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February 11, 2010

Should we move Valentine's Day this year?

OutMyDiningRoomWindow.jpgJust now when I checked my work e-mail, Harry had written to suggest moving Valentine's Day this year:

I think that we/you need to start a campaign to move V-Day this year. Call it V-Day 2.0 or V-Day+5 and make it next Friday night. Otherwise lots of restaurants, shops, florists, etc. will take a big hit.  But I need someone with a bull horn, a soapbox- someone like you!  I'm sure many of your advertisers and readers- restaurants and erstwhile diners- would embrace this. So please consider my modest proposal. ...

Sounds good to me, although frankly I wouldn't count on next Friday being any better than this Friday the way things are going. I woke up officially sick of this whole thing. It didn't help that Marty Bass on WJZ (why do I even bother turning it on) was talking about "another few inches of snow" Monday night into Tuesday. After all, that's how they were touting this one at the beginning.

My godfather, Walker Percy (my one famous semi-relative) had a theory that people love natural disasters like hurricanes because only then do they really come alive. Or something like that. Well, I'm so past it.

My husband even said this morning he'd rather go shovel someone else's walks and driveway than shovel ours again.

Somehow I've wandered off into complaining about the blizzard again instead of staying on track here. Sorry about that. Anyway, the proposal is to celebrate Valentine's Day next Friday when restaurants can get their supplies in, florists have received their shipments of roses and so on. 

What do you think? If we did move Valentine's Day for the benefit of everyone concerned, what day should it be?

Should I do a poll?

(Photo out my dining room window by me)

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We're going to be at a wedding on Valentine's Day, so we would miss it here in any case. That is, assuming BWI is open again ... There can be something romantic about being holed up together with the white death all around. Or not.

Sounds good to me--I'll pass the suggestion on at my blog.

My husband I don't bother with Valentine's Day anyway. Last year we did our taxes. But for those people who do it would be good for local businesses if somehow we could move it. I keep thinking of how many businesses might not make it after this storm. I'm sure there are places out there who were barely hanging on by a thread with the economy as it is and they might just not be able to withstand this hit.

My favorite twitter hashtag for this round of snow -- snowoverit.

Well, since we have very young children and no babysitter yet, we were going to 'celebrate' V Day with lunch on Monday since both my hubby and I have a work holiday but daycare is open. We are pretty flexible with celebrating some holidays and birthdays/anniversaries and move them around because we have to.

captcha: drinker Minister (considering the snow lately - that's what I've become!)

Since the weather forecast calls for even more snow next week, a mere 5-day delay won't do. V-Day+5 had better be held 5 months after 2/14. (July 14 happens to be Bastille Day. Just think of the marketing possibilities if you combine the big romantic holiday with the big French holiday.)

Umm, that would be Marty Bass. Living in a neighborhood that does not get plowed, ever (the City does not own our streets, and there is no HOA), I am beginning to wonder if I will be able to get out by next Valentine's Day. I don't think most people need an official postponement in order to reschedule.

Thanks. I'll change it. I must be mad at him. EL

I'm not sure this would work. I already have various birthday celebrations planned for next weekend, such as Yoko Ono's on the 18th, Lee Marvin's on the 19th, Sandy Duncan's on the 20th and Rue McClanahan's on the 21st.

I just don't see how I can reschedule any holidays at this time without disrupting my schedule.

This snow is really starting to take a toll on me. I need to get out of this house and get back to the office. My mind is turning to mush.

Hey Harry, THIS is what you're worried about? Suggestion: stay home Sunday and cook for someone you care about. We had oxtail & polenta last night that was far better than ANY restaurant could make (when you stock up before a blizzard, get GOOD stuff!). If local restaurants take a hit, like we ALL are in this economy, maybe their prices will come down. As for the florists who jack up the price of roses for this "holiday" I don't use that kind of language...
Oh, Harry, enjoy your VD.

I'd HATE to see if moved to next weekend. My mother's birthday is Feb 14, and we always celebrate a week after because there's no point in taking her out to lunch OR dinner on her birthday.

jl - gets paid same amount each month.

Florist - some months good, some bad. Bad January: dozen roses $45. Busy Feb: dozen roses $65. If lucky, Feb demand/price makes up for Jan. Florist stays in business, retains employees. Thank you Hallmark.

