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April 29, 2010

Vegans have their say

Yabba dinenrHere's a side dish of veganism to go with all the scrapple talk we've had around here lately.

One of the nation's most prominent vegans, T. Colin Campbell, will speak Saturday in Catonsville.

Campbell, a Cornell University nutritional biochemistry professor, is author of "The China Study," a book that finds a correlation between animal-based diets and disease.

Campbell will speak at an event put on by Earthsave, an all-volunteer nonprofit that promotes veganism.

The other featured speaker will be Bruce Friedrich, a vice president with People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals. He will give a talk titled, "Veganism: The Only Diet for a Small Planet."

Both speakers will sell and sign books at the event, which takes place at the Women's Club of Catonsville, 10 St. Timothy's Lane. The evening will begin with complementary light refreshments at 5:30 p.m. Speakers will begin at 5:50 p.m.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. They are available at Your Prescription for Health in Owings Mills, The Yabba Pot in Baltimore, Natural Brothers Deli, across from Timonium Fairgrounds, Emily’s Café & Desserts in Baltimore, and Breathe Books in Baltimore.

Yabba Pot vegan dinner of BBQ Tofu, Queen Greens, Channa Masala and Fried Plantains. Sun file photo
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I'm half tempted, as a local especially, to do some PETA-styled protesting outside their meat-err, umm... veg'ing. Maybe fill a squirt gun with veal stock and throw some foie gras on a hibachi with my 60# pit bull in tow. Who's with me? RoCK?

Seriously though, anybody that voluntarily associates themselves with such loonies as PETA should suffer the same fate as the poor animals that wind up in their kill shelters. They truly represent the loonies.

Maybe hand out some free Dunkin Donuts.

Amazingly, there is a Dunkin Donuts a tofurkey's throw from the Women's Club, Laura Lee...

captcha: release fatness.

I've never met a fat vegan. Generally they're emaciated, ashen, and miserable...

I've always wondered why the Vegans/Peta crowd never address the wild cow, pig, and chicken situation that would inevitably crop up.

And where's "The Vegan Lion" children's books? Where do the Vegans/Peta crowd stand on animals eating other animals?

I'm doing all I can to keep the animal population down, when we run out, I'll go vegan.

I'm doing all I can to keep the animal population down, when we run out, I'll go vegan.

Watch your back. I'm going cannibal. Mmm.. you're what's for dinner.

Indeed ... why aren't there more cases of pro-meaters slinging offal on PETA types? Fight the good fight!

Here are some vegans that don't seem to be too miserable or ashen:

* Peter Brock (Australian touring car driver)[144]
* Brendan Brazier (Triathlete)[145]
* Molly Cameron (Cyclist)[146]
* Robert Cheeke (Professional bodybuilder) [147]
* Bryan Danielson (professional wrestler) [148]
* Mac Danzig (professional mixed martial arts fighter)[149][150]
* Scott Jurek (Runner)[151]
* Georges Laraque (Professional Ice Hockey Player) [152][153]
* Carl Lewis (track and field star)[154]
* Ricardo Moreira (Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter) [155]
* Adam Myerson (Cyclist)[156]
* Pat Neshek (Professional Major League Baseball Player) [157]
* Salim Stoudamire (Professional NBA Player) [158]
* Ed Templeton (Professional skateboarder)[159][160][161]


In the spirit of full disclosure, I testified against the proposed MD foie gras ban several years ago in Annapolis along with quite a few other chefs and industry folks. One of the vegan yahoos there (and I can't make this crap up) "cast a pox" upon me. It must have worked, since I'm going bald.

Anyway, It's because those of us that are pro-carnivore aren't interested in going so far with our own agendas to attempt to force people to agree via legislation, protest, vandalism, etc. We just don't give a crap whether you choose the tofurkey or "meatless chicken" or some other modified soy-based "food" over the real McCoy.

In fact, generally speaking, we don't mind since it leaves more scrapple and foie gras for us. But you can't explain that to the militant veg folks. Their agenda of "compassion" is the biggest raft of BS hypocrisy there is. After all, why the hell would you attempt to make tofu resemble turkey for Thanksgiving? Eat your tofu, call it tofu, and be happy. If you want to pretend its a bird, eat the damned bird! For that matter, I mentioned my rescued former Baltimore stray pit bull, because PETA kills more animals in its shelters than any other pro-animal group. They push an agenda of anti-pet ownership and would rather euthanize a dog or cat than adopt them out to a loving home.

For more into, consult the owners of Salt, Tersiguel's, and Iron Bridge regarding their run ins with the fur and feather crowd. You'd never get an avid carnivore breaking the windows of Kashi's plant because they didn't like the granola.

captcha: representing drooled

Hey everyone, I'd just like to offer myself as an example of a chill vegan. I don't throw paint on people who wear fur, I deplore PETA (and, by extension, Bruce Friedrich), I dislike Tofurkey and most meat analogues, and I don't want to take away your cheeseburger. I would, however, be very happy to have you over for dinner and blow your mind with my awesome cooking skills. I live the way I live and eat the way I eat because for me, it's the most effective and logical way to cause the least harm to myself, animals, other people, and the planet. I educate myself about nutrition and philosophy and while I enjoy spirited discussions with thoughtful people who may not think the way I do, it's no fun for anyone to have an ideology shoved down their throats. So please, we're not all PETA-loving dogmatists fixated on fois gras.

