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February 9, 2010

Exciting news!!!



This might even deserve four exclamation points.

February is my birthday month, and it's also the month I'm going to retire.

I just want to give you, dear readers, a heads up. ...

No, this isn't my last post. And I promise when I do write it I'll have some concrete things to tell about what's next -- for me, for the Sun's restaurant reviews and for the blog.

As far as I know, my replacement hasn't been decided on yet. But one thing I do know: Absolutely the Sun's restaurant blog will continue, probably under a different name.

I will no longer be the original poster, but I will be here as a reader and commenter. And, no, I won't be taking Dining@Large private. I'm tired.

Stay tuned for my next announcement.

(Photo by me)

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Holy spumoni! Say it ain't so, EL.
What are we going to do for fun?

ravings many (my ((soon-to-be-a-memory?D@L)) name)

I call dibs on your job.

"candidate saloons"

Riding off into the sunset...nice art.

!!!!!! oh no!!!!!!!! :-(

if we have a D@L dinner, would you come out?



Best of luck and enjoy retirement- you will be missed

It may be a little early to pop the champagne, but I for one want to thank Elizabeth for her fantastic work over the years, not just on this blog, but her many years in the pages of the Sun. She is an asset to the paper and, as the outpouring of love here is quick to prove, to the Web site. Whoever the Sun gets to replace her has some mighty big shoes to fill.

Many thanks for the kind words. I won't keep saying this, too boring for you all, but I really mean it. EL


Good Luck!

Congrats, Elizabeth. Enjoy retirement!

This will have far-reaching implications... so many questions that we have! Glad you aren't shoveling out the sandbox along with the snow, though.

That is some exciting news! Congratulations EL and best wishes on whatever you do.

I think Tyler's sentiments are shared by a lot of people, including me.

Okay. I'm starting to cope with the news. Okay. It's all going to be okay...

So, yeah, I think a retirement dinner is definitely in order!!!

So happy for you, so sad for The Sun and all of us. I've really enjoyed your work, especially the way you adapted your "voice" for the blog. We'll all miss you. Best of luck in all that awaits post-Sun.

I usually just watch quietly from afar, but I have to say I’ll miss the blog. It’s like the little brother I never had, who breaks things and draws on walls….but is still loved the most. Happy Birthday. xo

You will truly be missed. I know you want to quit on your on terms at the top of the game and all that, but you're still going to be missed. Best wishes.

Admit it - you just couldn't stand being left out of sandbox dinner LOL I'm with Sean, we need to have a retirement/coming out party.

Yikes, the captcha in time for the afternoon storm? "damage obliges" Heehee, it wouldn't react, and is now giving me "security wondrous" We can only hope.

Can we finally have a photo? If I see you at a farmers' market maybe I can thank you in person for the wonderful job you have done. Cheers!

EL, you will be missed more than you will ever know. But I hope you will come to a party once you no longer need to be incognito! Kate will tell you we have a lot of fun!

I am traumatized by this news.

This blog has become a big part of my life. Thank you, Elizabeth, for creating such a special place, and thank you for providing an outlet for Free Market Fridays.

My pleasure. :-) EL

Congrats, Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy your retirement.

My ex said it was better to retire in the last quarter, for tax purposes or something, but I'd take it any day myself.

Now you tell me. :-) EL

Good Luck! Happy Birthday!

You should post your picture on your last day!

Come out from hiding!

Wow - this is HUGE news and very exciting for you! Thanks so much for your years of work - and best of luck in whatever's next. Even if that is just a lot of sleeping!

Congratulations, Elizabeth.

On the other hand, I will miss your blog!

In the never-say-never dept., I hope you'll consider guest posting on The Sun's next iteration of a foodie blog.

No pressure to post, and you can do so whenever you miss it.

Best wishes going forward,

Congratulations! We'll miss you, but I'm sure you'll plan many wonderful things to help you enjoy your retirement.

i'm going to miss you more than i miss her ...

Wow, howie, that is saying a lot!

Wow!! Congratulations and happy birthday Elizabeth!

Best Wishes for a wonderful retirement!!

Sad news indeed. I've loved your articles and posts throughout the years and have kept up with dining@large even after moving up to the NYC area. You have brought Charm City's wonderful cuisine and dining to the forefront -- right where it should be! You will truly be missed!

