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January 2, 2010

Gino's burgers are making a comeback


Chowsearch had interesting news for me. Gino's is coming back in 2010.

We're not talking Troia but football great Gino Marchetti and his fast food burgers.

I find that particularly interesting given what we were talking about earlier and the current fascination with burgers. I wonder if that's because they're becoming the forbidden food.

Here's what Chowsearch e-mailed me: ...

Gino Marchetti, Ordell Braase and Johnny Unitas started restaurants and the Gino chain succeeded in franchising, sold to Marriott, now coming back, crucial part is Gino is still around, sounds like all the important grayhairs as well. This will meet pent-up Colts nostalgia. It was better than all other fast burgers except In-N-Out.

Here's its Web site. It amuses me that it will now be called Gino's Burgers & Chicken, considering it's going for the nostalgia thing. One thing I'm sure of, even though I have absolutely no memory of it: The original Gino's, founded in 1957, was too manly to have "chicken" in its name, even if it sold fried chicken.(Never grilled chicken, of course.)

Of course, someone will actually remember and tell me I'm wrong.

I really don't remember Gino's except as a name, but I did review Johnny Unitas' Golden Arm. Mr. Unitas came and sat at our table and recommended the chicken gordon blue.

Reading the Gino's history on the Web site, I was struck by two of the chain's innovations: It sold the first fast food triple decker burger and, even better, introduced the first fast food indoor seating in 1969. (Can that possibly be true?)

(Sun archives photo)

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"Chicken Gordon Blue?" Was that a special dish at the Golden Arm, or did Mr Unitas simply mangle the dish's name?

It was cordon bleu on the menu. EL

Ah Gino's....
I worked at the one in Bel Air Waaaaaay back when. Use to hitch from Jarrettsville to work there after school several afternoons a week till I got my license. We had KFC there, big ole Pressure cookers with oil over flame burners. It was a blessing when they went to a more automated/safe method soon after I started there.
I always prefered the sirlioner over the 1/4 pounder at McD's anytime!!

of course that should reas sirloiner...duh

appearance unsure, how fitting

read.........I give up

I never ate at Gino's, but how can they claim the first indoor fast food seating? I clearly remember eating indoors at a McDonald's as a child back in California (and that was before 1969).

A propos captcha: braggers so

I am not sure about the too manly to have chicken in the name part, but they sold Kentucky Fried Chicken which was separately branded, so I am not sure having it in the name was really in the cards. They used to have a big rotating bucket of KFC on top of the Gino's hamburgers sign. As I recall, the only place in MD you could buy KFC was at Gino's and only after Gino's became part of Roy Rogers (sad day) did KFC start opening its own restaurants in MD. I also think Muhammad Ali used to do Gino Giant ads. And, Gino's indeed had the triple decker bun and special sauce (tasted a bit like Russian dressing) before McDonald's did.

While reminiscing, I remember another restaurant owned by Colts players--the Flaming Pit in Padonia Shopping Center. It later became Christopher's (a nite club) and is now Padonia Station. Loved their Crab Imperial. Those were the days. At least we still have Andy Nelson!

I always preferred Gino's over McDonald's, especially since they sold KFC. Sometimes I wanted chicken when my family wanted burgers and vice versa.

The last time I remember going to a Gino's was probably 1980. There was one on Edison Highway, down the street from Catholic High, and I'd occasionally make the trek before hopping on the 22 to Highlandtown.

So 2010 is going to be the year of nostalgia. First the Lexington Market and now football players who sold food.

The Flaming Pit in Padonia was owned by Ordell Braase. I can remember going there with my now-wife-of-41-years when we were dating. Shortly after we got married in 1968, we tried the first of many decades of dieting by trying to follow the Weight Watchers plan. The only thing that kept us going was the thought of a Gino Giant when we hit our goals. In those days, though, the chain was owned by A-G Foods named for Gino Marchetti and Alan Ameche with headquarters in Southern PA.

Here's the theme song Gino's used on radio and TV commercials in the late 1960s:

Ameche's in Hillendale was the place where you could pull up to the microphone and order, and then have your burgers and real milk shakes brought out to your car on a tray by a waitress on rollerskates--just like in "American Graffiti."

Gino's and Ameche's both had the triple-decker burger with the special sauce (it tasted like Thousand Island dressing)--beat McDonald's Big Mac to the punch locally. (The Big Mac was introduced in 1967 to compete with the Bob"s Big Boy--another national franchise.)

