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January 29, 2010

A new Mexican restaurant opens


Most of us were surprised when Michael Marx, former owner of Blue Agave in Federal Hill, sold his Mexican restaurant and tequileria because he was tired of the grind and then a little more than a year later was back, opening Rub, a Texas barbecue place in South Baltimore. That was three or four years ago.

I guess Mexican food is in Marx's blood, because a couple of weeks ago he opened Miguel's Cocina y Cantina in Silo Point. ...

I talked to Marx about the project last May, and at that time he told me it would feature regional Mexican dishes and tapas-style plates. Of course, he also thought it would open in August, which is par for the course.

Here's what the press release says: "With its high ceilings and encased in concrete, steel and glass, Miguel's serves up a delicious array of small plates along with eclectic Mexican entrees in an atmosphere that is both playful and dramatic." 

One of my favorite things is that you can take the water taxi to get to Miguel's.

If anyone has eaten there, I hope you'll let us know and tell us what you thought about it. Please post below.

And what do you think of the Web site welcome page?

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 6:31 AM | | Comments (56)


I ate at Miguel's last week. Despite the fact that I ate there during the soft opening and the fact that restaurant hasn't really advertised itself, the place was packed! The service was slow however and I think our server was overwhelmed with the number of tables she had.
The food was delicious and reminds me a little of Diablita. There are a number of interesting taco option (I had pork and pineapple). There are also some interesting sides that you can choose to order with your entree (I had chard with sunflower seeds and hot pepper), which was delicious. There are also some cool and inventive cocktails. They make a big deal about how it's authentic Mexican, so they don't serve things like quesadillas, which are tex-mex. The space is modern and fun and the restaurant is casual.
Overall, I liked it and would go back for sure. If I were to change anything I would add servers and add more ambitious entrees on the menu. However, the prices are very reasonable. I had plenty of food with an entree, a side, and a cocktail for around 20 bucks (including tip).

Great review. Thanks. EL

It is a 10 min. walk from the water taxi at Tide Point to Silo Point. Quite doable, and certainly more convenient than taking the hourly 1 bus there.

That web page is pretty much useless.

Nah, it does what it says.
Click for directions?
Bingo, bango, it delivers.

captcha, put down the bong: been burnout

It takes you to a google maps page that has not been updated recently enough to even have Steuart St. on it.

Always helpful. :-) EL

After looking closer, it does have Steuart St., but not the extension of it to Silo Point.

Hal, that was reported as a problem months ago. Last time I checked (last week, actually), at least google maps now recognized Silo Point's address.

I work over in Tide Point and have been to Miguel's twice for lunch...Food and service was great both times! Prices are very reasonable, too...First time I went for lunch I ordered the Chorizo Tacos that had potatoes and fresh cheese in them. The chips and salsa were also good, as well. The second time I went I shared an order of the Empanadas with a friend as an appetizer along with an order of the Beef tacos. Great experience both times. Taco orders are around $7 and you get 3 of them...Friendly and corteous staff!

We're looking forward to trying Miguel's but couldn't find any info on the website about the menu, typical pricing, or even what type of dress might be acceptable. Is it casual? Are there vegetarian choices available? Most importantly, are there happy hour specials? Inquiring minds want to know.

It was a family tradition to celebrate my wife's birthday at Blue Agave, and now Miguels is the new spot! Celebrated there this year, the food is out of this world and really reasonably priced, the drinks are killer. Be sure to try out the Prickly Pear margarita. For main courses, the Carne Asata and Carnitas are out of this world!

The atmosphere is great, they make great use of the space, and for all the Fells Point folks (not to mention Tidepoint) its a great location. Worth the trip, I will be back!

Hasn't Blue Agave been around for about a year? If so, it'd be hard to have a family tradition involving an annual celebration there.

Great for Fells' Point folks? Miguel's is a 10 min. walk from the dock. In the kind of weather we had Sat., that can get a bit long for many folks.

There is parking, though.

Their web site says they opened in 2005

Blue agave was around for years (like 8 or so), we went there annually at least for my wife's Bday (not to mention normal outings). It was then sold to new owners, probably around 2005.

Hence the tradition.

I will have to check it out!

hey, Maurice, do you speak of the pompatus of love?

Ate here last night. The food was good, fresh and surprisingly affordable. The empanadas were quite good. It's kind of hard to find; not many signs around the building. Good place for drinks and appetizers with friends. I wonder if they'll have outdoor seating in the summer... I hope they do well. It's a nice addition to the neighborhood.

food is solid and cheap, cool bar and theyre gonna have outside seating, LP needed a place like this, if they can just get a sushi joint...

the website is now updated with menu info!

