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March 8, 2010

Leftover pizza -- there's an app for that

pizzaI'm not totally convinced that Twitter is a sign of a healthy society. I mean, do we really need to know what everyone is doing RIGHT NOW?

But Ledo Pizza in Federal Hill Locust Point may just convert me. Twitter, it seems, is the killer app for stray pizzas.

"Anyone want a free medium pepperoni & sausage pizza that no one picked up? 2 hours old but should heat up lovely," LedoFedHill Tweeted at 2:03 p.m. on March 4.

"chicken, meatballs & anchovies. (don't ask) FREE to the 1st person that comes in for it!"
reads a tweet the next day.

Ledo manager Tim Trolinger has been tweeting for the restaurant for about six months but only recently started using the outlet to help homeless pizzas.

"It just came to me about a week ago," he said. "I had a pizza sitting there that somebody had not picked up for about an hour and a half."

Pies that get made by mistake, or get ordered but never get picked up, all find good homes now. (They used to get offered to customers coming into the shop or to staff, so they didn't really go to waste. But he said tweeting has been a fun way to get more people into the pizzeria.)

Twitter followers have rushed in to grab the free pies. Trolinger tweets as soon as the pizzas are claimed so those still in pursuit know they're too late.

Until now, Trolinger has mostly tweeted about restaurant specials. Not to mention general musings, like this: "Are they really going to put a Lingerie Football League team in #Baltimore? For the record, I support the concept."

I'd say free pizza alerts are a step in the right direction.


Sun photo by Doug Kapustin

Posted by Laura Vozzella at 12:16 PM | | Comments (15)


Ledo is not in Federal Hill. It's in South Baltimore.

Who is going to be the first person to write LV a handwritten letter about neighborhood dividing lines in Baltimore. Please make sure to include obnoxious underlining and capital letters. It's definitely more effective that way. Thanks

p.s. As a "Federal Hill proper" resident, I call, and will continue to call, the entire area south and also west of Key Highway, Federal Hill. I have bigger things to worry about... Like why Papa Johns on Hanover will no longer delivery to a small section of Montgomery Street.

The honor goes to Federal Hill Jim. See new post. LV

Hmmm... so call in and order the pizza you want. Fail to pick it up, wait for the tweet and voila! Free pizza?

Let's see how long this lasts...

Maggi - That's what I was thinking.

@Kristin: your opinion doesn't matter. It never will. And calling everything south and west of key highway federal hill just makes you seem geographically ignorant. You can call it whatever you want, but just remember that your opinion is irrelevant.

Kelvin! Manners, please. Kristen's opinion is just as relevant as anyone else's here, including yours.

leonora girlfriend, you beat me to the punch. mind your manners son before someone slaps you upside the head

Ledo's is in Southside's marketplace, the old name for the neighborhood up the hill...therefore it's more of a riverside thing if you want to use realtors terms. the only reason anything gets renamed anyhow.

A little off topic, but... what is the neighborhood around Monument St and Kenwood Ave called these days. When I lived there in the 50's we called it East Baltimore.

@Kelvin, you really wanted your own zip code, didn't you, kid?

captcha knows "what consumed"...indeed!

@Lazania: I implore you to come slap me upside of the head. I am drinking at the Don't Know Tavern right now and for the next 90 minutes in SOUTH BALTIMORE. I am 6'0", white male with black hair. I am wearing a plain green t-shirt and jeans. In the same manner in which you would consider irrelevant my renaming of the country of Austria as Germastan should I choose to do so (which I won't because I'm not ignorant), Kristin's point about everything south and west of key highway being called Federal Hill irrelevant. I hope to see you soon Lazania.

How can people be so irritable on such a beautiful day?

ooo kelvin, jusr cause you think you be a giant jackbooty nazi dont make me no more afraid of you. had i seen this in time i woulda come skooled you upside yor face and then you tell your grand mama how you beat down a woman. learn your church lessons brotherman. we all gods children and you aint too old to get a woopin. shames on you. read your you good book, beatin man shame shame shame

Kelvin- if you are going to insult me, please spell my name properly.

You are lucky it was a beautiful day, I'm a nice person, and your hateful spewing really doesn't upset me. I will still call the whole area Federal Hill and now, I will do it to simply annoy angry people, like you. Thanks for the motivation.

Point to Kristen!

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