Ah, those were the days...

aspen press (my ski resort reporter name)

I used to go to the Gino's in Joppatown when I was a kid. I loved the choice of burgers and KFC chicken.

On the topic of restaurants owned by old Colts, I'm still surprised that nothing has moved into the old McCafferty's. There was an Italian place there for a couple of years, but it has been vacant now for going on three years.

The first McDonald's with indoor seating was opened in Denver in 1962. The basic floorplan that is still prevalent today in its stand-alone stores, was introduced in 1967.

Fondly remembering Gino's as a child, I perused the website. Aside from the fact that they spelled Chili the dish as Chile the country,it appears they are attempting to merge a Five Guy's and Chick-Fil- A with a giant sandwich thrown in. I wish them every success. We shall see.................

Captcha of the day suicidal some

i used to go to the ginos in brooklyn park. the gino giant, was hands down the best fast food burger. that ginos turned into a roy rogers as well.

Bill Pellington had a restaurant also, the Iron Horse. It was in Yorkridge Shopping Center in Timonium if I recall correctly.

I fondly remember the Gino's on Belair Rd in Overlea, the Gino Giant was a Saturday tradition for years...

Did they have Burger Chef's in Maryland. I grew up in Ohio and it was our favorite.

WOW! This is good news! The Gino Giant was the best fast food burger ever. I remember going to the one in Bel Air many times and the big question was Giant or KFC? The Sirloiner was good but the Giant ruled!!!

I remember the Geno's in Wilmington DE. Burgers were 12 cents, 20% less than the newfangled McDonalds up the road. The original location on Rte. 13 is now the Post Office Edgemoor Branch.


$5.99 for a milk shake. It must be really heavy on the nostalgia.

Awesome! I remember Gino's like it was yesterday, the gino giant and fries cooked in peanut oil. what had happened is Gino's started to sell kentucky fried chicken at a later date, with a heat lamp on the counter and some chicken, it grew so fast that it finally enveloped gino's and KFC took over most locations and dropped the gino's menu. I can remember walking a mile at 6 years old with $1 and getting a burger fries and a coke. I have sold Gino's collectables over the years, with a sealed can jigsaw puzzle that was a promotional give away that I sold for $75, I have never seen another since. I have had many gino's ashtrays and cloth hats over the years. I will definately be in line to get a gino giant and hope the fries are still done in peanut oil.

bra1nchild, January is always a month for looking backward as well as looking forward. It was named after Janus, the two-faced god, after all.

I went to Gino's a lot. The best thing on the menu was the Gino's Giant which was the equivalent to McDonald's Big Mac. There used to be a Gino's on Belair Rd. across the street from what used to be Suburban Chevrolet. And another on the corner of Ritchie Hwy. and 5th Ave. in Glen Burnie. I remember they only used to sell burgers, fries, sodas, and shakes. I think later on they added desserts to the menu.
John Unitas had his restaurant the Golden Arm in Towson which was more seafood and steaks than anything else.
Andy Nelson still has his BBQ restaurant in Hunt Valley/Cockeysville. Can't remember the name of it though.

I always went to the Towson Gino's. Building is still there. Would ride my bicycle up there from Belevedere & Alameda to get a burger & coke - 15₵ & 10₵. Cheese was 2₵ extra. Always had a quarter, rarely the extra 2₵.

Burger Chef had 2 locations (that I knew of) in Balto. area. Old Harford & Joppa and in Pikesville, ( I think the original sign post is still in use today at a local business just a little south of the MSP and opposite side of the road.) I liked them TOO.

Be looking forward to try a NEW Giant!!

Andy Nelson still has his BBQ restaurant in Hunt Valley/Cockeysville. Can't remember the name of it though.

It's called "Andy Nelson's".

Yes, there were Burger Chefs in Baltimore. One I remember was up in Parkville on Harford Road across from the shopping center.
I used to go to the Gino's on Perring Parkway, a bunch of my friends worked there through high school.
The Gino Giant and its sauce was better than the Big Mac, IMHO.

chow committee = this blog's alter ego

Dahlink, Gino's had indoor seating in Randallstown, while McDonalds on Liberty Road and in Pikesville on Reisterstown had walk up ordering. That was already in the 70's because when I did my stretch in McHell, we didn't have a dining room at first, just walk up.

ASH, we had quite a few Burger Chefs, one was in Pikesville where the Garden Center was (is?) and one was somewhere up on Park Heights I believe.

