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March 8, 2010

On those Federal Hill poseurs

Locust PointFederal Hill Jim writes to say just because a pizzeria calls itself LedoFedHill on Twitter doesn't mean the joint's actually located in Federal Hill.

In response to my post on the restaurant's use of Twitter to rehome stray pizzas, Jim writes:

"As Elizabeth discovered, and I'm surprised you haven't in your other column, people in this town are very neighborhood conscious. It's particularly sensitive in parts of South Baltimore because the real estate peddlers have stretched the 'boundaries' of Federal Hill almost to the Middle Branch, as a means of jacking up prices.

"Now other businesses are playing the same game. That Ledo is in Locust Point, an admirable neighborhood with a strong sense of identity that's as far from Federal Hill you can get on the South Baltimore peninsula."

I'm sure Jim's right, but can you blame LedoFedHill for not wanting to bill itself as LedoLoPoint?

"Federal Hill, as defined in its neighborhood association charter, is bounded by Key Highway/Hughes Street on the north, the Key Highway waterfront on the east, Cross Street on the south and Hanover Street on the west."

Maybe we need less Twitter, more old-fashioned maps.


Sun photo by Amy Davis

Posted by Laura Vozzella at 1:44 PM | | Comments (19)


who cares, get over it.

plus, "LedoLocustP" doesn't sound nearly as appetizing.

That's even worse than LedoLoPoint. LV

yeah, I'm really over the neighborhood dispute, too. I's just not on the priority list.

It's Locust Point, not LoPo. It's Southside, not SouthPo, it's Pigtown, not Washington Village. agree with vudean, get over it, and who cares?


Is it Locust Point or LoPo or ... McHenry's Landing?

I wish some people would just embrace a neighborhood's name, instead of trying to change it to boost their home values and such. I'm looking at you Pigtown/Washington Village. New York's Meatpacking District is still the Meatpacking District, isn't it?

And the winner is....Sam Sessa. Bravo!

ya not talking to me, are ya, sam?

Well just around the corner I have "Little Italy Pizza" and it's right here in Fells' Point. Just a name. About New York, Sam, what are those people calling Hells Kitchen these days? Clinton? Mid Town West?

I've always had a fuzzy map of neighborhood boundaries in this town - I suppose due to having moved here at the onset of the housing boom.

I imagine there are plenty of folks here who remember when big chunks of Patterson Park were still being labelled Canton.

In the future, all our city maps will be drawn by real estate agents.

With apologies to the Midtown-Belvedere association, I still think of everything up Charles St. to the JFX as Mt. Vernon.

I'd rather have (sobo) Hilltop Pizza. Ledo sucks.

I'd rather have (sobo) Hilltop Pizza. Ledo sucks.

Hilltop has a fine cheesesteak, good flavor, great texture, not overly-greasy.

Their pizza, however, is a very different story. From the overly-doughed, unflavorful crust to the scarcity of sauce--which may be a good thing since it's almost as bland as the crust--the pizza is an utter disaster.

While I am on the subject of Hilltop disasters, try their "homemade" iced tea. It's a fine blend of Lipton powder and water.

Sorry, sobohon, but I'm with Don't Shake the Baby -- Hilltop's pIzzas, which I've heard were once great, are now disgusting. Their cheesesteaks, which I reviewed a couple years ago, are solid, though.

Billzappa, seriously. It's just sad. Leave the neighborhood names alone. Greektown might have just as many Latino/South American residents as it does Greek-Americans, but it's still called Greektown, isn't it?

@SamSessa: are you the one propelling the McHenry's Landing dispute? It seems like something you would do.

Hee hee ... it would be pretty dastardly to secretly petition to have the name changed and then publicly denounce it. Maybe I should go into politics.

Hilltop's pIzzas, which I've heard were once great, are now disgusting.

Sam, that may be a good subject for your blog (or for D@L for that matter), what place did you used to love, but don't anymore and why?

Don't Shake the Baby -- that's a great idea. I'll blog about bars people used to love but don't anymore. LV, maybe you could do the same for restaurants, and we could get some cross-posting going on.

Hey Anonymous- if you start to call anything up to the JFX Mt Vernon, you will likely have Kelvin (see previous Ledo post) verbally attack you. Just be warned, he appears to be the expert in local geography.

Hey Anonymous- if you start to call anything up to the JFX Mt Vernon, you will likely have Kelvin (see previous Ledo post) verbally attack you.

I'll fess up - it was another case of me forgetting to fill in the form.

In my defense, I've lived in the city for 15 years now, and I still haven't bothered to figure out the difference between Hamilton and Lauraville yet.

El G -

Handy cheat sheet:

Hamilton - North
Lauraville - South

More or less...

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