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November 12, 2009

Eating with your hands


My daughter, Gailor, called with an idea for the blog inspired by a cupcake.

She described taking the paper off and holding the cupcake in her hand and then -- eureka! -- she realized there was a post on foods you eat with your hands.

"There's an intimacy with your food," she explained, "that you don't get when you have the intermediary fork thingie."

That Gailor. She has a way with words. ...

She has a point, though.  To wit:

* The world is divided into two types of people: those who eat pizza and those who eat pizza with a knife and fork.

* Ethiopian food. Enough said.

* Fried chicken, ribs.

* Corn on the cob, buttered popcorn.

* Ice cream cones as opposed to a cup.

You get the idea.

(Andre F. Chung/Sun photographer)

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 6:26 AM | | Comments (37)


Turkey Legs!

French fries, doughnuts, tacos, T-bones, the whole pretzel-chip family (they're impervious to utensils), apples/oranges/etc., nuts, candy (bars et al), and cigars ... if they count.

sushi! I know there are those who are chopstix fans, but I like hands for sushi.

Plus all those delightful single hot hor dourves, mini quiches, tiny pastries, small knishes, mini eggrolls and the ever wonderful chocolates!


Etiquette permits eating asparagus with one's hands, but I've never understood why. Does anyone know?

pork-chop bones (must gnaw on them)

DBJS, I think it's so you can dip the spears into hollandaise or melted butter. Not sure. I've always had mine served already buttered or sauced.

Olives, grapes, figs, dates.

G. K. Chesterton wrote an entertaining essay on the topic of eating asparagus with utensils or mit out. He suggests it's one of those bellwhethers of manners and is all about who you are trying to impress.

Isn't silver supposed to destroy the delicate taste of asparagus? And we all use the good silver every day, right, not stainless?

Thanks Cleatus. I've provided a link below. Skip to the last paragraph for a good chuckle.

Joyce, try coating asparagus with the tiniest amount of olive oil and roast at 400 degrees until the spears turn brright green.

dbjs, that's even better when done on a charcoal grill

Beef jerky (which is what I had for breakfast, as a matter of fact. Easy to eat while driving to work.)

What, no one said hamburgers--or any other kind of sandwiches--yet?


Steamed crabs, hon!

MMMMMMM, Donuts.

how about a food that you don't eat with any utenils or hands?


Ummm...those shots that the waitress pour into your mouth? I understand details vary by bar.

Wedding Cake (but only if you're the bride or groom)
Bacon, cotton candy, nuts, steamed shrimp
Spaghetti (if you're under age 3)

As for your query unbelievaboh
Dog Food, Cat Food, Bird Food, etc.

This feels like Family Feud, only without the intimate knowledge of Richard Dawson.

I'll go with pigs in a blanket.

Good Answer...Good Answer...

Show me, Pigs in a Blanket.

At a medieval banquet, everything is eaten with the hands. Even the soup; you get big chunks of bread to scoop the stuff out of the bowl.

Also, peanuts, pistachios, popcorn, soy nuts, bananas, apples, pears, peaches, pizza! (although I sometimes use knife and fork) and hot dogs.

very good, ll.

flirv, doesn't everyone consider wait staff to be utensils?

Caesar salad.

B**f St**gan**f

If I were a waiter and someone considered me to be a utensil, I think I'd stick a fork in him.

(From under my desk, with eyes averted)

Trixie, you are a bad, bad girl. No wonder we get along so well.

It's alright Yum, it's safe to come out. Just think of your happy place ( I can only imagine what that might be! ).

Or who, Trixie.

Certainly not a borax snuffing, clam strip eating, mime mauling kind of guy!

Anything my 1-year old decides to consume... including applesauce and yogurt :)

Aly K - Nothing like being grabbed by a child who has applesauce on their hands. It's a bit alarming at first, not knowing exactly what the substance is. The mind just thinks of so many possibilities!


I think nutella is even better eaten off someone else's hands. Assuming consenting adults and all of that.

Spam at 8:00 AM! (Yup, the same French shiller of vitamin supplements.)

unbelievaboh asked: "how about a food that you don't eat with any utenils or hands?"

Apples, as in "Bobbing for..."

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