This Gino's talk all brings to mind the conversation I was having with my partner about how it's a shame that the selfish vindictive city of Indianapolis stole out Colts names and colors. Although we now have our Ravens who are well loved and have done so well for our city, we have a chunk of sports history that many are mistaking for Indianapolis' history instead.

I loved the Gino Giant. Gino's always was better than McDonald's. And it seems to me that the KFC was better back then.

I used to go to the Gino's on Baltimore St. across from the Civic Center.

This story was dug up by Chowhound poster Chippewa29. The ensuing thread is of interest about Baltimore area burger places like Ameche's, Champ's, Varsity:

"I'll meet 'cha at Ameche's..."

mealier there (my fast food restaurant manager name)

According to the new website's menu, the Gino giant will be $5.79; with the $5.99 milkshake, that would have been a date buster in my high school years.

Also according to the web site we don't need to be worrying about spending $5.79!! for a Giant cuz all of the prospective sites are in Northern/central Pa. and N.J.

Ain't no going back my friends.

I don't think Gino's was taken over by KFC which discontinued the Gino's menu. Gino's was bought by Marriott and "merged" into the Roy Rogers chain Marriott operated. This essentially meant that several Gino's became Roy's and others simply closed. Some of those were taken over by KFC which was then free to sell its chicken through its own outlets in Maryland, but I don't think it was free to sell the Gino's menu, even if it wanted to. Prior to that the was no KFC in Maryland except through Gino's. Roy's had its own competing chicken line. KFC seems to have gotten the best of the whole deal.

My parents met at a Gino's, they always take pains to remind us. I think if there was one in the present day I would have to go try the food just for that reason. Funny - they never mentioned the original restaurant was named because of Gino Marchetti. You really do learn something new every day.

When I was much younger gino's came to Catonsville. I remember it being a very exciting event. A big thrill to stop there on the way home from school!

Not too many years ago. ok maybe 20. I went to a Gino's in Anne Arundel county that was still open, I believe it was on Mountain Road. There it was, the original building, the same food as always (sans KFC) and all the accouterments of a REAL Gino's. It was MAD and very nostalgic. Alas, it to succumbed to indifference
Impossible captcha .......
Knesset kielbasa

Well, MDtopdad, they say lawmaking is like sausage making. And some unkosher things have certainly happened in the Knesset.

But Shas would certainly be against kielbasa!

Marriott sold its own Pappy Parker Fried Chicken brand at its restaurants (Hot Shoppes and Roy Rogers), so it had no reason to continue the Gino's-KFC relationship when it took over Gino's.

I also remember that Gino's had a cheesesteak on its menu in the early 1980s -- not exactly the genuine article, but a suitable alternative to the usual fast food burgers for lunch.

I was struck by the fact that the new Gino's doesn't have any plans to open in Maryland -- their list of "areas of interest" (real, proposed, or imagined) seems to be limited to Philadelphia and its suburbs in PA and NJ.

And -- a belated happy birthday to Gino Marchetti himself, who turned 83 yesterday (Saturday 1/2)!

The Giant was my favorite fast food burger..........but c'mon man ! $5.95 for a fast food sandwich............????????

The Giant was my favorite fast food burger..........but c'mon man ! $5.95 for a fast food sandwich............????????

Gotta love the look on that little boy's face in the photo. Is that Johnny Jr.? What do you suppose he was thinking?

knells financial (my NY stock broker name)

I worked @ Gino's (in the late 60's while in high school) in Reisterstown (not in Pikesville but Reisterstown itself). This was pre-McDonald's in Reisterstown and we were packed constantly.
Speaking of prices, I can remember the KFC chicken prices at Gino's like it was yesterday.....a 15 piece "Bucket" with 6 dinner rolls was $3.99. A 21 piece "Barrel" with 12 dinner rolls was $5.25. They also sold a 2 piece "snack" and a 3 piece "dinner" as well as a 9 piece box.
One thing we did back then that still amazes me is that there were no frozen fries. We actually peeled and cut up potatoes for the fries (the cutting up was done with a long-handled lever that was capable of cutting one potato at a time!). The fries were then "blanched" in their basket for 2 minutes and put on a rack. After all the blanching was done and the store opened the fries were then actually fried til done.
Talk about labor-intensive! But then we high school kids were cheap labor back then...I made $1.05/hour, and went home smelling like a vat of grease after work.

I went to the Gino's on Liberty Heigjts and Howard Park for my Gino's Giants. Anyone remember the Twinburger at White Coffee Pot Jr?

steve in seoul, Ginos on Liberty Hgts is now a KFC and it's the only one my sister goes to. She swears that theirs taste like original KFC and nobody elses does. IDK, maybe they've never changed the grease!