From a regular reader and occasional poster, I will miss your thoughtful, fair, and accurate reviews. I also will miss the way you successfully incorporated your readers into Dining@Large to make this a true community.

Best wishes for the future!

And yes, I agree with Anonymous, you should post your picture on your last day!

I'm sorry, this is unacceptable! 10-20" of snow coming in, and we're soon to lose the best blog around - the double whammy!

Sigh, I guess we'll all just have to find other ways to avoid work...

Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! I hope to see you as a regular commenter!

Congratulations, Elizabeth, and best wishes to you in your next adventure!

Good for you!

Thank you, EL.

News travels fast in Smalltimore. Less than 30 minutes and I've received three calls from industry friends telling me the news.

You and I have had an adversarial relationship. However, I do wish you the best in your future endeavors.

As a longtime reader of yours and before that, John Dorsey, I will sorely miss your columns. The Sun is lucky to have had you in their employ. Best of luck with your future plans.

First EL, congratulations and thanks for the memories.

Second, how will your approach to dining out change when you no longer have to write about the experience?

I guess I'll just order what I want to eat and only as much as I can eat now. EL


Thank you for "time served" enduring upset stomachs, bad food, and bad service.

I wish you much joy in your retirement and hope that we can finally meet once this all dies down.

Any time you want to guest blog I would love to have you post.

Thank you,

Elizabeth, Happy birthday, and best of luck with all you do. We'll miss you!

captcha "argue beeches" sorta like here sometimes!

Happy for you but frankly i'm not sad. It was clear that you weren't happy with your job - it was increasingly rare for you to treat us to an actual review rather than asking your readership to do your job for you by writing about our own experiences. The point of a professional reviewer is to share with us your vast knowledge of cuisine etc. I don't care what Joe down the street thinks - You are paid to use your expertise and review restaurants. Maybe the Sun will be able to find a reviewer who will enjoy their job, actually review restaurants and possibly come close to what the Post has in Tom Sietsema.

Good God Sadie can you give it a rest just once!

EL I love this blog and your column. I don't post much but lurk always. You will be missed. My days won't be the same and I always feel I'm on top of the latest buzz because of this blog

Best of luck

Happy birthday and best of luck. You will be missed!

Here's my honest reaction to your post, Sadie:

Shut up. Really. Just shut up.


EL will be missed, you obviously won't.

Congratulations! And nice touch having Morris Martick give the quote in the Sun article. Made me smile.

From a regular reader, if not commenter: you will be missed.

Wow - add this reader and commenter to those that'll miss you, EL.

Congratulations on retirement! I would like to thank you and your blog for getting me to read the paper again. Reading D@L has become something I do daily, if not several times a day. Thank you!

Welcome to the ever-growing Sun Alumni Club.

Boy, I come back to reading "The only blog you'll ever need" and see this announcement!

Let me add my Best Wishes and hopes for a fulfilling retirement. I will miss your wit, your choice of topics that piqued our interest, the "on the road" reports of your travels, and your firm, yet fair, control of this blog.



What a long and wonderful career you had! I always wondered how you did the work of three people. You are a class act, always professional and never too busy to help a colleague pick a restaurant. I know what you mean about a blog invigorating you in a way that print did not. I hope if you do end up blogging somewhere you'll let us know...until then, enjoy your rest. I'm sure you will celebrate with a great meal where you order exactly what you want.

Best of luck,


good luck el.

i know the body isn't cold yet, but i wonder if tribune sees this as an opportunity for savings.

Maybe you can have a "coming out" party where the Sandboxers can see your face.

I'll certainly miss hearing about Gailor, Brother Bim, the Zen Master, and the rest of your life. Best of luck to you.

WOW, congrats to you and thanks not only for the great reviews and blog, but for bringing us all together! :)

Perhaps you will start hosting supper clubs? Our last dinner was amazing, looking for the next one!


Thank you for creating this place. I hope that your future is full of wonderful adventures.

Sadie! Go away. No wonder no one likes you.

good luck and God bless. you will be missed. Even though I was an infrequent commenter, I certainly kept up with the D@L blog. I hope the next reviewer can live up to your standard.

