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January 31, 2010

The D@L Sunday supper wrap up



I hope you'll tell us about here.

Robert of Cross Keys sent me a photo. I'm posting it, but it's so dark that even when I blew it up on my handy dandy iMac I could hardly make anything out. I've lightened it some and hope that will help.

A couple of people wore masks on the left (not that they needed to for this photo) and, hey, someone there looks like Kiefer Sutherland on one of his better days. Who would that be?

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Sean and I can't follow instructions, obviously.

RoCK's wife Tamar has the photos.

I realized I should post something separate after I saw your comments. under the earlier post. EL

We suspect this may be the first time that anyone has heard "Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!" chanted at Cinghiale.

Obviously I was at the wrong end of the table--I missed that completely!

We did raise a glass to those who were not with us, as promised. I started with the League of Roberts, represented by RoCK, who organized the evening so well. We thought of Piano Rob out in Wisconsin, PCB Rob down in Florida, Bucky, who may also be a Robert (if he exists outside of the imagination) and the Robert known to us as OMG. And we thought of Elizabeth, who brings us all together, day in and day out. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Wonderful to meet so many regular players from the sandbox. Thanks again to RoCK for putting this together, and to Lissa for playing "banker" to make sure the check was covered appropriately. Looking forward to the next one.

Yea, the iphone camera is good, but it has some light issues.

The wife wrote about about last night on her blog.
She has photos of the food
for anyone who is interested.

The evening went very well. It was a lot of fun, and we will definately plan another outing.

Kiefer Sutherland...? Did Jack Bauer somehow slip in there unnoticed by us?

Dahlink, you left out RtSO, who was fondly remembered as well.

Thanks for the toast Dahlink!
Maybe I'll be able to make a future get-together after Southwest starts flying nonstop from here to BWI.

I see that some even wore the nym tags?

We had a great time, and I agree with Lissa that the balsamic onions were incredible.

Thanks to Robert for organizing, and to everyone who came.

Yes, thank you for the toast, Dahlink. The party looks like an extrovert's dream. ;-)

Yes, Bucky, and some of us are introverts.

I was nervous about meeting the "regulars" but I had a great time and the FOOD, oh the FOOD! :)

Thank you everyone for such fun!

Captcha: Leslie Sierra,
oh geez- my stripper name...

I'll echo the other comments about how much fun this was. It's great to see how a blog can turn people who have never met in person into instant friends. Thanks to the organizers and the toasters for a lovely evening!

Much as I love y'all, I will just never understand this taking pictures of food!

Great fun, and now we have faces. The food was definitely yummy. I hate lentils, but the lentil salad in the antipasto was wonderful.

I LOVE great food pictures. Someone here said it best, "Food Porn". We eat with our eyes first after all! :)

I agree the lentil salad was amazing! The Semifritto! Oh geez...

captcha: sugar scorsese
Martin Scorsese's stripper name...

No, really, where's Kiefer Sutherland?

Heartily seconding all the comments above. It was fun to meet 'n greet everyone. And the food was fabulous, as expected from Cinghiale. (Although I must say some at our end of the table were a bit freaked out by the shape of one of the pastas...) City Redux, I could eat a bowl of those lentils every day for the rest of my life! I'm going to try to recreate those pickled onions at home, for my better half--that Jack Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland lookalike--who attended with glee. Kudos and many thanks to RoCK and Dahlink for organizing a terrific night out!

Oh, I think I see him now... Got it.

My wife did say "It's too bad the pasta looks like that..." With the Kiefer Sutherland comment, I'm now reminded of a scene from Lost Boys...

...and I was asked for pictures of Hennessy, so here's one of her with mommy.

Note: The hand on the left isn't hers.

Too bad sean. She could have made history as being the first female catcher signed by the MLB

Thank God, I thought I was the only one that had that thought about the pasta. I tried not to look at it while I enjoyed it.... which was difficult for me!

LOL, Trixie! WIth a name like Hennessy, surely the Red Sox would take her!

I thought it was perfect in light of the Star Trek conversations going on; it looked like Klingon food, but it tasted so good. (Admittedly, Klingon food might also taste good, but it is not yet something I've had occasion to try.)

I mean really, who prefers TNG to TOS?!? That's just crazy talk.

social agendas - what we all bring to our comments. Except John Parker - he can only write about food!

That picture makes me look fat. Come to think of it so do mirrors.

Klingon food indeed. I'm surprised that pasta shape survived more than one generation of food evolution. However, the dish was delightful. Braised pork is generally a winner. And the pasta, as advertised, held the sauce well.

