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November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving sauerkraut makes the national news

When I checked my work e-mail just now, I got a link to an article in USA Today that featured the e-mail writer, Jennifer Regester, among others. It was about that good old Baltimore tradition I've never participated in, sauerkraut for Thanksgiving. I think she was talking about my Top 10; here's what her e-mail said:

I believe last year you had written an article about sides at Thanksgiving and actually said in today’s paper you are doing something different with bacon. I live in Montana but still eat Sauerkraut every year-
USA Today wrote an article about it-and featured this truly unique Baltimore tradition….I wanted to share with you. Although I live so far away, I read the Sun everyday….and am so glad that this made it in-

Do you know that there isn't one picture of turkey and sauerkraut in the Sun's photo archives? Don't you think that says something?

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I will fully expect it to be on my father-in-laws table Thursday.

But then again, we're all Polish, go figure.

We always have sauerkraut and oyster stuffing.

My Jewish mom always had it on our Thanksgiving table. It's a must have item.
As much as the turkey, I think.

My 83 y/o potato-head mom (Belfast) will once again have a great turkey dinner with wonderful stuffing and great cakes and pies. And kielbasa and sauerkraut. My older brother married a Polish girl more than 30 years ago. When my mother noticed how much both families liked the high quality kielbasa from local suppliers and sauerkraut, she added it to the Thanksgiving feast. Just about everyone at the dinner will have turkey and stuffing and kielbasa and sauerkraut.

Much to the dismay of my wife, sauerkraut and its accompayning smell will be served at my parent's home on Thanksgiving.

The flavors in mine are marrying as I write this. I use bacon, a smidge of brown sugar, caraway and--the kicker--beer. It's FABulous! I stole the recipe some years ago from a friend who owned a tavern. I'll grill some Binkert's sausages in a few days and serve the leftover sauerkraut with them. YUM!

Associ- busboy This is something to aspire to?

Always a T-day fave in our house growing up in Baltmore, among my German/Swedish in-laws from Wilmington, and at present-day feasts. And, yes, throw a little pork in there, will you. Some Germans I know call it "the policeman of the stomach," and what better day to have gastronomic law enforcement nearby? Check with Jacques Kelly and Rasmussen. I believe they will corroborate.

Ditto to RoCK's comment. I love sauerkraut, but the wife can't stand the smell.

Sauerkraut has been a staple of my family's Thanksgiving table for years, and we're German/Irish.

I'm going to a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow hosted by Scottish folks, sure hope it doesn't include haggis.

prisms and

How could there be a picture since it's just assumed that there will be kraut with turkey?

My family came here from Virginia and adopted the sauerkraut tradition because it went so well with the turkey, etc. I'm guessing the acid helps cut the richness. My sister's bringing it so I'll be serving it. My husband doesn't like it nor the smell.

Over 10 years ago, when I started attending T-day at my in-laws in north-eastern Pa, I asked my MIL to have it on my behalf, since my family always had it since I grew up in Pikesville. MIL was not familiar with this tradition, but it was ok by her.
Turned out that my brother-in-law's wife also asked for it--- ODDLY, tho, she was raised in Portland, Oregon?
Never got that.

I HATE the smell of it... but longing for things familar made me buy some. If it will actually be eaten, well that remains to be seen. Keeps for a looooong time.

I have to make two big pots with applesauce, onions and beer. One for the meal and then the carry out. In our family it is a great compliment to walk into the house with your tupperware. Growing up we had one small pot with pork tails for my Grand Dad.

I'm from a very German family but grew up outside of MD. We did not have sauerkraut at Thanksgiving. My husband's family, somewhat German, has sauerkraut with sausage every Thanksgiving. I still remember how bizarre I thought it was when I spent my first holiday with them.

Yum! Yum! pig tails and sauerkraut.

I'm German/Irish on both sides of the family. Kraut was there every Thanksgiving.
Just picked up a bag of Kissling's, which I plan to doctor with some pork, onion and caraway.
Happy Thanksgiving, all !

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