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January 15, 2010

The Ravens vs. Colts food bet

I can't believe I didn't do a post on the Ravens vs. Patriots food bet. I didn't even know about it until I heard Governor O'Malley's gracious speech to his Massachusetts counterpart, Deval Patrick, after the beat down, which ended with his saying in a mock Boston accent, "Hey Deval, send down the lob-stah."

Now he's made the same sort of bet with the Indiana governor. ...

According to the Washington Post, O'Malley said these fighting words outside the state house Tuesday:

"I've tried calling Gov. Mitch Daniels (R), but I think he's scared. He will not answer the phone. He will not take the bet. Gov. Mitch Daniels is scared of making a bet with the Colts and the Ravens.

"Not only did they slink out of town in the middle of the night, but now their governor is afraid to take a bet on who is going to win this game. If Gov. Mitch Daniels is listening, governor, pick up the phone. It's not a big deal.

"Your team slinked out of here in the middle of the night. The Ravens are coming to Indianapolis. Let's pick up the phone. Let's have a gentlemanly bet. Don't be afraid, just pick up the phone, Mitch, c'mon. We'll put up crab cakes or we'll put up Smith Island cake, and you can put up whatever it is that Indiana does."

Then yesterday reported that Daniels has countered with a sugar cream pie from Wick’s Pies, Inc. and a shrimp cocktail from St. Elmo’s Steak House. The problem seems to be that Indiana doesn't have much indigenous food. Neither of those stack up against crab cakes, it seems to me -- or lobster, for that matter.


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(warning, in a mood and don't like the gov anyway - stop reading now if you don't want to see a rant!)

The governor has a lot of nerve making these bets and lording over the starving and hungry people in this town. Even those of us with jobs are living in insecurity as to what's going to happen tomorrow. I'm so glad he's ensconced in his palace in Annapolis and having such a fun time.

I'm from Indianapolis and the reason the shrimp cocktail was included in the governor's bet is not because of the indigenous nature of the shrimp but because St. Elmo's is known for having very spicy cocktail sauce. It is consists mostly of minced fresh horseradish. It is very spicy and very different from any other cocktail sauce i've had. I recommend trying it if you are ever in Indianapolis. The sugar cream pie is very much a tradition indigenous to Indiana. Sugar cream pies were invented by the state's large Amish population and have been tradition ever since. The pie is handmade at Wick's as it has been for over 50 years.
I do love crab cakes, but Indiana's offering is actually pretty decent.

I've eaten at St. Elmo's several times, and their shrimp cocktail is a well-deserved institution in Indy.

Joyce W. - I agree that this wager is in bad taste during this extremely difficult time.

They are doing these wagers for playoff games now? Didn't they used to do them only for the championship games, like the Stanley Cup and the Superbowl?

Wait...we're still playing football? It is January. Didn't it used to be over by now?

Lissa - it won't be over until February. (That's why RoCK picked the 31st for the Supper.) All seasons, no matter the sport, stretch too long now.

Man, that is ridiculous. Limit them all, then we can get some new sports in between.

You all probably ignore curling, right? We can put curling between football and hockey. It'll be perfect!

How about we get a french restaurant to offer Viande de Cheval?

I don't ignore curling, although I will admit it is an acquired taste and it took me quite a while to appreciate it. One of the few advantages of living in Minnesota: they have curling leagues, like other places have bowling leagues.

don't be such a hater. the nfl's season is the shortest of all major pro sports (euro football included). i get my fill of curling every four years.

Since when is hair styling a sport?

I, too, grew up in Indiana. When I left there some years ago, it was (and I think still is) a farming state. It is a little difficult to bet field corn, soybeans and wheat.

Joyce W -

Are you serious??? Making a friendly food wager over a football game is "lording over the starving and hungry people in this town"? That is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read and believe me I am no fan of the Governor's politics and look forward to pulling the lever against him in November.

You do realize the Governor he is making this bet with is a conservative Republican who was OMB Director in the Bush Administration right? That makes this a bipartisan deal, something this country could use a lot more of these days.

Whatever the case, I hope Governor Daniels isn't craving crab cakes too much because he's not getting any after we lay a beating down on the Colts tomorrow night. I think I'll celebrate that victory with a crab cake of my own if that's okay with you Joyce.

Joyce and Notable - Get over it! It's a fun wager between proud cities! Sorry that the economy is sucking right now, but Football is a great distraction!

I do hate to see, however, that people are still so irked by the Colts leaving. It happened, it was horrendous, we now have a great team and are making our imprint on the game. Move on!

On to bigger and better! The Colts are going down tomorrow! Go Ravens!!!!

I love the way you think! Often I have in mind the same things, but you get the words out first. Anyway, Go Ravens!!!

Bucky, you are a man of taste.

