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April 8, 2010


StarbucksFurther proof that Starbucks serves over-roasted coffee:

I pulled my well-seasoned (read: burned) pizza stone out of the oven this morning so I could bake some cookies for a co-worker's birthday. My 7-year-old daughter came across the stone, which I'd stuck in the sink.

"That pizza stone," she said, "smells like Starbucks."









Business Wire photo

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What's a pizza stone?

It's a flat stone that conducts heat for making crispy pizza crusts.

Sounds Flintstonian

I've never liked their coffee. I like a strong coffee, but their's is just burnt. Maybe they buy pizza stone scrapings from Papa John's instead off coffee beans.

starbuck burns their coffee beans because it's easily reproduceable, and people expect their starbucks coffee to taste the same whether its purchased in Florida or California, in May or in October. if starbucks tried a full city (medium) roast for their signature brew, they'd have to tightly control for numerous variables (moisture, etc) to achieve the same outcome every time/where they roasted. they can get a dark roast without worry every time, though.

Not news to me. About 15 years ago, on a flight to Seattle, I sat next to one of the buyers for the (then) West Coast-only chain. He told me quite openly that the secret to their popularity is that they buy specific varieties of beans that are enhanced when the coffee is burned in the roasting process.

He told me, as Dave said above, this makes the various beans in the Starbucks blend more consistent so that the coffee tastes the same, no matter what specific beans they use and no matter where you buy the coffee.

I also suspect--though I haven't been told--that it gives the coffee greater "shelf life".

What's especially frustrating about Starbuck's for those of us who drink our coffee black is the fact they can roast good coffee beans when they want to. Their packaged beans sold in retail markets like Costco is not bad.
I think the bitter coffee at their shops is made strong so there is a lingering coffee taste after they put all that garbage in it.

I'm not overly fond of Starbucks, and maybe this is something I've made up, but I honestly think that somehow they have more caffeine than other coffees. On my usual work days cafeteria coffee is good enough (actually surprisingly "not bad" for cafeteria) but when I'm really tired, I get Starbucks and it does seem to have more jolt to it.

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