I have never had the self-disclipline to let my icicles grown that long. Something in me always makes me knock them down. I'm sort of antsy just sitting here looking at that picture.

As the local anti-romantic, I don't get Valentine's Day and don't celebrate it anyway. But, isn't it more about spending time with someone you love than about buying things?

Lissa, I'm going to have you discuss your views with my wife. She refers to February 14th as Valentines Day and her half birthday (she was born in August). She theorizes this double event warrants two gifts.

Thank you, Lissa.

Lissa, you're thinking of another holiday. Valentine's Day is about chocolate, roses and gangland massacre.

Lissa, a mate-less colleague of mine refers to V'day as "Singles Awareness Day."
captcha: dutiful ed. Now who would that be? EL or me?

Tamar, it isn't my fault! RoCK misquoted me. Really!

Chocolate before massacre...I'd think it'd go the other way around.

Lissa, I used to have a dog who's birthday was also on Feb. 14. Then, we required 3 gifts!

Snow has provided lots of time together... is the new Mayor "romantic", not allowing people on the road yesterday? Or maybe, the jails will be filled up today, retroactively

duly slippers. The ultimate Cinderella story, which of course requires presents.

Colonel Tamar,
Funny you should post that about the new Mayor being romantic, because the captcha now shows

carnal rules

Colonel Tamar,
Funny you should post that about the new Mayor being romantic, because the captcha now shows carnal rules

That was the old mayor, hopefully. Or the former junior Senator from NC.
Captcha = the murmur That is quite inauspicious for us, indeed.

I am grateful to live alone, what with this storm. Well, as alone as one can live with a dog and two cats.

I discovered this morning that the older cat likes cracklings.

After these blizzards, the most romantic thing one could do might be to leave your partner alone for a day or two.

I hate Valentine's Day but we moved on Valentine's Day in 2003 so I officially declared Valentine's Day to be March 14 that year. My husband still mocks me for it.

Agreed Lissa! Could this be why we are both single?

Trixie, in my case, I don't think bribes would help. Maybe I should try taking women to Chicken Rico?

Hmmmm. Valentines Day and Bastille Day combined. I can see the cards now:

Valentine - I'd storm any bastion for you (with appropriate painting of the storming of the Bastille).

Valentine - If I can't have you its the guillotine for me.

Valentine - I'd give up eating cake for you.

Valentine - It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done, asking you to be mine.

Valentine - Be mine and it will be the best of times; deny me and it will be the worst.

That may seal the deal Lissa!

RiE, it is also Chinese New Year's. While I love your ideas for combo Bastille Day/Valentine's Day cards, you are a far better man than me if you can work Chinese New Year's in there, too.

You would only be prolonging the pain of those of us without valentines, please just get it over with...

Reservation at Miss Shirley's sunday night! The menu looks kick ass!

Lissa, the holiday can be about whatever you want to make it. I plan on spending time with my special lady friend AND trading presents, because who doesn't like presents?

I forgot Chinese New Year was Sunday. I wonder if there's anywhere walking distance from here where I can buy cellophane noodles? I was hoping to make Ants Climbing a Tree.

Uhh, Stephanie, March 14th is already another unofficial Holiday. I don;t think the Sun's Standards and Proactices would appreciate me explaining it here, but just google it.

It is, however, food appropriate, as it involves steaks.

My husband and I had a discussion this morning about delaying Valentine's Day to next weekend. Actually, we normally cook at home and have a romantic dinner with the dog. You see, our dog's birthday is Valentine's Day, and yes, we make him a steak, which he is fed from the table. This year is his 10th bday, so I am sad about having to postpone it, but I'm sure he won't mind. Especially because there is absolutely no getting to the grill until spring.

Captcha: mushiest expire
It's as if Captcha is telling me to delay VDay, but don't delay it too might expire!

Wish I could take credit for combining Valentines Day and Bastille Day, but it was hmpstd who pointed out the coinciding celebrations if we delay V-Day 5 months.

Sunday starts the Year of the Tiger, so:

Valentine - Loving you brings out the tiger in me.

"Tiger, tiger, burning bright, you bring out the beast in me tonight." Happy Valentines Day

Valentine - I'd lose my stripes for you.

Valentine - Let's start out the New Year right: I'll be your tiger and you be my pussycat.

Valentine - I Love You, but at my age its more Ben-Gay than Bengal.

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