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December 24, 2009

The trendy noodle bowl at modern American restaurants


I got what I thought was a very astute observation from Trip Klaus recently. He has three examples of what he calls the Momofuku-ing of inventive restaurants.

He knows the secret: If you have three of them, it must be a trend.

And I bet there are more than three. In other words, I think it's a legitimate trend.

By the way, be sure to stop by Sam's Kid in Fells Point and order one of its noodle bowls before my review appears Sunday.

Here's Trip Klaus: ...

With today's temps I was thinking about what I find to be a new trend among "Modern American" restaurants. Call it the Momofuku-ing of inventive restaurants: noodle bowls.
Brewer's Art has a shrimp-based noodle bowl, Jack's Bistro a pork-based and Wine Market a lobster bowl. It seems that many "forward thinking" chefs are obsessed with mixing in these bowls with their otherwise incongruous menus. I expect even more like Salt Tavern will follow.
Just a thought.

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How many noodles make up an oodle?

A noodle is just an oodle without clothes.

The oodle question is on the same level as how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop...just ask Mr. Owl!

I'm sure that I never licked my way to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Ka-runch.

Sam's Kid has 4 or 5 wonderful noodle bowls.( So does Rah in Harbor East). Do not, however, make the mistake that it is any kind of soup. The broth at Sam's is so rich you only need 1/2 inch in the bottom to be more than enough.
Despite the terrible music, too small tables, uncomfortable chairs and silly purple couches....the food is unique and great. We're happy to have them in Fell's Point.

We didn't get noodle bowls, but enjoyed a nice meal at Sam's Kid last night after church. I had a delicious Mai Tai--haven't had one since Ming's closed and Clint and our friend Mike had hard cider. We went for the small plates, tempura combination, calamari, and the skewer combination. Everything was fresh and the sauces were nicely paired with each item. Very friendly staff and a comfortable room. When we arrived, there were no other customers except at the bar; more outside lighting drawing attention to the restaurant might be a good move. We enjoyed it though, and will go back soon to try those noodle bowls. Additional good news--they deliver!

Anything resembling pho is aok with me. Hot noodly soup + cold weather = epic. A hot clear soup broth is magnificent in the morning in winter. A warm belly makes for a quiet mind.

Who are you, and what did you do with Owl Meat?

Who are you, and what did you do with Owl Meat?

I'm a summer breeze. I'm a lump of coal. I'm a welcome sneeze in a dewy meadow. I'm a beam of light locked in a hope chest. I'm primordial goo. I'm a root beer float.


I would put out there that Leo at Mekong Delta had as much to do with Chef Dave's decision to make a noodle bowl as did David Chang, if not more so. Now, if beef tendon salad make an appearance...that's Momofukization!

FWIW, our bowl is more laksa than pho.

Happy Boxing Day!

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Tattlers die a thousand deaths. The spam tastes of death but once.

It's the aftertaste of death that lingers; wait, that's scrapple.

Or pine nuts. LV

Welcome to the Circle of Life. Spam is a life force of meat food, scrapple is the most green flesh product evermore. you make the shoes from the beef skin. Turn turn turn to every season we bring the whole animal like the Mighty Cherokey. Why decry the user of sacred orts as cowards when you walk in there Shoes. We are all One with the Great Spirit. Why divide when the Whole is the Gol?

Mary Ford Gibson

I am offended by your use of Les Paul and Mary Ford for your smackdown of the lame old spamtacker. Old people need stuff to do to keep theyselves busy in their golden years. Les is a giant of music and shoud not be pawn of your spam war.

FiG -- umm, Les Paul died in August, and Mary Ford died in 1977, so neither "need[s] stuff to do to keep themselves busy in their golden years" at this time.

jeepers, captain wet blanket strikes again. might not these fellows be making light of things, mister no-sense-of-humour?? good cripes. what do you get out of being such a nudge??

Les Paul?
I believe it was Ecclesiastes.

Less Paul, more Saul.

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