Yes, I remember White Coffee Pot Junior and Amy Joy donuts as well - remember them?

Wait a minute - Amy Joy donuts couldn't have been local. I remember them growing up in Detroit.

Lissa: Amy Joy was indeed local. We used to go there after the bars closed in Towson for a caffeine and carb blast. It had a huge, blue peaked roof and one time a friend scaled the roof at about 2:30 in the a.m. The police were not pleased.

We called the WCP Jr. burgers "bag-o-death."

of scotty (my starship engineer's name)

My dad helped to open a few of the Gino's locations in Baltimore County, and so we spent many hours of my childhood eating Gino Giants and buckets of Gino's chicken. For some reason, I remember there also being a connection to Arthur Treacher's as least the one that was in Cockeysville on York and Cranbrook. Man, that used to be the greatest corner ever, between the Gino's, Arthur Treacher's, Shakey's pizza (damn, I loved that pizza), and the Church Lane cinema. As a kid, you didn't need anything else!

Lissa, I remember the day when they knocked down that Amy Joy Donuts. My mom was working at Austin Pharmacy in Stoneleigh, and would take my brother and I to work with her every day in the summer (it was soooooo boring, especially since we got kicked out of the bowling alley on the 2nd day of summer). One morning, the pharmicist said, "Hey kids, they are taking a wrecking ball to Amy Joy today if you want to walk down and stand across the street to watch." Boy, did we! So, there we stood, on the Stoneleigh side of York Road, and BAM! the wrecking ball went into the wigwam shaped Amy Joy, and, as soon as it hit, about 5,000 rats came running out, across York Road, and down into Stoneleigh. We were jumping over them, screaming, as they went running right down into the lovely Stoneleigh neighborhood. I tried not to think of the dozens of doughnuts we had eaten from there, as we would normally stop there after church. (full body shudder)

Dawn, great story about the rats! And, if you are the same Dawn who posted right before that, you are right about that area in Cockeysville. That Shakeys was the best! Wasn't that the one with the piano that played itself?

Uh oh, "not members". Have I been kicked out of the sandbox?

Dawn, mine was wigwam shaped, too. Must have been a chain.

Not sure about the rats, though. I think they tended to hang out more at City Hall.

Trixie, the piano at that Shakey's was played by a real live piano player, at least when I worked there back in the 1970's.

Captha: clamor Aug

Trixie, I think the piano at Shakey's was both a player piano and a regular piano. During the day, and off hours, it functioned as a player piano, but in the evenings, when the restaurant was full, there was a piano player, and they would project "bouncing ball songs" (like primitive Karaoke!) on a screen for singalongs. If my memory serves me correctly, they also would show old Three Stooges and cartoons. Shakey's pizza still lives in my heart as my favorite of all time..their crust was the best! I know there were still a few on the West Coast a couple of years back, but my understanding is that they are nothing like the original. Plus, Shakey's had these delicious potato pancake type of things that were the perfect hangover food when I got older.

We also had a Pappy's in Cockeysville, a little further south, near the Friendly's, I think, but my parents were strictly Shakey's people.

Lissa, sadly I think the rats may have been part of the Amy Joy franchise. But, when I was growing up, there were all kinds of vermint in pastry stories for some reason. I think it was all spurred by the rumor of someone finding a mouse inside of a crueller at a local bakery in Cockeysville (I won't name it, as it is still there), which I remember clear as day because I went to school with the daughter of the bakery owners. Needless to say, she caught a lot of grief from her fellow 7th graders. Kids are so cruel.

Hal, maybe I am thinking of Pappy's pizza then. Or maybe I am just making this entire thing up! I do remember going to both though.

Dawn, maybe Amy Joy was going for the dwarf demographic?

Amy Joy...Arthur Treacher's... Shakey's... Pappy's...I feel like I'm in "Back to the Future."

Dawn, you tell terrific stories--more! more!

Next thing, somebody will mention Little Tavern...

chinos has (my GAP store manager name)

Cleatus, I think we've only left out Shane's. It was always a problem whether to take our drunk butts to Shane's, Pappy's or The Double T. I just know the servers were always delighted to see us!

BTW, I remember some of the guys staging fights at Pappy's so that everyone would run outside and thus could steal the mugs or the even bigger prize, the schooner!

Joyce, the old "Slappy Pappy's" heist, huh?

