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February 15, 2010

You're invited to Patty's Memorial Day party

MemorialDayPicnic.jpgPatty, a frequent commenter here, sent me an e-mail asking, "Now that you are leaving, may I invite you and as many of the sandbox participants to my memorial day party? Can I announce it someplace? ... It is informal, casual, and kid friendly." When I said, "Why not?" She sent me the following. EL

It is Sunday, May 30,  from 2 p.m. till 9 p.m.

It is just a celebration of warmth, friends and family. ...

Can I bring anything?

If you want to that is fine. If you have a special dietary issue, by all means bring your food.

What in general do you have?

Domestic beer (Coors/Coors Light), if you like a special beer bring it. Hot dogs, hamburgers, I do a ton of brownies, and potato salad. If you have something that you like and are famous for, bring it.

Can I bring  family?

By all means.

Can I bring my dog?

No, I have a sheltie mix and they might not get along.

Kids? Parents-in-law?

by all means, just know that you have to take them when you leave.

Would love to see faces and names.

Patty and John Bolgiano

Sparks, Md.

If you're interested, write her and tell her so. Patty's e-mail is This post gave me the opportunity to use a beach photo, which we all badly need even if it doesn't have much to do with a picnic in Sparks. This will end. (Photo by David Hobby/Sun photographer) EL

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Wow Patty! What a kind and thoughtful offer. You live in my neck of the woods, too.

That is a kind offer, Patty, and I hope someone reports back to the D@L FB page or somewhere on it.

I'm afraid I'll be out of town. I hope everyone has a lovely time and that the guests help clean up.

Alright everybody, Lissa'a not going to be there, so it's safe to bring the kids .

Patty, that is a most generous invitation. We'll be sure to let you know.

Uh oh, I put in one of those g-between-two-angle-bracket thingies but it didn't show up.

Ohh, now you have done made Lissa mad, Laura Lee! ; )

(that is why I stick to the winkey emoticon)

Mad, me? Well, I suppose I am a bit crazy. Laura Lee didn't make me that way, though. Probably my parents did.

(Laura Lee, the blogware assumes all angle brackets are html code, and swallows them alive. They don't work here, in other words.)

The Sandbix has a FB page?! Alas, I too, will be out of town - but it's Berkley so hopefully I'll have something to share with the new blog when I get back.

Yes, Pocahantski. It is at; Everyone is welcome, and if you identify yourself with your Sandbox name, you get to be an admin user, too.

Yes, do join Pochahantski, and others as well.

Patty, this is an extemely generous invitation! Sure you are prepared for a sandbox onslaught?

I am assuming none of you are axe murders, and are the most pleasant, caring, thoughtful people in Maryland.

I get great pleasure from your posts and I think it is about time you meet me, my humble but fantastic hubby, Moby the dog, and Merlin the cat.

I'm a little excited and scared, but like anything else I do, I jump in with both feet.

I am so sorry that Lissa, Pocahantski that you won't be able to come. I love great conversation and good food. Something the Sandbox has a great abundance of.

I'm pretty sure Lissa is retired from the ax murder business.

We will not speak of why I moved to Baltimore, Hal.

That reminds me, been awhile since I ground my axe...

Lissa, I thought you gave it up 'cause it was too hard to get the bodies to Leakin Park without a car.

True, Hal, but that was before I bought the motorcycle.

It's harder to disguise the body on a motorcycle.

Yea, maybe you could fit a body in a sidecar, but I doubt that that would even work.

Cosmos Girl, you just have to be sure to transport the body before rigor mortis sets in.

(This is another reason I love this blog. It taught me where Leakin Park is.)

If you could pose the body in the right shape until rigor mortis sets in, it could ride behind you on the bike.

Lissa, years ago, long before you lived here, Leakin Park had a reputation as a place for murder victim's bodies to be dumped.

Yes, I know, Hal. That is why Laura Lee suggested I hide the bodies there.

Every city has a Leakin Park. And it is *not* where Patty is going to have her party!

(This week is like a trip through all the old in jokes, just one more time.)

Lissa, a perfect example of what you could use a bobcat for! Plus, remember that you could borrow Stacy's Hello Kitty chainsaw. May make the process go a little quicker than an axe. Plus, from what I recall, Sparks has large areas of wooded ground, so you would be okay. Alright Patty, you on? I will bring the slaw.

I dunno, Trixie. A Bobcat might be a bit unsubtle. Stacy probably wouldn't want bloodstains on her chainsaw, and I find the cuts are cleaner with an axe, anyway.

Although, recalling "Fried Green Tomatoes," there are some other possibilities...

Lissa, "Fried Green Tomatoes" is exactly what came to mind when I wrote that! Best barbeque they ever had!


Always dig the hole first.
You don't want to be traipsing around town with a body and no place to put it.

Good point RayRay. I have always been more of the reactive than proactive type.

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