This country needs a lot less "bipartisanship," being as you need two groups to play that game, and one group keeps grabbing all their toys and stomping off the field.

Bread and circuses.

The shrimp cocktail from St. Elmo’s Steak House is worth the bet. It is the best I have ever had.

Which crab cakes is O'Malley betting? Good ones or tourist crab cakes? Where would be the best place to get crab cakes for betting?

Thanks Ruby!

Apparently captcha is bored with this conversation, "deceased interest".

One Word - boooooring

One's initial distaste to a lighthearted wager in heavy times is understandable, however I tend to see it from a different perspective: If I am lucky enough to be able to travel to Indy someday, I'll probably seek out a sugar cream pie and St. Elmo's to see what the fuss is about--something that was not on my radar previously. It seems like a good, inexpensive way to promote regional or local dishes/restaurants. And should CBS mention the friendly wager in pregame or in-game commentary (which has happened), then all the better.

I'm going to agree with those who say this isn't a big deal. It is a friendly wager, and it adds a little bit of joy to life.

You can always find a reason for why it's not a good time for a governor to make a bet or a president to take a vacation, or why there can't be a parade. If it is not the economy,it's the war, the sorry state of education, or any of the other issues.

GetOverIt, I have no problem with the Ravens hopefully killing the Colts tomorrow. My problem is that I hate the Gov anyway, and him chomping down on lobster in no way represents or helps his state. It is simply the act of one in power showing off.

For the record, I don't hate the Colts for leaving anymore. I have completely embraced the Ravens as our city's team. The only thing that I find sad is the years of Colts legacy that traveled (unintenionally) to Indy with them, that they neither own nor deserve.

Additionally, the Gov is the Gov of the STATE of MD and is daily stripping the city of MONEY. If anyone should be betting it should be the Mayor! One of 'em anyway.

And, Wetzel, why in the world would I care how or what you celebrate the Raven's win with?

So... Sheila can bet Toys-R-Us gift cards against what from Indianapolis? A brick from the speedway?

No one cares about food bets between governors. A lot of people are finding it hard to simply afford food much less participate in food wagers. Our economy stinks, there's human tragedy in Haiti, and Lord knows what tomorrow brings. Trite.

Yes that Shrimp Cocktail from St. Elmos is an eye opener in more ways than one.

For the game wager they should have went with an Indiana breaded Pork Tenderloin vs a Maryland Crabcake in a sandwich smackdown.

That or Pit Shapiro's against Attmans in a deli throwdown.

involvement belcher (What the winning Gov will be doing?)

Well, for those concerned about lobsters in this tough economic climate, the local news is reporting that when the lobsters arrive, they are to be auctioned with proceeds going to the MD Food bank.

Does there have to be politics in everything? What does a friendly wager about a football game have to do with our less then stellar economy? I don't think any president or governor should stop participating in life, just because times are tough right now. The party of NO needs to lighten up a little bit.

Jack, for one who asks if politics needs to be interesting it is a bit of a hypocricy for you to use the lable of the Party of No.

The truth is both parties feign outrage of this kind of stuff whenever they are out of power. I remember the Democrats being all bothered when the Reagans were hosting "fancy dinners" when the country was hurting with unemployment, homelessness, etc.. Likewise, the Republicans did the same when the Obamas went on vacation when the economy was/is in such poor shape.

Yes that Shrimp Cocktail from St. Elmos is an eye opener in more ways than one.

For the game wager they should have went with an Indiana breaded Pork Tenderloin vs a Maryland Crabcake in a sandwich smackdown.

That or Pit Shapiro's against Attmans in a deli throwdown.

So, Bucky, are you flying in for Sunday Supper on the 31st?

So, Bucky, are you flying in for Sunday Supper on the 31st? (she asked hopefully).

Dahlink - Not sure if this will get posted. Either the blog or my computer is glitchy the last couple days and while I can see a little bit of your question in "Most Recent Comments" I can't seem to pull up the last 4 or five comments under the topic.

I won't make the supper...long story about flying, but suffice to say I would have to drive and can't do that in a weekend. I hope somebody takes and posts pictures. Have fun!

Bucky, the blogware has been cursed the past few days (seems to be better this morning--knock on wood!) I'm sure we will raise a glass or two to you on the 31st!

Boys and girls--don't forget to bring your nymtags!

Buck, do the visits to the in-laws a swimming ocassion or are you heavily sedated?

Have one for me too!

I'd be there, but can't swing the time off right now. Once Southwest starts direct flights, it will be easier to do weekend jaunts.

crayons In=Cleatus' old kindergarten name

You got it, PCB Rob!

Eve - these are spells that come and go and which, almost invariably, are broken by the need to go to the islands. And, yes, heavy sedation is generally involved.

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