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January 6, 2010

Joint effort in a difficult new year

IKnowHowYouFeel.jpgSee, you're not the only with New Year's resolutions you haven't kept. Here's guest poster John Lindner with today's Shallow Thought Wednesday. EL:

We ducked into a joint last night.

Had to. Had one of those emergency situations that call for crisis-amelioration of a type only joints can deliver: comfort food of a certain quality, a wide selection of popular ales, hassle-free parking, and passable service.

We settled on the Full Moon Pub & Grill, 100 Westminister Road. That spelling’s verbatim from the customer copy of our bill -- other sources drop the second “i” and add a number to come up with 1100 Westminster Road, and the FMP&G Web site simplifies matters by averring they’re “conveniently located on Route 140 in historic Reisterstown.” (Our experience suggests it’s in the least historic part, abutting what some of my more citified friends call “prehistoric Carroll County.”).

The experience was, in a word, perfect. (Note to doubters: FMP&G currently has a brand new Harley-Davidson Fat Boy in its bar window. This we took as a good sign. Most joints settle for a neon Corona palm.) ...

Saving the best for first, we imbibed Makers, Blue Moon, and Oliver Red. Thus stoked and ameliorated, we had some nice clams (passo lippo) that I heartily recommend (I'm not kidding).

And then we ate some meat and fish. I’ll spare you the details because they are superfluous to the point -- which was to drown sorrows, talk treason, and slouch at table without incurring “looks” from fellow diners.

Tangentially, the meal pulled a gun and shot in the heart my New Year’s resolution to eat nothing but steam and reduced-cal celery till May. It was worth it. I’d do it again for a good cause. Maybe tomorrow. (May is a long way off.)

Finally, it occurred to me as we left the ample parking lot, that there’s a Top 10 in this somewhere: The top ten places to de-celebrate, to retreat, regroup, or cower.

Or if you don’t want to give away your secret joints, what are the top 10 reasons to visit them: recalcitrant co-worker; coldest day of the year and my heater keeled over ($5,100); my baby lef’ me; the Nissan’s water pump broke ($700); my baby didn’t leave me; I broke my resolution just five days into the new year. ...

(Photo by Ophelia Cherry courtesy Stock Xchng)

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I've often wondered about that place as I drive by it. I've been reluctant to go there alone, due in part from the large number of motorcycles parked out front. Now I think I'll save it for a group experience!

I wanna know where you found that picture of me!

what's up with the Fat Boy, just decor or a give away? I feel lucky...

I hear that Shrimp night at The Full Moon is a must do, but haven't done yet.

Fear not a joint with many motorcycles out front. you're much safer in such a place then many other. And being that i'm a chick, the likely hood of chairs held and doors opened goes waaay up.

captcha: unsavory an: not in the least!

...if you don’t want to give away your secret joints...

My second-favorite joint is one where I go once in a while and, when I walk in, the bartender says, loudly, “Bucky!” My favorite joint is one where I go to even more often and the bartender is savvy enough that when I walk in, she just quietly turns and draws me my favorite beer.

It takes two to keep a secret.

My wife and I live in Owings Mills and we go there alot. We were a little nervous at first because of all the motorcycles and thought it was a mainly biker bar but it really isn't and we are far from bikers and we've sat at the bar and had a great time joking and talking to everybody there. We even take our 8 year old there for dinner and drinks and she loves it. She loves the food and the Jimmy Buffett atmosphere and music. We try and go atleast once or twice a month even if we just stop for a quick drink.

Can't be you, Trixie. Your hair is shorter.


Go past the place often..had lunch there once.
That small stretch of #140 has got to be one of the worst 1/4 miles in the state road network!

You are right on that, Hue. Somebody gets killed there every day. In that stretch of 140 which is probably a 1/4 mile, or so. But so dangerous!

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