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February 12, 2010

We need a chocolate bar in Baltimore


Thank you for being so patient with my non-food-related detours. To make up for it, I'll post one about a chocolate bar in Paris.

I think we need one here.

I learned about it this morning when I got an e-mail with the subject line "I'm really interesting by your Blog."

Most of you would wisely delete that e-mail without opening it, right, because you would know it contained a virus?

Hey, this is my work computer. ...

I realized the writer didn't speak very good English. Not because of that, but because she said, "I like the seriousness, the quality and the various articles of your blog and that's why I added it to our friends' list."

She obviously isn't reading Dining@Large.

Also, if you go to the friends' list she's talking about, there's no link to Dining@Large. Do you think we're the Food Trend Blog?

But I love the concept of a chocolate bar. There was one in Evanston when I visited Gailor the first time. (It's since closed.) Instead of alcohol -- or maybe including certain kinds of alcohol like Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and chocolate martinis -- you serve expensive chocolate drinks and sell candy, all in an intimate lounge atmosphere.

I would walk through 30 inches of snow to get to one right now.
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Max Brenner hits the spot in NYC and it looks like expanded to Philadelphia, Boston and further away:

One of the most amazing food items I expereinced in Paris (actually every food related event was amazing in Paris) was the chocolate...and it was everywhere. Mmmmm...I love the chocolate place in Harbor East (Glauris I think...spelling is wrong) and visit everytime Im there!

you should visit the chocolate bar "Artfully Chocolate | Kingsbury Confections", known as "ACKC". it's on 14th st in DC near Logan Circle. drinks and candies are out of this world. the art is really amazing also (you can check out the art and events calendar on the web site, etc.)

The MARC train, buses, and METRO trains are all back up now. it's a few blocks walk down P street from the Dupont circle metro. no excuses about the snow!!!

My husband and I went to a chocolate bar in Savannah, Georgia, when we were there last year -- Lulu's Chocolate Bar. We both said that Baltimore needed one! They served a variety of chocolate alcoholic drinks, as well as chocolate desserts.

Bucky, what do you think? A mobile chocolate bar?
Be a good way to keep in touch with EL.

Never thought I would say this, but I thought Max Brenner was too much chocolate. Actually, maybe just the wait for a table at their NYC location was too much.

jl, I think you are right. A mobile chocolate bar would be so much more Baltimore.

How about "pit chocolate?"

Ooops, sorry jl...wasn't paying attention. When I read that topic headline, I thought it was a plea related a storm-related candy shortage. I thought to myself, "I should send her a Hershey's with almonds, but how long will it be before mail delivery resumes?"

(How long has it been since y'all got mail, anyway?)

Bucky, we got mail yesterday, but not a newspaper. We did get a newspaper today.

Bucky, I got mail today, but UPS claimed it was too snowy to deliver.

And my street is plowed.

I think that's pretty impressive postal service, all things considered.

Bucky, I've gotten mail twice this week, since the storms started. I can't help but compare this to the Detroit storms of 1999, where we got 16" the first day, and for the next 16 days, we got at least 6" of additional snow every day. This in a city with no snow plows.

I got mail every scheduled day except for one. When the local media contacted the local postmaster to ask how he managed this, he basically said it was their job to deliver the mail, and he apologized for the one day they missed.

I think the budget cuts have hurt USPS. On the other hand, the US mail isn't as important now as it was in 1999.

Let me rephrase, I guess: that's better mail service than we get after a big ol' blizzard.

Ours waits for the streets to be plowed and then, in addition, we have to shovel a path from the plowed street to the mail our case, that's about 20 feet...or they won't deliver even if they are out doing their routes. They don't want to have to wade through any snow.

Bucky, that sucks. Where I lived, when we had that storm, the gutters tended to leak right by my mailbox. Since it was a rental, and my landlord hadn't fixed it yet, I put out a big, lidded container of sand with a coffee can. I put a note on the mailbox inviting the mailman to toss some sand down rather than fight the ice.

I got a nice, handwritten note thanking me from the mailman.

In the Baltimore area, the postal service is really good about delivering the mail in all sorts of weather.

Down here, not so much. I swear they save up the mail for a couple of days and then we get inundated. I get stuff mailed locally that, in the same delivery, some items take 4 days, others the next day.

Funnily enough, we got mail almost every day last week because our letter carrier can travel our whole block across our front porches, but some folks I talked to who live a block or two away didn't get mail for up to 10 days. We didn't get The Sun 2/5-12, and delivery "stuttered" over the weekend, but it's back on schedule now.

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