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December 9, 2009

Gender neutral food


Gender neutral food? No such thing, John. Here's our Shallow Thought Wednesday guest poster John Lindner, who only now found out. EL

Recently, and for the second time in my life, a passing observer informed me that I was eating “guy food” (and both times the observer, a woman in each case, said it with a tone of disdain, real sneery like).


I was eating steak. All the meat-eating women I know enjoy steak. Since when is steak manfood? ...  

I get that some foods are daintier and some brawnier, but male and female?

Not content to mope through life in ignorance, I surveyed a group of women. I asked first if they recognized some foods as guy and some as gal. They said yes. I requested examples. Here is the result of the survey:

Guy Food: Steak, hamburger, chili, hot dogs, pizza (pizza!!??).

Gal Food: Asian salad, chocolate (!!??), Chinese food.


Now I’m going to sit back and await the sage responses of the Elizabethans. Because I am in shock.           

Can food be classified as man and woman food? If so, lists please.
(Photo by William Stadler courtesy StockXchng)    
Posted by Elizabeth Large at 12:14 PM | | Comments (43)


Red meat, potatoes=guy food. White meat, salads, chocolate=gal food.

Taking a big hunk o'whatever=the guy approach. Going back for sliver after sliver=the feminine approach.

Too good: Queen sinkable captcha

my ex used to say he didn't like Donna's because they served girlie food, and the thing is, I kinda get what he means (although he was looking down on them for it), and I totally like Donna's.

I'm kind gender neutral myself so I'm probably not the best one to comment...

I don't know about the food thing, but what the heck is that guy in the picture doing, and what does it have to do with food? It looks like an inside out bathtub.

I think it's pizza dough. EL

Tea sandwiches = lady food

Smoked Turkey Leg (eaten with one hand only walking around a Florida theme park) = man food

To join in the random classification: Guy food--food you eat with beer; Girl food--food you eat with wine

Sort of a loose definition from my long departed Busia:

Guy food: anything you eat with your fingers, hands or that can be thrown.

Lady food: anything a civilized Lady would eat with proper utensils.

Stravinsky cohan captcha

I think there's more to it than "steak = guy food."

A petit filet = girl food
A porterhouse = guy food

Subs = guy food
Wraps = gal food

Income sleaze

My fiance went nuts when she saw smoked turkey legs for sale at the farmer's market on sunday, and made me buy two of them. She's quite feminine too.

Ohhhh, pizza dough, of course now that you said it it looks just like it! Thanks EL :)

pink martinis = girl drinks
brown or clear martinis = man drinks.

not sure about foods though. I'm glad my wife enjoys my man food with me :-)

John, are you too young to have a copy of "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche" buried deep in some box of old books?

Jon P.
Is your lady a fan of Meridith Baxter? Just sayin......

Swanson Hungry Man Dinners

Hunts' Manwich sandwiches.

Sure, while there are many gender-neutral foods, anything that is appropriate for a tailgate is guy food, anything that cries for sterling flatware, linen napkins, and candlelight is girl food. Anything that can be prepared in a huge pot and served every night in a row until consumed (or possibly eaten directly out of said huge pot), is definitely guy food.
snippets latest

Man salad: 1/2 head of lettuce in left hand, bottle of dressing in right hand. Eat over the sink.

An overstuffed cold cuts sandwich on rye -- salami, corned beef, turkey, swiss cheese, sliced onions, maybe a few jalapenos and olives for extra zest -- washed down with beer, polished off at 1:00 AM. Man, that's manfood.

Comment of the week.

I meant RayRay, but MAG wasn't half bad either...have you been reading my food journal?

Lone Lady - Are you saying that only lesbians would eat turkey legs? If that is the case, then the Renaissance festival is overrun with 'em!

I find it telling that the overwhelming bulk of the MANFOOD selections are precisely the kind of artery-clogging killers that have this country in downright epidemic of obesity.

It's like scrolling through This is Why You're Fat.

It's also telling that anything even remotely "healthy" is not masculine. It's a divide that seems pretty restricted to this country. I can't think of a single other society making such strong (and might I add, shared) declarations that gender roles include what you eat.

I for one, am gonna have a blast kicking freshly dug soil into your doublewide graves, fellas.

