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April 1, 2010

Camden Yards cuisine

hot dogWho knows if the baseball will be any better this season at Camden Yards, but they say the food will be.

ARAMARK, which provides food at 14 Major League parks, has "spent the off-season fine-tuning its food and beverage offerings." So says the press release.

"Increasing demand for vegetarian and gluten-free fare has led to greater variety and expanded availability throughout ballparks, while combo meals and value packages continue to grow in popularity," the release says. "Various ballparks will also unveil their very own fully-loaded, signature hot dog."

So what will the Orioles' "fully-loaded, signature hot dog" consist of?

Nobody's saying. In fact, nobody's even saying if Baltimore is one of the teams that will offer a "fully-loaded, signature hot dog."

As for the gluten-free and vegetarian offerings, also unclear.

I'm told Camden Yards already had salads and added a gluten-free pretzel last year. That might be it. Or it might not be. Team spokeswoman Monica Barlow said more info will come out Monday.

The Baltimore Business Journal has reported that Attman's deli sandwiches and Greene Turtle sliders will be on the menu. Barlow said this much about the report: "We have not officially sent that information out yet. BBJ got ahold of it."

 Orioles fan Cameron Marshall shows off an unloaded, non-signature ballpark hot dog in 2002. Sun photo by Kim Hairston
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You there! Step right up and try one of our brand new fully loaded triple meat signature hot dog supreme value face stuffers! It's three times as long as the average hot dog, piled high with relish, mayonnaise, chili, fried onions and melted cheese ... on a gluten-free bun! All this for the low low price of $12.95! What! A! DEAL!

Can there be a gluten-free hot dog, or is the need for fillers too great?

The bar is set pretty low on the food at Camden Yards so whatever changes Aramark is making to the food has to be an improvement. The only things I buy are the crabcake sandwiches and crab soup- they're both actually really good. If I'm in the mood for it, I'll go to Boog's BBQ. I've learned over the years that the rest of the food at OPACY is just awful.

Hebrew Nationals are gluten free, so are tofu dogs ( i have to admit i prefer veggie dogs, though)

I shudder to think what amobination they're thinking up to be "signature" ..."STEP AWAY FROM THE CRABCAKE ENCASED HOTDOG. Sir, put down the Old Bay.. let's talk about this"

yesss!! thank god, being a vegetarian and an O's fan had proven quite difficult since the only things i could find to eat were nachos, pretzels, and salads(which were hard enough to find w/o chicken on them!)
thanks o's :)

That's all well and good... but what about the Level 5 vegans out there.

You know, the ones who won't eat anything that casts a shadow.

What about them, Aramark?

Why buy food at the park when you can bring your own??

Except for the soft serve Edys...yum...

Good point Bryan, but no Level 5 vegan would set foot in a baseball stadium anyway.
1) Baseballs – made from some sort of animal skin. MURDER!
2) Bats – Tree killers!
3) Baseball gloves – MURDER, MURDER, MURDER!!!
4) Parking lots full of gas guzzling death machines!
5) Watering grass with precious H2O.
6) Fun!!! No fun!!!

Hello Citizens of Maryland,
I plan to attend a number of games soon. One request, please stop trying to feed me peanuts. I am not a squirrel perched on Governor Ehrlich's head. I am quality American-made craniumwear.

I like bringing my own potent potables.. but you're not supposed to do that, right?

Hello Bob Ehrlich's Toupee,

Your snark needs work. And a proper forum.

I thought maybe just some mousse and a blow dryer would do.

Ballpark food. Not ballpark cuisine. Let's get back to basics. Forget the crabcakes, BBQ, nachos, etc. Scale back and make it very, very affordable. Low prices on hot dogs, bagged snacks and smaller-size sodas. Everyone wants to eat when they go to O's games, that's part of the fun, they just don't want to spend a fistful of money to do it. Think of this change as a PR move. If the Orioles are not winning at least you don't end up feeling that you've been robbed!

And bring back BYO cooler, like it was at Memorial Stadium.. 6 bucks for a beer in a plastic bottle.. what would Wild Bill say?

I used to get those sausages from the Grille Works stand with peppers and onions. They were really good.

there are those of us who really love the plain ole Esskay dogs, I hope they won't be going away! Those devilish Aramark folks knew I liked them though...

I always find it fascinating to hear that you could BYOB at Memorial Stadium. People bringing in kegs or whiskey. Crazy.

I was alive in the 1970's, but as a five year old I really missed out most of the cool stuff with the exception of Starsky and Hutch and the Electric Company.

bryanintowson - I watched that Simpsons this week, too.

Honestly, why give Aramark the satisfaction? Bring in your own food. It's bound to be leaps and bounds better than your sawdust flavored tofu dog. At least the O's still let you bring in outside food, unlike the Baysox.

Wish Teddy's Pretzels was still there - Noah's or whatever garbage replaced it is awful!! The Cinnamon Pretzels from Teddy's were the best...

it was blackberry brandy for us in Memorial Stadium. We could watch our Colts and get warm from the inside out and then drive home!

er, something wrong there?

Joyce, no worse then the open air cocktail party that was Turkey Bowl when i was actively attending. Under age drinking and new drivers.. that spells safety!
One year i showed up at my gran's with a 3/4 full keg from that event. "We still have another keg... how did this get here.. and it's already tapped.." Smile nod and let the "grownups" get back to the crab dip.

captcha: behaved and ... was bored? mostly.

Meekrat, I know. The world has changed so much! I remember my mom's knowing smile when I spent the evening of my 18th birthday "praying to the porcelain god".

Not many moms would be smiling about that now!

I still bring a flask to Camden yards with me everytime I go, and have yet to be stopped by security. I've managed it once or twice into Raven's Stadium, but their pat downs make it a bit tougher.

full body scans at the airport, pat downs at Raven's games, what's next DNA swabs to all folks attending Oriole games?

I'm with Joyce. I have never been patted down for an O's game. I hope they don't start. I love that you can hit up a game for 30 bucks for 2 people. 2 tix for less than $15 on a Friday, a $10 bottle of rum/flask and 2 hotdogs/2 colas combo from one of the vendors on the south side of the convention center. One of the best ways to spend a Friday evening in the spring and summer.

We did the blackberry brandy at Colts games too. For O's games at Memorial, we'd fill up a 2 gallon water cooler with beer and take that in.

Fun times back then.

I hear at the Preakness this year, you may buy a $12 cup which has endless refills. Also, they are still not letting any outside food in, so many will probably just drink - heavily, since it IS the Preakness, after all.

I don't want to be anywhere near Northern Parkway on 5/15! I have to admit that I'm far too old for all that now anyway!

I just realized, I neglected to say, BEER. endless refills of BEER. there, I think that will clarify!

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