Congrats to you!! It's been a fun ride. Good luck with your next chapter!

Congratulations Elizabeth! What wonderful news for you and bittersweet news for your regular readers, like me!

Hear hear Eve. Sadie go away and don't come again another day. The Sandbox really dislikes meanspirited people.

All the best to you EL. You will be solely missed and I do hope for a farewell dinner/party to send you off in grant style.


I was really shocked when I saw this news. Congrats and best wishes to you EL, but you will definitely be missed. Like RoCK, this blog and the people who I have met through it have become a part of my life. I hope we can continue the spirit of the sandbox in your honor. It would be really nice of we could have a retirement/birthday party for you!

Sadie, meet Jay C. Jay C., meet Sadie. It sounds like the two of you were made for each other.

Gailor wins the thread. I always wanted a big sister.

Let me just add my good wishes to the rest and join in the chorus asking you to come out and play at a Sandbox dinner in the near future. You really should SEE what you have wrought. :)

captcha: the basis ('nuf said)

A million congratulations on your retirement! I'm sure that it was not an easily reached decision, but it is certainly well deserved. Your gracious voice has been a pleasure to read all these years, and your light-hearted and friendly approach to this blog has been a joy. Thank you so much for being a part of my every day life by providing us this wonderful blog; you will be greatly missed.

My Wednesdays and Sundays won’t be the same. I always look forward to reading your reviews and your Wednesday column. (unless you’re on vacation) To me you are
Baltimore’s Siskel & Ebert of the food world. You will be truly missed Elizabeth, Bon Appetite!

But.. but.. (pouts)
Anyway, i hope that you enjoy being a civilian. Many good meals to you in the future!

captcha: transact at.. perhaps the lot of the Sandbox players could have a send off?

Oh no!
Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement, EL!! I don't like it, but congratulations :-)
Now, does anyone have a 12-step recovery program for Dining@Large blog addiction! I am in serious trouble...
Sadie: take your keyboard and stick it where the sun, well, you know the rest...
And I am in complete agreement with the other Sandboxers: we need a retirement dinner for you so we can meet you!
Again, best wishes!!

Congratulations on your retirement. I will be sorry to see you go. It gave me so much information, a distraction from work, entertainment and laughs. You and D@L will be missed.

New-er to the sandbox, per se, but not to your reviews. Good luck, and godspeed.

Here's a picture of the real Odie B.
He has the same facial expression I had when I heard the news. You will be sorely missed.

Now, do yourself a favor and eat the one thing you never had/could have while reviewing, however mundane, exotic, expensive, cheap, or out-of-whack it may be!

I had to scroll back to read Gailor's comment. It reminded me a bit of Candice Bergen's remarks about her "brother" Charlie McCarthy, her father's famous ventriloquist's dummy--who had a bigger bedroom than she did! I hope the blog did not make Gailor feel like the second fiddle.

Proof that Captcha is not random: goodbyes Tuesday

Congratulations, but I'll miss you. I've only posted a couple of times, but I read this blog daily. D@L has served as my main introduction to the Baltimore restaurant scene since I moved up here a year and a half ago. I was up-to-date on restaurant happenings long before I visited many of the restaurants under discussion, and could hold my own in related conversation with long-time Baltimoreans. Thanks, EL!

Turning on the computer in the AM won't be the same without clicking on D@L. Heaven knows, after years of hard work, integrity, deadlines and heartburn, you've earned the good life. But we're sure gonna' miss you. Have a glorious retirement.

Hey, good luck!! Take it from me, retirement is great (I got to do it a couple years younger than you will).

Congratulations, and best wishes to you and your family. I hope you enjoy your retirement half as much as I've enjoyed your reviews and this fantastic blog.

You are one of a kind E/L! Someone may replace you, but they will never take your place.

You will be missed.



You will be truly missed. I have enjoyed reading your column and your blog for years. I wish you all the best in your retirement and future endeavors. And as Julia would say... Bon Appetit!

I haven't posted for a while, but never stopped reading. Thank you for bringing so much enjoyment to many during these trying times.

I will miss you.

Hi Elizabeth:

Just want to say how much I have enjoyed your features and reviews over the years! Even though we’ve never met, I have always looked forward to working with you and I've very much appreciated the interest you have taken in my clients. I will really miss your blog. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement!