And I concur, sean, about TNG. It always seemed preachy to me. Too much talk about the prime directive. That, and Jean Luc says "Make it so, Number One" more than Jack Bauer says "Chloe, we don't have time."

Thanks again to RoCK for organizing, and Dahlink for bringing the name tags.

sean, TOS beats all other Trek series hands down, except for the space hippies episode from season 3.

It's my second favorite TV show of all time, right behind MST3K, which is of course the greatest TV show in the history of the medium (and if you think otherwise, then you're wrong).

And if you'd really like to see me talk about something other than food, get me started on silent film sometime. It's my passion, and I can go on for hours. Literally.

Courtney and I showed up a few minutes early so that we could have a drink at the bar. I asked for a Boodles martini, not too dry. The bartender ran out of gin halfway through pouring it, so he grabbed a new bottle and eyeballed the rest of the pour. It filled the glass all the way to rim -- he slid it across the bar and i had to take my first two or three drinks by leaning over and slurping.

By the time everyone else showed up I was feeling no pain at all.

mededitor, I made something similar to those cippolini agro dolce the Christmas before last. I could send you a recipe if you want to email me, but I will warn you that peeling those small onions took a very long time! The results just might be worth all the work once a year though!

It was great to meet you, and all the others!

Thanks for the baby picture, sean--keep them coming!

Dahlink, just toss those cippolini on to a sheet pan and pop them into a hot oven until the skins begin to brown. Pull them out and let them cool enough to handle, and just squeeze them out of the skins. Just cut the cooking time on the rest of the recipe. You get the added benefit of a bit of smoky flavor to the onions, depending how long you left them in the oven!

Dahlink, I'd love that recipe.

TNG and DS9 beat the testosterone poisoned stuffing out of TOS!

Big Al, thanks for the tip!

Lissa, I'll look for the recipe and post when I find it.

I'm a bit acronym-impaired, so I'm not sure what you're all talking about when you say "TOS". If you mean "The Original Series", I totally disagree with Jon Parker. Sure, it seemed good in its time, but if you look back at it now with a clear head it can be downright embarrassing. And I don't just mean Shatner's terrible (over-)acting.

Hal wrote: ...but if you look back at it now with a clear head it can be downright embarrassing.

Oh, that applies to so many things in my life.

TOS is kitsch. TNR is really embarrassing. It should be called Star Trek: Let's All Hug.

True, Bucky. I have those, too.

ST:TOS = The Original Series
ST:TNG = The Next Generation
ST:DS9 = Deep Space 9

Then we get in to the fake Treks.

I honour TOS for the amazing revolution it was, but even as a 4 year old, I couldn't take it (my mother is a Trekkie, but I wear combat boots).

Bucky, I totally hear that!

My misspelled captcha: graney relative

Star Trek is for geeks. Star Wars is for cool kids. I was a fan of Star Wars and not Star Trek. Ipso facto Star Wars is for cool kids.

Is there a name for Star War fans, like Star Trek has Trekkies?

DS9? Ecchhh. Horrible.

Lissa, as someone who spent the first 18 years of my life on or near military bases, I can say to you that combat boots and Star Trek fandom are very very far from mutually exclusive. Very.

RoCK, Warsies?

Most of us who enjoy TOS enjoy it for its kitsch. TNG was just bad bad bad. At least TOS reserved the really awful facial hair for "alternate universe" episodes. Reiker had that... that thing on his face the whole time. And what the hell was up with the stupid holodeck? It seemed like every other episode was about the damn thing malfunctioning and someone getting stuck in some awful high school play version of 1930s Chicago or some such nonsense. And the dude from Reading Rainbow with a hair thingy over his eyes?

Star Wars is pathetic. Even Alec Guinness said he was embarrassed to read the idiotic lines written for him. Even as a child I thought it was lame. It's the most idiotic waste of film ever. Good grief. Harry Potter and Lard of the Rings are a close second, but seriously Spielberg and Lucas ruined American film for decades. They should be put in prison,

RoCK, I *am* a geek. So I like Trek. Never been able to take Star Wars, although Mom loved it.

sean, I wore combat boots for a living briefly, so, yeah, I know.

TNG had some horrible moments (anything involving Tasha Yar, who made TSA look effective, for example), but it also had some incredible moments. The Klingon Civil War, the original Borg two parter, "Remember Me," etc.

DS9 took me awhile to get in to. It had longer story arcs and some very nice grey. Boy did they screw up the end, though.