"Dec coddies", may want to hold off on eating those now!

"Dec coddies"

I used to work for DEC. They didn't make coddies back then, though.

Joyce W. I remember Amy Joy Donuts, the WCP Jr in Mondawmin, Little Tavern on Park Heights and Belvedere and Shakey's and Pappy's Pizza!

I'm just a little young for this conversation, but I remember the Gino's in Reisterstown and how as a child I was confused that we got KFC there but when we drove south there would be stand alone KFC restaurants in VA and NC and such. After all these years, I finally understand.

I also remember Gino's burgers being my favorite, the sadness when the one in Reisterstown closed down and eventually became a Bojangle's, and the curiosity when it finally became a stand alone KFC (although probably the dirtiest, grossest one of them all).

brstevens, you forgot to mention besides being gross and dirty, they are constantly out of chicken!

I remember my son's dad staring at them after trying numerous times to get different combos and saying "you ARE a KFC, aren't you?"

Joyce, the last time I was in a Burger Chef, they were out of hamburger.

I also was in a Friendly's once that had run out of hot fudge and coke. Then there was the time that the shake machine exploded as I walked in to a McDonald's...

No wonder I don't like fast food.

Sadly, Cleatus, I am starting to realize that all the stories I have posted thus far on this thread have been rodent pastry for dwarves centric. Hmmmm, may be time to reacquaint myself with the therapist. Of course, it can also be explained by the fact that my father owned a pest control company for 25 years, so we have lots of varmint horror stories in my family.

Anyhoodle, Lissa, I was just saying to my husband that I just do not understand how Friendly's can stay in business. The one near us in Lutherville is empty pretty much all the time.

Also, yes, Shane's! Which was owned by Peter Angelos, by the way. Also, here's another blast from the past, I spent every birthday of my childhood at Farrell's either in Golden Ring or Security Square. Farrell's, where they would bring out an ice cream concotion called The Pig Trough out on a strecher!! While screaming "Piggy Piggy Piggy" in your face. Hmmm, where was that therapist's number again?

Farrell's! I loved Farrell's as a kid. Which is weird being as I was painfully shy (still am, just hide it better, because if you know, you can get me).

I hear there is like one Farrell's left, and they are thinking of starting to franchise again.

Cinnamon toothpicks. Only place I've seen them is Farrell's.

Dawn: Your father, by any stretch, never heard the tale of the 32-pound stuffed rat kept on display in the window of the pest control company in Hampden? I mean, only in Hampden, right? But the legend was they displayed the rodent's stuffed carcass as if to announce: "Whoop, there it is!"

Sorry--not dinner table conversation, I know, but still...

BTW: save your money. This blog is great therapy...

headlock around (my other WWW Smackdown name)

I remember gino and alan ameche at alans restaurant on the corner of taylor ave and loch raven blvd my father carroll pifer had a driving range next to his restaurant they always walked over there and hit golf balls and they would always bring me a burger this was in 1961 the would donate food to the schools in the area such good men i was to young to realize what superstars were around me but i never forgot these good men they were stars off the frield too

The article where I found the information mentions the company looking at Montgomery County as one of the first locations:

Also it looks as though Farrell's are on their way back, a;beit starting in Orange County, CA.

Thank you Chippewa29 for starting all this on both boards. If the company read them, they would know to put the first at Loch Raven and Taylor.

OMG, that Farrell's news is super exciting! They even still have the stretcher and the pig trough. Thanks for sharing.

There is a Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, located northwest of Philadelphia. I believe that it's the Pennsylvania county (not the one in Maryland) that is described in Chippewa's post, especially when you consider that no Maryland locations are among the "areas of interest" for the revived Gino's.

Now if only Harleys subs and Silbers bakery would reopen life in the Baltimore area would be perfect.

hedgehog, you are so right. I especially miss Silber's. I believe they were unfairly slammed and couldn't recover from the bad PR. Their cookies, rye bread and peach cake are still fond memories to me!

Nothin' like Silber's assorted danish and buns (from a box tied with red and white 'candystripe' string)!

I worked at a Ginos in PA during high school. Please don't forget the Heroburger, that came around after the Gino Giant. The fries were the best. And the keel chicken piece.

I worked for Gino's in Cambridge, MD while in high school, The Gino Giant was the best sandwich, it definitely the sauce that made it. The Kentucky Fried Chicken was great, I loved dipping the chicken in the special sauce. I hope it comes back the same as it was. Once KFC sold out the recipe changed and the chicken never tasted the same. My favorite piece was the keel.