As one new member to another, "Welcome to Club Med!"
And as a former City Schools employee, let me tell you that when you are retired, even here in Florida, everyday is a snow day.

For the out-of-towners, there's nothing left to read except the obituaries. What a revoltin' development.

This is a loss that cannot be replaced.

Best wishes for your retirement. I've enjoyed reading your reviews, and this blog, immensely. I love the sense of community you brought online. Whoever they choose to take your place has very big shoes to fill.

Until very recently yours was the only blog this print dinosaur ever read. I can't add to the comments above, except to insist that we have a farewell dinner. Can't let you get away with one of those sheet cakes. Only problem is that the dinner would have to be at some place like Martin's West to hold the crowd.

I've been reading (and occasionally posting on) rhis blog since its inception. And I've always read your reviews. It's going to be tough on Sundays...waking up to some one else in bed with me. I (or my husband) always get the coffee and the paper and bring them upstairs and back to bed. Your reviews are the first thing I turn to.
This blog has also been a huge part of my day. It's made me laugh. It's occasionally made me angry. And even once made me cry. (hello, Robert the Single One.) But through it all it's been a helluva ride and I thank you.
captcha: speech believed

The only blog I'll ever miss.
Thanks EL.

Wow. I'm both happy and sad for you. Happy that you will finally get to truly enjoy dining out, but sad because the ending of a chapter in one's life is usually bittersweet.

Truly a loss. To the Sandbox as well as the rest of the Baltimore restaurant scene.

Good luck and like almost everyone I am sorry to see you retire but happy for you. Enjoy!

Thank you for making this such an entertaining place. Best of luck to you.

You've been a gracious and witty hostess, Ms. Large, and it has been a privilege to sit at your table.

Lovely party, EL. I had the time of my life.

Lovely party, EL. I had the time of my life.

Well put Laura Lee.

Thanks again EL!

The icing on a challenging week. :-(

I will really miss your work at the Sun, but I wish you all happiness as you transition to a "regular" Sandboxer.

Captcha (really!): Im plagued

maybe it's just me, but one of the perks of being a food critic is you DON'T have to go to a party with Dahlink.

That excuse won't work anymore and I feel for ya E.

IMHO nothing burns you out faster than being the writer of an online blog.

How many Top Ten lists can you do?
How do you fill the space multiple times a day with fresh comments ideas?

Providing content for a blog is a mentally exhausting and E you certainly deserve a break after making this blog one of the Sun's most popular.

Enjoy your time free from the virtual world, you deserve it.

I shall raise a glass of your favorite beer--or maybe mine, whatever--to your well-earned retirement.

If you'd like to add to your ego, the news of your retirement made the "news ticker/crawler" on that building on Charles Street (I think it's a University of Baltimore building?) that runs Sun headlines........

As an only-occasional commenter, I really feel for the regulars.

Elizabeth, thank you for all the years of good work, both in print and on line. I always thought you were a very good reviewer, fair to both the restaurants and your readers, and the Table Talk pieces were really good at keeping us up to date.

Many thanks, and good luck.

Mr. Mitchell, that is a JHU building. Not that it really matters.

Thanks for being the first blog I read on a regular basis. You have been a daily part of my life and have made me think about food differently than I might have otherwise. You are also the inspiration for this amazing community, best wishes for your future plans.

"I love going out to eat," Large said. "I just don't love writing about it anymore. ... Right now, I'm never going to sit in front of a keyboard again. That's how I feel."

It is my opinion that someone who does something for 37 years, loves what they are doing. this sounds to me as if EL is a victim of all the fools on the internet either squabbling about something petty, accusing her of being on the take, all the negativity the internet can muster came at her and pushed her out the door. i'm sure EL has been thinking about the good old days when the job was much different and simpler, everything was. EL I do hope you find peace in your retirement, bask in your accomplishments as you have a huge following of foodies who have come to know and love you for your great insight into what we love to talk about. Thank you for all the wonderfull years, as much as I would love to have your job (it would be my dream job) I would have to decline if I was offered it, there is no way I could stand up to your accomplshments and come out looking good! Thanks for all you have done, you will be missed!

Good luck and God Bless you!
I enjoyed reading your columns and blogs very much.