Trixie said:Lone Lady - Are you saying that only lesbians would eat turkey legs?

If that's what I MEANT that is what I would have said.

If you are talking about my reference to Meridith Baxter, I was only pointing out to Jon Parker that lesbians can be feminine too!

Lighten up with the fight-picking will ya Trixie!

I agree with Odie B, and vote for RayRay for COTW. I was thinking Guy Food = anything eaten without utensils over the sink!

GREAT captcha Tuesday Kale!

I for one, am gonna have a blast kicking freshly dug soil into your doublewide graves, fellas.

I'm going to be cremated. Sorry to ruin your fun.

"I for one, am gonna have a blast kicking freshly dug soil into your doublewide graves, fellas."

Everybody who eats salads, goes light on the meat, and in general eats "healthy", ends up dead too. On top of that they enjoy life a lot less. Here's to a fat juicy cheeseburger, and some boardwalk fries, oh hell add some gravy to those fries!

26. All men must eat meat. A ****load of meat. If not borderline carnivore. For no reason should a man ever be a vegatarian, or eat sick **** like tofu. Also no man should consume any food with the terms "diet", "fat free", or any other healthy suggesting terms for the sake of "watching his weight" or dieting.

If that's what I MEANT that is what I would have said

Lone Lady, it wasn't at all clear to me just what it was that you meant. Perhaps you should lighten up on Trixie as well.

Okay Hal....I'll send her a smoked turkey leg.

And while I'm thinking about it, I never recall Wilma Flintstone actually eating a brontasaurus steak...only serving them to Fred.
Guess that makes me a Geico Cave Man basher....

Okay Hal....I'll send her a smoked turkey leg.

Excellent idea! :-)

The Flintstones certainly weren't a paragon of feminism.

Gogolak starlets

....El Generalissimo

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body,but rather to skid in sideways,chocolate in one hand,martini in the other,body thoroughly used up,totally worn out and screaming
WOO HOO what a ride!"

I will confess to having a soft spot in my heart for the sweet sensitive Geico cavemen.


Captcha: Crow fitted

My GreatGrandmother had a fit when she saw me slurping oysters off the shell. Must have been man food.

Man food:
baby back ribs with the head on; C-rations; barbeque popcorn; meat monster pizza; shark jerky; fries with Dinty Moore Stew and a block of Velveeta melted on top; armadillo quesadilla; anything you can easily heat up in the garage with a blowtorch; pork tartare; bloody steaks the size of a Humvee hubcap; gyros made from the flesh of your slowest enemy.

Lady food:
things with puff pastry crusts; meringues; tea and toast; clear soups; anything with "au" in the name; anything in olive oil; Weight Watchers frozen fudge bars; blender foods; foods that you can also use on your skin, hair, or nails; anything with "--aise" at the end; angel hair pasta; Nipples of Venus and bon-bons.

Captcha: choked Alexander (indeed)

It was I. It was me. I posted the last one. Forgot my handle. Sorry. Typing way too fast.

captcha: Douglass frat (my prison name)

So the steak tartare au gratin is guy food?

That's for the co-ed baby showers at the state fair when the baby is a newborn steer.

captcha: pekin selee (my Harry Potter series villian name)

All this time I thought food gender mattered only in our approach (chomping over sink vs nibbling over doilies). Now I know better.
This truly is the only blog I'll ever need.

Cap: sicktreds lones
danned formances

Lone Lady - I certainly was not trying to pick a fight, I was just unclear on your reference to Merideth Baxter!

P.S. I would love a turkey leg by the way ; )

On the subject of killer food.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be a sentence of bland flavorlessness. It's an unfortunate misconception that it's all twigs and sprouts and gravel. Anything can be eaten to excess; anyone whose had one of the mountainous, dressing-soaked salads from the Cheesecake Factory knows what I'm talking about.

The perfect diet is a marriage of what folks here have been ascribing to 'manly' and 'girly' foods. Variety and portion control are key. Eat what you want -- ribs, brats, Taco Town, whatever -- just stop eating so goddamn much of it, is all.

Turkey leg will be found on your Facebook Farm.

Cleatus, even before you identified yourself, I just KNEW it was you! TOTALLY cracked me up! Here's my vote for COTW.

Captcha: remem diadems who forgets diadems?

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