I use to work at the Burger Chef(home of the Flame Broiled burger) circa 1970, 71 on Reistertown Rd in Pikesville..which eventually became the Garden Center. Do remember Ameche's in Balto city on Reistertown Road near Northern Parkway..was it next to the Towne House Motor Lodge(?)...this was the true drive-in with the car hops and speakers at your car.,late 50's early 60's..loved the special sauce on the triple decker

Yes, jay, I remember that Ameche's. Do you remember Price's Dairy? That was another crowd pleaser when the dads took us kids out so the moms could go shopping without us!

I'm writing an essay which mentions the White Coffee Pot, Jr., specifically the one on Liberty Road in Randallstown. If anyone could help me with any of these topics, I'd be much olbiged:
--it's best items on the menu
--what had been there before it became WCP Jr.
--what the employees' uniforms looked like
--its logo (if it had one at all)

Thanks so much!

I remember Ginos I used to work there. back in 1972 til 1982. the giant was the best hands down over the big mac there were others like the sirloiner just as good. why arent they opening in Md?

jag, the revival of Gino's is being led by Tom Romano, who was the COO of the old claim before it was sold in 1982 to Marriott. Mr. Romano is currently based in Valley Forge, PA, about 10 miles NE of Philadelphia, and his interest is currently focused on finding franchisees who will open locations in the Philly area.

Sorry -- Valley Forge is NW of Philly (my bad).

Jiminy crickets, hpstd, you're even a wet blanket to yourself.

I have been searching for ANYONE who has any idea what the recipe is for the HARLEY BURGER and the SPECIAL SAUCE (fried onions/tomato sauce of somekind). I have looked for more than 15 years and keep hitting dead ends!!!
HARLEYS was the ULTIMATE SANDWHICH SHOP and if GINOS can come back LETS BRING BACK HARLEYS!!!!!!!!!! There must be someone in Harley Brinsfields family who has the recipes and is ready to make a come back!

I, too, was a Harley's aficionado. My date (whom I later married) and I used to go there almost every Saturday night after the movies or other date, and the large-size steak sandwiches and Harleyburgers were the staple. Please, does anyone have any connection to Harley's family and the recipes, especially for the sauce that the Harleyburgers came in?


Bob (SF Bay Area)

I'll be 60 this month and I remember Gino's very well, White Tavern and Ameche's,but there was a restaurant or night club on northern pkwy and reisterstown road that I cannot remember the name. It had to be between 1970-1985. It was were the Walgreen is now. Only it sat back a little.

Northern Pkwy and Reisterstown was where the Pimlico Restaurant originally was, wasn't it?S

Hal, the Pimlico Restaurant/Hotel was originally on Park Heights, not Reisterstown - just south of Northern Parkway. Gil Sandler's "Jewish Baltimore" puts it at 5301 Park Heights - I think there's a self-storage place on that site now.
The Hotel opened in 1952 with a fourteen page dinner menu listing more than 100 entrees! And it did have a very elegant nightclub - the Cavalier Lounge.
They moved to Reisterstown Road in the early 80's.

This is to answer Robert A. Fink's question. I think the name of the restaurant you remember was Mandells in a strip shopping center called Hilltop? It was at the intersection of Rogers Ave. and Reisterstown rd. That same shopping center had a food store,an antique store and several other stores but I only remember the two. I hope this helps you.

same as Deborah (post Sept. 11, 12:14pm) I turned 60 earlier this year. My first job was at Gino's on Frederick Rd in Catonsville in 1966. Worked there thru high school, made enough $$ for my first car.

Special sauce, KFC secret recipe spices (in a sealed bag), cutting french fries out of real potatoes, cooking 96 hamburgers at a time on the grill on Saturdays to keep up with demand...serving thru two litle windows at the front, putting the sales tax for each sale in little metals boxes beside the cash register, having the calculate the sale amount in my head or on the back of a bag because the cash register was too basic to do it.... all good hard work but great memories.

I rememeber Gino's when I was little.
They had very good burgers and fries.
If they really do come back to Baltimore
MD that would be nice.

Weird nostalgia for garbage food.

Worked at North Point Rd location during school in late 60's we used to trade food with Harley's next to us. They are coming back to Baltimore. I think I CAN STILL FLIP A BURGER!!

Was thinking about my college days in Baltimore the other day and ran across this article. If Gino's can make a comeback, is there hope for Harley's?

There is nothing good to eat here in California. You can't even get a decent enchilada.

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