of RA Sushi

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I'm glad you replaced the photo of the Atlantic roll, which looked like someone had dumped garbage on top of it.

Does it come with a condom?

Orange spicy mayo? I just threw up in my mouth a little.

N.B.: They give out condoms at Ra.

Make sure you try the O's roll with RA's soon-to-be-famous jalapeno maple ranch dipping sauce. It really compliments the delicate flavors in the bucket of orange mayo they pour over the rolls. Yum!

Just when I think I can't want to go to RA any less, this happens.

RA has another special this weekend in honor of Privateer Day in Fells Point. It's a spicy avocado inside out roll with blueberry marmalade eel, smokey cream cheese, and spicy orange marmalade, rolled in Cap'n Crunch bits drizzled with a spicy Dr Pepper au jus aioli. It ROCKS!

Gak! What is the deal with slathering perfectly good sushi with mayo based sauces? Can't even find sushi to go without the mayo-trocity ( granted, i'm not looking at wegman's or whole foods, but still)
Just because you shovel compost onto a piece of nori and roll it up does not make it sushi.

Stupid America-jin. One can not be good ninja on bad sushi

I see you, Grace owl meat...

Bad Babelfish. Looks like it spelled out gravy in hiragana as Gu-raaay-feee. I do recognize the kanji for meat in the middle

Just when I thought ripping on Ra was all played out, this comes along.

Thanks, Owlie.

Wow. Anyone who can do that in Japanese could probably write a real haiku.

That's like sushi porn

Why don't they just roll it in rat terds and call it the Baltimoron roll? When I think of Baltimore and the Orioles I so think of lobster. Why not crab? Chain sushi restaurants suck.

Way back when, I liked maki.

It would make a good entrez for introducing sushi neophytes, and chefs got to place their stamp on exciting new flavors.

These days, the proliferation of insane, ridiculous maki has diluted that effect.

It's engendered in me a renewed appreciation for nigiri - and more specifically places like Minato and Matsuri (shameless shill!) that do it right.

I'm happy to leave atrocities like this to the RA crowd.

Come on, El G, walk into the light. Embrace the sashimi. Idiots have ruined maki. It's good for them to have a place to go.

Since this orange-mayo, train wreck has been introduced, the O's have been slumping. At first I thought the problem was pitching, hitting and fielding, but now I know the problem is this maki.

Embrace the sashimi.

Funny story from my one visit to Japan.

Fresh off the plane, the friends I was visiting took me to a nondescript kaiten in the middle of some office building not far from where the husband worked.

When I say nondescript, the place clearly catered to a workaday salaryman crowd, and was barely milling with quiet office drones on their way home from work.

In spite of the relative humility of the joint, the chef still took enough pride in his product to offer us a demonstration.

Unbidden, he slapped a piece of what looked like flounder down on a plate in front of us -- it was still twitching.

To this day, I've never had fish so fresh.

The attempt of Ra
to serve such garbage is bad
perhaps they should stop

Orioles rolls bad
The O's cannot win here too
Oh lamented bird!

When will Owl Meat write
a clever haiku on here
Challenge is cast down!


I presented your challenge to him, but he scoffed, slammed the door of his lair, and went back to playing the harpsichord.

Yours truly,


a shame it is now
OMG is now AWOL
teeth knashing ensues.

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