ChefJoker, are you the guy with the pittie named Pork Chop who I met at the Ed Block Awards protest? If so, hey.

My son's girlfriend and he are vegans. She is an active member of PETA. They live in Arizona, and just came back to visit us last week.

My wife and I were dreading the thought of having them for dinner, what to fix?Leila, send me a few recipes she thought we might like. She and I cooked up a storm on Sunday. We had three dishes, all 100% vegan, and very good. No tofu or fake this or that. A salad, a stew with chick peas, and bow tie pasta with roasted veggies.

I couldn't eat like that all the time, but I did enjoy the food. Now, I'm going to go upstairs and fix a nice porterhouse steak my wife picked up at the store today.

No, Shannon, unfortunately Carlito and I were both laid up after surgery. His for eating berber carpet, and me having my knee scoped out... again. Otherwise I would have been there, with bells. Vick is the lowest form of human there is- a dog fighter. And since my boy was a former fighter, I'm very much in tune.

You are the type of vegan I don't mind- the kind that keeps to themselves ;) Its the militant ones such as Friedrich and the like that are hell bent on taking away my ability to eat meat that I, well, hate. You are free to eat whatever you like, be it plant or animal matter, just please (not you of course) don't even think of telling me what I can and cannot eat. That's what my doctor is for. And I pay him for that lovely advice.

If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?

I'm a different breed of vegan.. the vain part timer. 6 days a week, nothing of animals. Day seven i eat WHATEVER i'm inclined to. Sadly, I've found that non organic meat puts me in a day long snit, which is not to say that i'm not going to eat it, but i have to plan strategically.
You want a cheeseburger? Cool, i'll make one for you. I sneak vegan meals into the fabric of "the boys" menu, mostly they don't notice. Most of the week i'm making two dinners, one for me, one for whichever carnivores show up at my table.

Yes, the suffering of animals and the workers that produce the various products is horrible. But man, it's the most easy super effective diet ever. Not every virtue is emphatic in motivation.

captcha: sooner quite 'm quite pleased that fruit salad won over eggs for breakfast, sooner then i thought.

I have nothing to add to this discussion, but I couldn't let the captcha go to waste:

177 goitres

I've got nothing either.
Captcha: accept yowling

Part time vegan? Let's see, that would make you... not vegan.

That aside, I love how nothing gets the dander up of a meat eater like a vegan. People get ANGRY when they hear that others don't eat meat or use animal products. I've never been sure what has driven that anger. I remember when back in my 20s when I was vegetarian, my friends acted like I had somehow betrayed them. As if my own diet were somehow jeopardizing their way of life.

Most vegans/vegetarians I know don't give a crap what others eat. They do what is best for them and don't bother trying to tell other people how to live. On the other hand, most meat eaters I know seem to revel in trying to convince vegs to eat meat, and seem really upset at the lifestyle choices of others. Just something I find interesting.

And for the record, although I eat vegetarian 90% of the time, I still eat meat, which doesn't make me vegetarian, it makes me a meat eater.

Okay, now I want a pork chop stuffed with sausage and wrapped in bacon.

Man, don't mess with the vegans. They'll straight up murder you with a carrot. But I guess you can rest in peace with the knowledge that they won't eat your body...

Oh the plight of the vegan zombie

Oh the plight of the vegan zombie

As a 20-year vegetarian, I have to agree with Nik. I never press my vegetarianism on anyone and would never try to convert or slam someone for what they eat. However, many times when I explain why I am vegetarian, SOME of the carnivores take it personally and actually get angry that I have made the decisions I have made for myself. If you don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question.

captcha: bucketed deadline

Nik, howndog, et al:

the sole reason why avid carnivores such as myself get all worked up is because of PETA and it's radical approach and tactics. Plain and simple. I don't give a damn what you eat or don't eat. I for one can't recall ever trying to "turn" a vegan aside from extolling the virtues of bacon to them.

But when a movement becomes associated with the nuts at PETA, it should automatically raise eyebrows and thus be discredited. As I posted before, I am the proud owner of a (currently snoring) pit bull who by all accounts had he not made it to BARCs would have been put down. If PETA had it's way, he would have. If they had it their way, no animal, domesticated or wild would be kept as a pet. No animal would be slaughtered for food, domestic or wild. I read yesterday where a PETA member in the UK is tryig to get wildlife films banned because they "violate the right to privacy" of the animal. My dog licks his butt in public. I'm pretty sure he doesn't care about his "privacy."

point is, association with PETA is a very bad thing.

If you want a glimpse of my brief time working for an animal rights group and my moist orts of rebellion check out this column I wrote for D@L last year

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