EL, just reading all of the responses regarding your retirement kind of makes me tear up. You have obviously made an impact on so many people. Not only for your reviews (which I agree have always been fair, honest, an infomative), but also for creating an environment that has meant so much for so many people. You have brought together so many people who may never have had such an opportunity, regulars and lurkers included! Personally speaking, I have met a few individuals in person who I feel honored to have gotten to know. And because of this blog, I have gotten to know others on a more virtual level, but it still means a lot! When you leave, please take with you the satisfaction of not only a job well done, but the responsibility of establishing a community which will hopefully continue. Thanks Elizabeth!

Actually, Sadie, EL was paid to make The Sun website the place we wanted to hang out, and she did that better than she could ever know. I can't imagine my Baltimore eating experience without her (and Dining@Large). From the very best places in the city to surprising finds in the suburbs, this is the place I came to get the expert and the amateur opinion, plus a dash of humor and wit. It's going to be sad in the morning when I check my RSS feed and don't see a 2:00 AM post about something completely random, yet interesting.

Geez ... I finally get things organized in my new job and open up the Internet for the first time in months and this is what I land on first. I do hope there will be a picture in the last post.

Who was it who said (in Blazing Saddles?) who said, "I am truly depressed."

(Meanwhile, let me just say that life in sales is way, way different than life in management. I'm just glad I've gotten my Sunday chops back.)

And in keeping with the captcha annotations, I note that this goes out with "eased into." "Amen" to those who believe that these are not at all random!

Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement, EL. I am an infrequent poster, but I think I've read every post you've ever made on D@L, and I'll certainly miss you - it won't be the same without you. Best wishes for a long and happy retirement, and thank you!

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! As a constant lurker who has posted only one other time, I will sorely miss this blog! What will I do now when I need a break from the stupidity at work???? Best of everything to you, Elizabeth, you derserve it!

Perhaps I need to have Brett Farve call up EL and talk her out of retirement.

Hmmmm, it's a pretty good plan with one problem: I don't know Brett Farve.

Oh, EL, we'll miss you so! It's been a lovely ride all the way. Congratulations on your pending retirement from the Sun. And thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful blog. There's nothing I'd rather read at lunch time. Whatever shall we do without your D@L posts? Perhaps this will spur some of we sandboxers to carry on the D@L tradition elsewhere. I second all the calls for a D@L Sunday Supper retirement party so we can meet you and wish you well.
I wish you the "merriest from" (true captcha!) me, mededitor.

I came to the Sunpaper blogs late, and the first two that became regulars for me were You Don't Say and Dining @ Large - and now they're both gone (well, YDS continues, baltsunless).
Congrats EL, but we're really, really gonna miss you.

"were learners" (indeed we were...)

The number of posts so far have got to break the all time record for a twelve hour span. Any prediction for the final count?

I've be reading your words from the beginning. I learned to trust you opinions. I will miss the opportunity to read them. Enjoy your retirement. I retire at the end of this month too.

Sorry I'm late with this.
First saw it at work, around 4:00pm Tues. but with the incomming White Death and dealing with all of the no-shows...Blah,blah....Lets face it, I was taken aback to say the least.
Wasn't sure WHAT to write. I may have only posted a couple of dozen times, if that, but after "Roch around the clock" took the buy-out, this was and is the first blog I check, many times a day/night.
Lots of fun and some awesome characters and folks I wish I knew .
And thank YOU so Much EL! You were the glue and apparently much respected and loved.

Last time I felt this discombobulated was when "Calvin and Hobbes" ended. And I never got over it.

But you richly deserve a break. A true--as somebody said earlier--class act.

Keep us in the loop?

tarzan correspondent (my jungle journalist-who-can-never-get-personal- pronouns-right name)

EL, you will be sorely missed. I've been a faithful reader and occasional poster for a couple of years now. I've met some great people through your blog.

Best of luck to you in your next adventure!! I hope whoever inherits your spot is worthy!

