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February 5, 2010

Shocking facts about Super Bowl food



Not much shocks me any more, and particularly not the fact that people eat unhealthful foods while watching the Super Bowl.

But in the interest of public health, I'm going to pass along part of a press release I got from the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

I'm sure after reading this you'll change your menu and serve raw celery, carrot sticks and cauliflower with low-calorie ranch dressing dip during the game. ...


Shocking Nutrition Facts About Five Super Bowl Foods

Source, Nutrition Shocker

1. Tuna Melt (large), Quiznos, 1,793 calories

2. The Meats Pan Crust Pizza (2 slices), Papa John’s, 56 grams of fat

3. Muffuletta Potato Skins, Food Network’s “32 Team Potato Skins” recipes, Derives 54 percent of calories from saturated fat

4. Honey BBQ Wings (5 wings with dipping sauce), KFC, 35 grams of fat

5. Cheesesticks and Special Garlic Dipping Sauce (4 sticks), Papa John’s, 1,170 milligrams of sodium

(John Makely/Sun photographer)

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Jambalaya this Sunday...for good luck.

What's next, Mechanics Committee for the Responsible Use of Tinted Glass?
I guess it's time for another 12-step program: Meddlesome Snitpitchers Anonymous.
btw: good idea, Bob.

Anything in moderation isn't so bad :)

That sounds like a delicious menu.

Shocking news: the great American diet is to die for. I almost completely agree with Babs {I never completely agree with anyone}: but moderation has somehow acquired a negative connotation, and why is that? I suspect {being the suspicious type} that it is tied to our great American hypocrisy, which we as a nation have completely earned. We equate moderation with boring, when it should be equated with wisdom. And I think humans generally are afraid of both....

Cap: conservation steroid {what this post needed more of}.

mmmmmm... Muffuletta ... eaten at The Napoleon House while drinking an Abita... perfect SB food. Who dat?

As Pocahantski will tell you, "Moderation is fine, as long as there's a lot of it."

If you want to know some more interesting, facts check out this article. For example with the number of avocados eaten Sunday, you could make a football field covered in 11 ft. of Guac!!

The Parkside just advertised that they'll be serving a special menu for "Super Bowl XLIII."


Time machine, anyone?

I can totally hear Pochahantski saying that, too.

DiPasquale's does a very tasty muffuletta sandwich. I've no idea if it is authentic.
I can't tell cajun food from Uzbek cuisine.

Lissa, Uzbek cuisine has a lot more lamb, much less shrimp. Easy enough.

Point to sean!

More lamb, less shrimp. Got it! Now on to telling the difference between German and Polish. And Kashmiri and Hyderbadi cuisines.

As a polishgermanenglishirishslavic mutt, I can tell you that one difference is that you eat German food with beer (or pehaps a Kabinett trocken) and Polish food with vodka.

That photo is really freaking me out.

Fake! That slice doesn't match its slice hole.

Captcha: Nanophobia hippity-hop

Owl, to me it looks like the pizza halves have already been pulled apart, and that piece is off the left hand half. The right hand half is just positioned differently.

Only one day into this storm, and I am already stir crazy enough to be over analyzing a picture of a pizza.

As someone who tries to attend the Polish, the Ukraine and the Russian festivals, I am hard pressed to see any differences. Every festival has pierogis and every festival has stuffed cabbage.

I found this last night while browsing the internet. Talk about snacks that could kill you...

Sorry this didn't publish automatically. I don't think it likes comments that start with a URL . EL

It is pretty, Kiki, but I'm not sure I could get over cheeze doodles and guacamole touching Twinkies.

In fact, I'm so traumatized by the Twinkies I may go need to bake something healthy.

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