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December 15, 2009

Foodoir: Not as risque as it sounds



I just got the Word Spy Word of the Day, and it's "foodoir."

This is a memoir that focuses on food, cooking or meals. A writer for the New York Times called them "one part chick lit and one part chicken lit."

The greatest example, to my mind, is James Beard's Delights and Prejudices.

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Well, that term sure isn't going to work for vegans.

And here I was thinking it was something sexual.

Damn 9 1/2 Weeks repeats on cable.

I thought from the headline it was a word-play on "boudoir."

You know, Lissa, I've been wondering: Would a cannibal want to eat a vegan?

coauthor Nelson (my "Voyage to The Bottom of the Sea" ghost writer's name)

If I were a cannibal, I'd eat a vegan; however, I would prefer to eat a corn fed vegan than a grass fed one. I want my vegans tender and well marbled not stringy and tough.

If a cannibal ate a vegan, would he be more likely to say:
"This tastes like chicken."
"This tastes like oat meal?"

eduardo minischools (my kindergarten Spanish teacher name)

My favorite foodoir is "Reflexions" by Richard Olney.

RoCK, I thought people were long pig, not long beef?

Jinx, Bob.

You owe me a Coke.


I like the idea of a "Foodoir" as a food lover's boudoir...where a culinary concubine, dressed only in a sheer chemise apron, lures her lover to passion on sheets of phyllo and pillows of pasta. "You are indeed a saucy wench," he whispers as she bastes him with Hollandiase. "Tempting you," she sighs, with a sideways glance at her favorite cook book, "is Child's play."

El Gen - Wow, this is nostalgia day on the blog. First Easy-Bake ovens and Mr. Potato Head and now I've been "jinxed-for-a-Coke" for the first time in years. Maybe decades.

What's next? Is somebody going to pull out a bag of marbles and want to play for sticks of Teabury gum?

Bring it on. I call no steelies.

Wow, MAG. Now I'm looking at my Easy Bake Oven in a whole new light.

Bob, I'm not good at marbles, but I'll take all your gum wrappers off your hands when you're finished with them to make a folded-paper chain.

Laura Lee - wow, another thing I had forgotten. My sisters made those all the time.

Remember how you could fold a dollar bill in such a way as to make a ring, with the number "1" in the corner on the face of the ring.

Jose lyon - Cleatus' Basque name

I have to say I have little experience with marbles from my childhood. And yes, there's probably a joke in there about having lost them -- go ahead and Mad Lib it in yourself.

Although I'm currently looking up specs for one of those folded-paper fortune-tellers.

Maybe we can use it to prognosticate the next Top Ten list or perhaps RtSO's eventual betrothed.

Uh, El Gen, you do know that RtSO has passed on to the Great Blogspace beyond, don't you? And besides, he was totally devoted to Book.

Jonasson accounting: Cleatus's Swedish bureaucrat name.

Maybe El Gen meant Fl Rob (PCB Rob)?

both Midways - Cleatus's Air Traffic Controller name

who, me?

I'm engaged, but we don't have a date set yet. She wants to finish her degree first and since she is going part-time, it will be a year or two.

Hoodown and

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