CAPTCHA: house shiela

Congratulations! Can't wait to see you on Facebook. :)

Sadie, keep in mind Sietsema rewards his friends and punishes his enemies. It's not only common knowledge among DC owners, the Post had to retract a column he wrote trashing a guy's restaurant after he spurned petty Sietsema's advances:

Our EL is the real deal of a dwindling breed, a fair-minded criticism careerist beyond reproach who has written entertainingly and informatively about many subjects (like calling the Equitable Building "a high-rise gun emplacement with thin squinty bands" as Sun architecture critic. And our EL is a class act, unlike others.

There is no doubt non-community-minded individuals (and one who goes off his meds and pouts/posts here) made her job less easy and less satisfying.

To paraphrase a famous managing editor, Elizabeth Large has more journalist in her pinkie than Sietsema does in his whole body.

Wow, it just wouldn't be complete without some spam (12:24 AM), would it?

Also, Laura Lee: Lovely party, EL. I had the time of my life. = Comment of the week?

Nope, make that Comment of the Blog.

EL you will be sadly missed by one and all.
I especially loved your take on a restaurant,from decor to food to service to ambiance. Having been reviewed by you at several establishments around town during my working years, I believe you to be a fair and impartial judge of how well we restaurant professionals conduct ourselves. Best of luck to you. You will be a hard act to follow.
The captcha sums up how a lot of us will feel "seeking solaces"

Am I the only one who suddenly feels an urge to stand on their desk, and quote Whitman?

O Captain! My Captain!

If you could have ONE LAST MEAL, what would you order and from what restaurant?

(Doesn't need to be open anymore, could be a place from yesteryear)

Congrats on the retirement. The Sun should give you a bronzed fork.

Wow, now I feel much better about my decision to cancel The Sun last week. I have been a subscriber for almost 10 years, but I just got tired of seeing columns and artciles by Tribune people I had no relationship with. Why doesn't Michael Sragow review movies anymore for in stance? But the one thing I knew I would miss is you, so when my subscription runs out in March I have no regrets. Thank you so much for all the extra work and time on the blog. Any chance Gorelick takes over?

There's a chance, but they would have to talk him out of a very good full-time job he already has. I've tried to stay out of it, so at this point I'm as much in the dark as you are. EL

I second El Generalissimo. This is sad news for us, probably great news for you. Very best wishes, and thanks for creating such a great virtual space for what has become for many a real community. Plus, the print reviews and the blog gossip really did give us all we needed to know about where to eat. You and your grace will be missed much on so many levels.

captcha: a foreshadowing, floods humdrum

And I'm leaving just when you're back after a long absence. :-( EL

Elizabeth - you are a tremendous writer, with a sharp eye for detail, a very reasonable set of expectations, and a great set of taste buds! After reading your reviews, one gets a clear sense as to what the restaurant is likely to deliver, including its strengths and... areas of opportunity. Your engagement with the community on this blog raised your game to another level, that few are able to reach. As a fellow Sun employee, I can assure you that you'll be missed. Congratulations, enjoy your retirement, and thanks for the many years of excellence!

EL, overall rating...3 1/2 stars!

It has been a pleasure reading your blogs, Elizabeth. I find them to be the best combination of experience, education, opinion, and actual journalism, a great recipe with few chefs who can prepare it.

PS--Anyone who didn't see this one coming must not have been paying attention. EL's taken so much vacation lately she could start a travel blog.

I wish Elizabeth Large the very best. She has been such a wonderful avenue for trying out restaurants. Not only in writing, but through personal emails she answered.
Please find someone who is your clone to continue informing all of us who love to dine out.
Fondly, Jennifer Tarr

Trixie, I think you ought to have given her 4*...'cause just like many of the places she's granted 4* to she'll be leaving soon. And she derserves them!

Many heartfelt best wishes to you, EL. Thanks for being not only an inspiration, but a model of grace and integrity, to all of us in this profession. You will be missed.

Now go forth and enjoy eating out for fun!


Going to miss your insights, humor, and fairness... Thank you and have a great next adventure!

I am sorting recipes while snowbound and thinking about all the extra time I'm going to have on my hands once the blog has departed. My gardens will be manicured, my filing always up to date, and my house will be spotless. (Yeah, right ...)

I have been lurking here a while now, but have always looked forward to your reviews in the sun. I am sad my first post is to wish you well.

While reading the D@L reviews in the paper I formed a mental image of what Elizabeth may look like, and according to my neighbors who worked for the Sun before the mass firings, I was way way off. I think it would be fun to see what all of you think she may look like !