Yeah, Star Wars was more fun than Star Trek way back when, but I always preferred 2001: A Space Odyssey. I'll take HAL 9000 over Shatner's wooden acting any day.

ReCaptcha: escape ShiangChiao (say what?)

Loved Star Wars (except for the last three installments) and was never a Trekkie, but (pause for embarrassing revelation) I had a big crush on William Shatner when I was a teenager. Now I look back and say to myself, WHAT was I thinking? It's sort of like saying you supported John Edwards.

Captcha: caribou Beach.

Hee hee hee, Dahlink! That's awesome. Here's something for you!

kissed could - Dahlink's teenage wishes vis a vis Kirk

Courtney and I were discussing something similar to the kitsch charge against TOS on Saturday when we went to see the 1933 film "Footlight Parade" at the Charles. Behind us there was a group of people hooting it up at the over-the-top spectacle of Busby Berkely's dance numbers, while we were floored by their ingenuity and grace, as well as the snappy dialogue between Joan Blondell and Jimmy Cagney. We weren't watching it ironically, we were watching as people who genuinely enjoy that type of thing.

TOS may appear kitschy now, but it was a breakthrough at the time -- well thought out science fiction and a vision of humanity united to explore the universe. TNG had no such overriding themes, which was a large part of the problem.

The original Star Wars film was great if you're a fan of old movie serials -- an updated version of Flash Gordon. Lucas was paying homage to those great old films with style and flair. That it was taken way too seriously by fans (and later Lucas himself) doesn't reduce the impact of the original or the first sequel.

There's genuine pleasure to be found in watching TOS that just wasn't there in the sequels. Roddenberry did an incredible thing, and the reduced budgets and silly scripts of the last season don't marginalize the greatness of the first two.

Re: Star Wars, Mr. Parker, let's not forget The Hidden Fortress.

rocket randi - my... no, never mind.

I love DS9 and like TNG; TOS is ok, and Star Wars can take a flying leap.

I'm sure you can imagine the lively conversations that take place here at JonParker Acres, between that and the Economic Policy Analyst/Liberal situation.

MMD, it's just more fodder for the wacky sitcom we're making, "Meet the Parkers."

I love The Hidden Fortress -- in fact, I have that DVD, not because of the Star Wars connection but because I'm a Kurosawa fan and have several DVDs of his films.

As for make Me Dinner's post above, well, she's almost perfect. Sigh.

No, Sir Gravy, Spielberg should be put in prison for The Color Purple. That was the clumsiest, corniest dreck ever. People sure did swoon over it though.

Flash Gordon, now that is kitsch.

Kurosawa, of course, is not. He came up at the dinner, too, and I think we all agreed that Kurosawa is a deity.

This pasta of which y'all speak? Would that be seen on Mrs. RoCK's pictures?

Bucky wrote:

Hal wrote: ...but if you look back at it now with a clear head it can be downright embarrassing.

Oh, that applies to so many things in my life.

Oh, Buck! That is my life!

Oh, Dahlink, I did support John Edwards. My eyes have rolled permanently back in my head and I fear that I shall never stop cringing.

Eve, I did the same thing...

For fans of Kurosawa and food, I'd recommend Tampopo.

Also, this.

Yes, Eve, it is in Mrs. RoCK's pictures.

I voted for John Edwards, but politicians behaving badly rarely surprises me. Politicians behaving badly with style does (and impresses me).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go hike the Appalachian Trail.

My doctor told me today that I look like John Edwards.

Time to go get a haircut.

PCB Rob, make sure they don't charge you $400 for that haircut.

Thanks for thinking of me, sean!

Here's a recipe that comes close to the onions we had Sunday night:

From Food & Wine for December 2008 (with notes by me)

Called cipollini agrodolce in Italian (sweet-sour)--a great accompaniment to any rich roast meat.

1/3 c sugar
1 T. water
4 T. unsalted butter
1/2 c. plus 2 T. balsamic vinegar
1 1/2 lbs. small cipollini onions, peeled (that is the labor-intensive part! See Big Al's suggestion above on this)
strips of zest from one lemon
4 fresh bay leaves
8-12 oz. chicken stock or low-sodium broth (the original recipe called for 3 c.--too much, IMHO)
salt and freshly ground pepper

In a large saucepan, dissolve the sugar in the water. Cook over moderate heat without stirring until a medium-amber caramel forms, about 5 minutes. Off the heat, carefully add the butter and 1/2 c. of the vinegar. Return the pan to the heat and cook until the caramel is melted.