I was just coming here to post that the menu was online! It looks fantastic, lots of choices. Their margarita menu looks great too.

To the person above who pointed out that they avoid untraditional Mexican foods like quesadillas, there are, in fact, quesadillas on the menu.

Intrigued, I looked up the words "girl drink drunk" and there's lots on the combo of sugar and alcohol in "girl drinks" inducing various behaviors, even a mainstream song. Either of the last two posters friends of Michael Marx? Is this place going to be drink-centric like Blue Agave and Rub?

Girl Drink favorite Kids In The Hall sketch.

Nope, not a friend of Marx, and the restaurant doesn't seem drink-centric to me. I just like margaritas.

I visited on Wednesday with two friends and liked it very much. It has a "special occasion" vibe that other places in LoPo don't, but it was affordable, friendly, and best of all close to my house, just what I look for in a neighborhood favorite. I tried the tacos al pastor and enjoyed them very much; they had a nice heat and the pineapple wasn't overwhelming. One friend had a shrimp and chipotle quesadilla that she loved but I didn't care for--the shrimp tasted a bit fishy to me. The other had a slow-cooked pork dish that was delicious and that I can hardly wait to order again.

Tortillas were great, chips and salsa were also very good, but queso fundido was just so-so. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't that interesting. A table near us ordered guacamole and I wish we had ordered that instead--it looked delicious. In all, I was really pleased and can't wait to go back. I suspect this place will become my regular "go-to" in the neighborhood.

LoPo? Yikes!

Hal, I kind of like "LoPo." It would be the perfect place to meet up with YumPo.

LoPo is the kind of cutsey hipster crap that means a neighbourhood has become gentrified to the point of nausea.

As one who has friends from and still in southside, Lo Po, Sobo, and all the other cutesy neighborhood names make me want to throw up.

What would be the cutesy name for the "Frying Pan" I wonder? Fry P?

No wonder the same handful of people post on this blog at the exclusion of others. I guess this cutesy hipster will take her nausea-inducing thoughts somewhere more welcoming.

No wonder the same handful of people post on this blog at the exclusion of others

Oh, please! Complain if you want that there's a bunch of old coots here that resist change, but the "exclusion of others" thing is B.S. Anyone can post here, no one is excluded.

Katie-o, I appreciated your review and hope you keep posting. The natives are restless because they're snowed in and don't want to watch the real old coots, the Who, embarrass themselves on the Super Blow. Long way since they played Tommy at Merriwether when the crowd outside knocked down the fence and rushed the stage.

Katie-O, you are entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine. I live in a gentrifying neighbourhood, and have come to the conclusion that gentrification, while good for the city's tax base, destroys much of what makes the city a great place to live.

Would you rather I mock you behind your back? Or you just want people to always agree with you?

My, my, people are testy. My mood has been lifted by the Saints and the unexpected snow day!

Will Hamilton become known as "the Ham" for all the restaurants in the area?

As long as I can recall, residents of Locust Point referred to their neighborhood as "the Point". Thankfully, a Google search doesn't show much traction for the "LoPo" alleged new nickname.

PEOPLE please!! Can't we all just get along and play nice?
Redneck captcha
that mullets

Can't we all just get along and play nice?

A quick perusal of history suggests not.

hey, Maurice, do you speak of the pompatus of love?

Joker: LOL

Buffalo bagnoli (my Sioux-Italian chef name

Welcome to Baltimore.

And please remember--no matter what anybody tells you--that only non-native idiots use the "hon" thing. It's a dead giveaway, like sandals with socks on people who don't have a medical issue.

And whatever you do, don't tell them you think it's OK to lightly touch the server...

across duty (my snow-day crossing guard name)

"LoPo is the kind of cutsey hipster crap that means a neighbourhood has become gentrified to the point of nausea."

Lighten up Lissa. Your post went beyond was simply mean. Katie-O can call South Baltimore whatever she wants. I for one appreciated her post.

"...gentrification, while good for the city's tax base, destroys much of what makes the city a great place to live."

Lissa: Word.

attempt skunking (my failed home beer- brewer name)

...I like cutesy hipsters...

curbed now - katie-o's interest in further comments on this blog...