Good luck, you will be missed.

debtor court: where I may be if this snow doesn't stop and I can get back to work!

I think she's about 5' 5".

So sad - - you were one of the only reasons I came to the Sun's website. Enjoy your retirement!

I've been mostly lurking for the past year but am very sad for us and very happy for you.

Best wishes from a fellow Aquarian.

Rosebud, EL is a Pieces.

What a tremendous loss. (February is my bday month too. Doesn't this weather just KILL YA for making plans?) Now the only reason to read the Sunpaper will be to follow the Ravens coverage.

Kimmer, point well taken. Of course I agree that EL is top notch. Yes, I was just playing off on the kiss of death 4 star rating. That at 3 1/2 the restaurant is sure to live on as a legacy, just as our leader!

Never commented but an everyday lurker, You will be missed. I guess I'll have to find something else to make my workday go faster. Congratulations and enjoy your well deserved retirement.

kimmer and Trixie, wasn't it the 3-1/2-star rating that was the kiss of death?

Ms E

All the above say it well. In your retirement, savor the knowledge that what you did made a difference. We'll miss you.

hmpstd is correct (as usual).

Ah, well then...Hope you know what I meant EL!!

My husband and I always looked forward to your reviews. We spent many a date night visiting the places you recommended.
We're sad to see you're retire, but wish you the best. Happy birthday (and we don't blame you for never sitting in front of a computer again).

One door closes and another one opens.Hope "retirement" is all you hope and wish it to be.
"When to the sessions....."

Captcha picasso of
restaurant reviews??

Last and least, congratulations and best of luck, EL. Thank you for allowing us to play on your blog and for guiding us with wit, style and grace.

EL, best wishes in your new life. I want to thank you, and those who comment, for providing me with a break from the insanity called work.

I have been dealing with the white death for sometime now. Yes, hubby did WAY more shoveling than I did. We also lost power multiple times and ran out of propane. Still everything was right with the world until today Thursday, don't know the date that I was able to log on and see what was up. Yes, the phone was out off and on.

I see you have announced your retirement. I can't begin to tell you how sad I am, other than Frank's weather blog, this is the only blog I visit. You will be missed and while there is sadness there is a sense of relief, print isn't the medium it once was and with the changes of the paper I did worry about your job. No one likes to be out a job, or leave because of downsizing. You were able to leave, I believe, at the right time for you personally and professionally. I wish you nothing but the best in all aspects of your life.

scrapping of the roof of white death captcha got it right

helmeted work

Oh Elizabeth, I'm SO conflicted! Of course I wish you happy birthday and happy retirement. BUT, I'll miss you so (snif, snivel)! Nevertheless, after 30+ years you've certainly earned the right to take your life in a new direction. All the best, and please keep in touch with your faithful fans.

As an aside, we haven't seen a paper since Friday. Your leaving gives me only one reason to keep the subscription -- the comics page.

Captcha: blobbing and ...blubbering over your news!

Happy birthday EL and congratulations on your retirement. You will be missed.

I am sorry to be so late in responding. Congratulations, Elizabeth. As we say down here, "I'm proud fer you."

Let's invite the Sandbox to a country ham dinner at Jim Oliver's Smokehouse in Monteagle this summer.

Love ya.
Brother Bim

Thanks! By the way, I see the next big one is heading your way, and I imagine 8 inches in Atlanta is as bad as 30 inches here. EL

Brother Bim

Count me in for that dinner.

Let's invite the Sandbox to a country ham dinner at Jim Oliver's Smokehouse in Monteagle this summer.

Should we book a cabin now or will there be plenty of vacancies?

Name a date please.

I always read and never post, but I wanted to wish you well. I will very much miss reading your reviews and the blogs. You will be missed! Enjoy your free time!

Industry friends = Jay C knows at least three dishwashers.

Thanks for your dedication. I hope your retirement is all that you dreamed and more.
Does the SUN have a Living Will?

A Pieces of what. :-)

I want to see a slapfight between sadie and Jay C.


RayRay, Dyslexics Untie!!!


you will surely be missed! Wishing you only the best!! Looking forward to you coming out of retirement! Just Enjoy!!

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