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November 20, 2009

One more reasonably priced Thanksgiving dinner

CrossroadsRestaurant.jpgI've come up with one more Thanksgiving dinner that you can probably afford, even if you can't do the $40 fixed-price menus or the hotel buffets that I mentioned in my Top 10 Tuesday.

My daughter and I stopped by the Crossroads Restaurant in the Radisson Cross Keys when she was visiting one weekend recently and had a bite to eat. (The not-so-great art is a camera phone photo by me.)

I was curious about it because I had gotten a press release about its new farm-to-table menu. ...

Crossroads is a nice little restaurant -- more than a hotel coffee shop but not fancy. It's been fairly recently renovated and is cheerful and bright.

Anyway, I see that it will be serving its regular menu on Thanksgiving Day from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., plus a turkey and trimmings dinner, dessert included. The price for the Thanksgiving dinner is $19.95 for adults, $10.95 for children (4 to 10), and kids 3 and under eat free. (Well, I should hope so. Probably on the snacks Mom brings from home.)

After 2:30 p.m., the regular menu and turkey dinner will still be served, but in the bar and lounge area, which isn't a bad place to eat. It will be open until 11 p.m.

I can't speak about the turkey, obviously, but we had a soup I liked a lot, basically roasted red pepper, cream and crab meat; a good salad; and salmon that was fresh and well cooked, but with a sauce that was on the sweet (too sweet) side.

I'd definitely chance the turkey dinner, though.

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CG, the MARTY thing is a joke.

Captcha: structed directly

I wish, but unfortunately I don't think so. At least that's the only comment he's made. I think you're thinking of MARTYCRANE, a regular by any other name. EL

I've been to Dirty Harry's for breakfast quite a few times.
Good prices and good food. They probably do have a turkey dinner for that price.
Captcha: enlisted Reine

As my gift to all of you in the holiday season (that started this year shortly after Labor Day and I predict will stretch all the way to Groundhog Day) I will refrain from Martying anymore.

Although, for the record, the above MartyParty is not mine.

Odie B., you could take a page from Prof. McIntyre* and be fakeMARTY.

*John McIntyre has been posting on Twitter as FakeWardCleaver, FakeJuneCleaver, and FakeJuliaChild.

Captcha: tially hinders

I hope Crossroads still serves their excellent sweet potato fries. The last time I was there my friend ate about half of what came with my lunch.

You were in my hood, and you didn't call. Well, now.

Anyway, I've lived in Cross Keys for about three years now, but I've never eaten at any of the variations of Crossroads.

RoCK, I'm in your hood at least once a month, and I always look for you and Mr. Jefferson. So far, no luck.

Antonioni euros!

Pumpkin pie is my favorite. We go to my aunt and uncle's for Thanksgiving every year where there is always a selection of pumpkin, apple, and lemon pies. This year they asked us to bring a trifle. I dunno.

oops - I meant to post that comment on the holiday pies post. It's been a long day -lol.

Mr. Jefferson frequently walks the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the shopping area does not allow dogs inside that courtyard. If it did, the two of us would have more dining experiences at the Village Cafe where there are outdoor tables.

My DW and I will be enjoying thanksgiving dinner at our daughter's boyfriend's house. Rather than turkey, they will be roasting a goose. I will be bringing the dessert, which will be a pumpkin layer cake (not bread) with maple cream cheese icing, garnished with sugared rosemary sprigs and cranberries. Everybody does pumpkin pie, so I thought I would do something different. I took a bundt version of the cake, with pumpkin spice glaze, to the village center where I work and everybody loved it so I guess I won't disappoint my daughter.

Anyone else wonder why the reCAPTCHA(tm) logo says "stop spam, read books?" If only I could.

RiE, I think it is because this version of captcha uses public domain versions of books available on the Internet to randomly pick the two words we have to type in.

It is just marketing crap.

hershey Scarlatti's

Oh, RiE, your dessert sounds fabulous. I specialize in a pumpkin cheesecake, but your pumpkin layer cake might be even better.

I think Captcha is editorializing now: white sluggers

Dahlink, I wish it were mine. Its on the cover of Paula Deen's food magazine. No, I don't have any pride - I'll take from anybody I can.

RiE--Paula Deen (shudder!)

Lissa, if the Captcha words are randomly picked, will we see X-rated words as well? It really annoys me when I get a word fragment rather than a whole word. For example: sculling nounced

I just noticed that it won't let me copy and paste into that box.

Dahlink, they probably have a list of words not to use.

Copy and paste works for me, probably because I have javascript turned off, so it makes me copy and paste 7 lines of garbage in before it'll admit I'm human.

This wouldn't stop most of the spam we get, though.

This wouldn't be traditional (not traditional American, anyway), but Grace Garden in Odenton is open 11-4 on Thanksgiving.

Interesting. My CAPTCHA(tm) words are

Courrèges noels

But it did not require the accented e (è).

RiE, Captcha is getting into the holiday spirit!

A-Town in Hampstead will be open on Thanksgiving. It's a little hole-in-the-wall place, but the locals love it.

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