And I gotta say, I'm having a tough time thinking of what was destroyed by the gentrification of Federal Hill. Oh, except for those abandoned warehouses on Montgomery Street.

sean - where the Arabbers worked and loaded up, perhaps? Wasn't there at least one stable down there, as well as the old produce depot?

Oh, and the view of the water is gone, too.

As far as I can tell, Federal Hill has yet to be gentrified. More like the Wild West from what I've seen and heard. The drug-traffic-petrified hipsters turn those places faster than an Alan Keyes senate candidacy.

incidents palomino (my clumsy circus bare-back rider name)

As for LoPo, I lived there from 1995 to 2005, and we always called it LoPo within my group of friends. When it became hip, I moved to a non-hip place.

I got news for you, pigtown. Washington Village is hip.

Just because you like early stage gentrification doesn't mean you aren't part of the problem.

FYI, Miss Lissa-who-knows-everything, I was not talking about Pigtown. I moved to Wales.

I do not consider myself part of the problem and think it is rather rude of you to assert that I am. Please refrain from making assumptions about why I live where I do.

For someone who is relatively new to Baltimore, you presume to know an awful lot about everything here.


Maybe that will take our minds off EL's impending retirement.

"Just because you like early stage gentrification doesn't mean you aren't part of the problem."

Huh? What does that even mean????

What, they don't have gentrification in Wales?

Glad to know you think as little of me as I do of you, pigtown. Gentrification happens in a lot more places than just Baltimore.

Lissa. i didn't say that i moved to a non-gentrified place. if you read what i wrote, i said i moved to a non-hip place, which i think is what most people consider wales.

Maybe we can all help the EL Era go out on a high note. We all love good places to eat and things changing can sometimes help us get more/better.

Chicken Rico, a favorite of many here, couldn't exist without the Hispanicizing of East Baltimore, which stabilized crumbling neighborhoods, led to all kinds of new places opening and may be somewhat similar to rejuvenation by gentrification. Less BMWs and Subarus, more Toyota trucks, but a change for the better. That stretch of Eastern Ave. didn't have much great to eat after the ice-cream place closed and Eastern House. Both Highlandtown and South Baltimore seem to be getting better, seems to be a decrease in school violence lately. Locust Point and Federal Hill/South Baltimore were getting pretty crumbly, past few years plenty interesting places for all kinds of eaters to love.

Baba's Kitchen, Soho Eatery on Light and that barbecue place across from Rallo's would not exist without gentrification, and Rallo's would probably not have reopened after the fire. We wouldn't have had the extra few years of Earl's Malt Shoppe, Cross Street Market would probably be cellphone stalls.

As for LoPo Katie-o, whether she's new or native, she probably wasn't a shill and probably meant to join in the discussion in a well-meaning way and her aim was probably what all of us want, something good to eat that's not Sysco food.

Baltimore needs more new people to love it, and maybe we can gently guide them how not to love it to death.

I assure you, chowsearch, that the Latinos moving into the SE don't actively try to drive out low income residents and renters, like the gentrifiers do. You are comparing apples and transmissions.

Come on now people, let's be honest. There aren't many of us on this blog that would willingly live in a low-income neighborhood. Most people prefer to live in areas that they are on the same level with, both socially and economically. For those that speak out so strongly against gentrification then how about this -- give up your high paying jobs in IT, finance, and healthcare and take a job in urban development or social welfare. Don't talk about it, be about it!!

C'mon people now,
Smile on your brother
Ev'rybody get together
Try and love one another right now

Well, I could care less about the gentrification vs. dirty hipsters vs. crumbling crack neighborhoods debate....I am from the suburbs and I dare spend my money downtown dining or doing business....which the city needs more than people arguing over how they lived in a neighborhood before it was 'cool' and now it's passe because others 'caught on'.....

Nobody outside of the Baltimore area even acknowledges it anyway, so get over yourselves....

I went with my lady to miguel's sunday morning for brunch, and it was excellent.
I had masa pancakes with mexican chocolate, ancho butter and bacon. It was very good, I would definitely order them again.
I also had a house margarita and a coffee, both were very good. the margarita was fresh squeezed lime, no mixers.
My lady had an omelette with mushrooms, roasted corn with asadero cheese, huitlacoche sauce, crema mexicana, and a side of chile roasted potatoes. Her plate was large, and it was quite tasty, the mushrooms were awesome.

I will definitely return to try out dinner, the menu looks good, I want to try out the tacos al pastor, one of my favorties.

Link spam at 1:51 PM! (Another shill for an alleged lender.)

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