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February 7, 2010

More snow food: country ham and bourbon

RoCKsSnowFoodRobert of Cross Keys' fine Free Market Friday guest post got postponed a couple of days this week, but hasn't everything? I laughed out loud at his description of his ham. Here's RoCK. EL

A day before this little weather incident occurred, I decided to go the grocery store.  I went to the SuperFresh in Hampden.  Crazy. I walked in and walked right back out.
I thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.   After all, I still have most of that ham I bought at the hardware store in Smithfield.  I also have a bottle of Rebel Yell Bourbon.
My ancestors were among the first settlers of both Virginia and Tennessee, and a country ham and a bottle of bourbon would have lasted them a winter, so surely it would be sufficient for me to get through the weekend.

I made my meal plans for the weekend. I would have country ham spread along with a pasta dish my wife found in an old Charlie Palmer cookbook that features orecchiette, country ham, peas and goat cheese. ...

Neither dish ended up the way I wanted.   I was trying to recreate the ham spread that Graul's and Eddie's sell, but I ended up with something that was more mousse-like.  If I do it again, and I probably will considering the ham seems to be regenerating itself each time I cut off a piece, I will omit the butter and cream cheese.
As for the pasta, the flavors were good, but it was too salty.  I’m not sure what Charlie Palmer was thinking or tasting when he thought it was good idea to add “a good pinch of salt” to a dish that already had country ham.  I’m going to try and restore the leftovers today by adding more orecchiette and goat cheese.
The cocktails, however, turned out great.  I had some Ale-8-One, a soda only available in Kentucky that tastes like a mix between ginger ale and Mountain Dew.  (It tastes much better than it sounds.)  The Ale-8-One was mixed with bourbon and some fresh snow.  It was slushy goodness.
I should admit that I didn’t live on country ham and bourbon alone this weekend.  Right before the snow became heavy, I stopped by Mount Washington Pizza for some chicken korma, palak paneer and samosas.

The ancestors may have lived in Jamestown and Piney Flats, but I don’t. 

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Hahn's Pork and Beans in Westminster sells delicious hams.

Oooo! A regenerating ham! Want!

Just as I finished lunch, one of the neighbour kids knocked on my door to deliver some homemade crab soup. This is possibly because I went over yesterday with 2 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I think I came out ahead.

Crab soup will always trump chocolate chip cookies in my book.

The ham sounds wonderful! Before my smoker rusted out I used to make a bourbon/brown sugar brine for ham/ribs that was pretty good. The neighbors weren't crazy about the hickory smoke, but they always seemed to be hanging around when it was done!

Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin and a bottle of Bulleit bourbon. You can do worse.

Rebel Yell bourbon?
I'm glad that you gave it a shout out. For the money, that is a great tasting bourbon. And no, I'm not a shill for it. I first discovered it in Annapolis and have trouble finding it down here.
RoCK, have you tried W.L. Weller's bourbon? Good stuff...

sutphen State: Cleatus' other alma mater

Ale-8-One is the world's #1 selling soft drink in it's market area.
I grew up in Winchester, KY, home of Ale-8-One.
I now live just outside Columbus, Ohio and I have successfully lobbied Kroger's and Meijers to stock Ale-8-One.
I hope all your readers get an opportunity to taste the finest soft drink in the world. Please go to to learn more.

Does anybody remember the the Aunt Lucy country hams store that used to be in Walkersville, MD? Sadly, they closed years ago, but the country hams were just great (and the crumbly sausage was even better).

Ale-8-One is the world's #1 selling soft drink in it's market area.


No, I haven't tried W.L. Weller's bourbon yet, but I'll put it on my list.

Kentucky is the home of great beverages. Ale-8-One, Bourbon and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale are my favorite soda, spirit and beer, respectively.

Rebel Yell? it's not just for cooking? Really, how good is it for drinking? (hey PCB Rob!)

Hey Bourbon Girl,
Welcome back!

Yes, Rebel Yell is quite good, just maybe a tad bolder than Maker's Mark. I didn't know Rebel Yell was used for cooking.

We worked our way through a bottle of Maker's over the weekend by making bourbon snow slushes. I take a glug of bourbon (probably a 1/4 cup), add in a teaspoon of good vanilla, and about an 1/8 cup of sugar and mix well. Fill glass with snow, pour half over the snow in the glass, add some more snow, pour in the rest of the bourbon. The rest is a haze. So freaking good.

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