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February 1, 2010

Miracle now in tablet form

mberry.pngSome of you may have read Rob Kasper's column awhile back about the "miracle fruit," Synsepalum dulcificum. The West African berry temporarily alters tastebuds, so bitter and sour taste sweet.

Intriguing, but like many intriguing things, not quite worth the cost. The fruit is hard to get, takes special handling and is expensive.

But it's also extremely popular. It's no surprise, then, that someone has decided to freeze-dry the fruit, make it into a table that isn't so perishable and give it a catchy name (mberry). ...

Apparently the company sent me some samples while I was on vacation, but they never made it to my desk. So I can't tell you from first-hand experience whether, as Charles Lee, founder and CEO of mberry said, "Tabasco turned to hot donut glaze, strawberries tasted as though they were coated in powdered sugar, and of course lemons turned to lemonade. The experience was surreal to say the least."

Of course, Tabasco and strawberries are two of my favorite things, while powdered sugar isn't. But whatever. 

If this stuff is as trendy as everyone seems to think it is, some of you must have tried it. Maybe you've even bought mberry tablets or the fruit itself. If so, please post below.

On the plus side, it seems safer than artificial sweeteners if you're diabetic and craving sweets. And according to company claims, it can help counteract the bland or metallic taste left by chemotherapy, so it may be of use to cancer patients. But I think its main use is for "flavor tripping" parties.

Oh well, better that than crack.
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I was at the party with Rob Kasper and it was really amazing to eat a bit of the berry and then taste sour/bitter things and have them be sweet. It was lots of fun... sort of like a mild acid trip.

There's nothing better than crack.

I've tried another brand of the tablet form and it wasn't that exciting. Yes, things tasted sweet or at least sweeter than normal but it wasn't mind blowing. Considering the cost, I would tell people not to waste the money.

Oh, I thought this was about the iPad...

Funny sean, that is the first thing that popped into my head. By the way, did you and Lissa get a chance to arm wrestle last night over which was cuter. Her dog or your baby?

It was a little tight in there for arm wrestling, Trixie, and I was too busy discussing motorcycles with sean's wife.

Very cool! Sounds like it was a wonderful time had by all!


Strangely, I enjoy bitter/sour/pungent tastes more then sweet. Even an uncured olive holds some fascination for me.
However, if it can get rid of the metallic/bored taste buds that is common with chemo and other illnesses, where do i order, how much and to whom shall i send? I've pleaded before, but a palate unmoved is still not going to eat; and without food; no matter what anyone says in regard to the quality of IV nutrition, hope grows dim.

captcha: governor nowise.. to be in such a high rank being none the wiser of such things would be lovely.

I love bitter and sour, but metallic definitely ruins everything.

Oh meekrat, we need to talk about lacto-fermented foods. Turn sweet grapes into slightly tart effervescent flavor bombs. Awesome.

better than crack?? Did you seriously say that??

Nope. I said, "Better that than crack." EL

What a great idea Meekrat. I experienced that metallic taste when I had chemotherapy. It's terrible when your doctor is insisting you gain weight or he won't do the operation and everything tastes like steel. If this stuff can kill that taste then this is wonderful! If anyone knows where this is available please let me know since I know some folks in chemo now.

Get mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets at Use the coupon SAVEHAITI and they will donate 20% to help those affected by the Hurricane in Haiti. You will get a sweet deal too.

Also available from If you enter the code owmeat you will get an error message but johnny will feel a sharp pain in his leg.

@Cory, This is way better than crack.

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