Add the onions, lemon zest, bay leaves and stock to the saucepan and bring to a boil. Season with salt and pepper and simmer over moderately low heat until the onions are very tender and glazed and the liquid is syrupy, about 1 1/2 hours. Stir in the remaining 2 T. vinegar and season with salt and pepper.

May be refrigerated up to one week. Reheat gently before serving.

Thank you, Dahlink. I have to try that.

I, for one, am going to attempt a meyer lemon semifreddo this weekend. i've found a couple of recipes. I'll report back...

sean, if you need tasters, I'm so there.

if anybody can tell me a quick painless method for peeling cipollinis I'd be most grateful!

Joyce W., scroll up a bit and see what Big Al suggests--and let us know if it works!

MS Joyce

Big Al said, " just toss those cippolini on to a sheet pan and pop them into a hot oven until the skins begin to brown. Pull them out and let them cool enough to handle, and just squeeze them out of the skins. Just cut the cooking time on the rest of the recipe. You get the added benefit of a bit of smoky flavor to the onions, depending how long you left them in the oven!

ah, sorry 'bout that! Thanks, LEC, Dahlink and of course, Big Al. Yes, I will give it a try and report back. That's the biggest reasons I stopped making glazed cipollini which are quite delicious!

Seaqn, if you are successful on that semifreddo, you must post the recipe. That stuff was heavenly.

I'll put up some pics, too, if it works.

Glad you all seemed to have a great time.
Let's me know why I don't seem to fit in here.....hate star trek....hate star wars...
Well, I'm glad you all enjoy those shows but I am obviously in the wrong blog for the last year + , so, I wish you all well, but I'm moving on to other pastures (not necessarily greener, but different).
Thanks for the memories.

Oh, Lone Lady--don't be like that. Just wait 5 seconds and the topic will change!

Well, she is the Lone Lady, but methinks she has another identity.

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty hi-yo Silver! The Lone Lady! With his faithful Indian companion, Vindaloo, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early West. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, the Lone Lady rides Again!

Hi ho, Centrum Silver, away ...

Tune in next week for another thrilling epiode of The Lone Lady.

I think Lone Lady's got a point - why so much topic drift? It's like Gold Five (also known as "Pops", later given the name Davish Krail), played by British actor Graham Ashley, said to Gold Leader in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope during the run on the Death Star:

"Stay on target..."

Oops, I did it again...

If it weren't for the topic drift, it'd be pretty boring around here. I wouldn't stay, probably.

But, this isn't everyone's cup of tea. That's fine. There are enough places on the internet for all of us.

Exactly, Lissa. That;s what makes this The Only Blog I Will Ever Need (but maybe it's not your cup of tea ...) I also love many of the people I have come to know here.

At least our topics drift to a lot of different places. A lot of conversations on the net drift back to the same-old-same-old.

Go look at the Sun's message boards and read some of the posts from the mental giants who post on it. Every conversation they have eventually ends up with blaming everything on Bush, Obama or O'Malley.

Weather bad? Blame Bush.

Ravens lost? Blame Obama.

Can't get a table at Volt? Blame O'Malley.

So true, RoCK. Keeps me from doing much posting on other blogs. If the subject here veers into not-me territory (as did the whole StarTrek/StarWars discussion), I just wait until things take a different tack. For those who actually have a life, this sort of thing happens in IRL conversations, too. What do people like LL do - drop the friendships?

Captcha yum (my favorite apple) "the winesap"

Plus, there are 76 comments (now 77) on this page. By my count, 19 of them deal with Star Wars/Trek. So 75% of the comments here have nothing to do with stars, either trekking in them or fighting over them. AND this is just one post of hundreds on D@L.


And RoCK, as usual, you're spot-on.

I don't like Star Wars or Star Trek either, but I do like this blog and enjoy reading it. I just wait for a topic veers into something I can comment on.

Good point, City Redux. This happens IRL, too.

When the topic goes to something that doesn't interest me, I get a nice breather. I could care less about wine, but I certainly don't mind other folks talking about it. I know some of you care deeply about it, and that is certainly Obama's fault.

It's hard to take one Lady's disdain seriously. After all this is just one topic of many about an event that she wasn't at. And it's not really drift because someone said that Trek vs Wars was a topic of discussion at said event. Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much. Change the channel, don't blow up the TV.

Too bad there isn't a blog for television at the Sun.

I never got my turkey leg.

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