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October 28, 2009

'Man v. Food' in Baltimore airs tonight



Wouldn't it have been serendipitous if the Baltimore edition of "Man v. Food" had happened to air when we had the Day of Gluttony?

Anyway, it's on tonight on the Travel Channel at 10 p.m.

Here's the episode guide I was sent: ...


"Adam's trip starts with a visit to Chaps Charcoal Restaurant to try a carnivorous creation found only in Baltimore: pit beef. Locals say Chaps has the city's best, and Adam describes this dish as 'the carnivore's dream.' Adam samples the pit beef sandwich which includes a healthy serving of bottom round on a kaiser roll, topped with tiger sauce (mayo and horseradish mixed together) and onions. If that isn't meaty enough for you, there's always 'The Raven' (named after Poe, of course). This sandwich includes pit beef, corned beef, and turkey topped with barbecue and tiger sauce.

"Next up Adam gets crabby at Obrycki's Crab House. In Adam's words, 'Here, crab is king.' Some even argue they have the best crab cakes in the country! They do have an interesting method for making crab cakes, which makes this claim plausible. Adam also gets to cook and eat their famous steamed blue crabs.

"Finally, Adam heads to Steak & Main for the 'Great Steak Challenge.' I'm not sure 'great' describes just how massive this challenge is. Adam has one hour to eat five different cuts of beef (74 ounces total) and one pound of sides. Two dozen have attempted this feat, but only four have succeeded. 'Wanna know where the beef is? It's on the battlefield.'"

I'm reading this episode guide and sort of nodding off and suddenly -- Whoa. What the heck is Steak & Main? I'm always surprised when I find out about an established area restaurant I simply hadn't heard of before.

Also, is it just me or is that a really strange quotation at the end?

(Photo: Adam eats the Raven with Chaps owner, Bob Creager. Courtesy of the Travel Channel)

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Steak & Main? I haven't heard of it, but the Google says it's north of Havre de Grace ... and I'm not sure how I feel about that being included in a "Baltimore" episode.

If you watch the show, you can hear Adam in your head when reading that, sounds exactly how he narrates his show.

maybe thats just me...

I wish he had chosen different locations than Bourdain though, kinda lame seeing the same location profiled twice with in a span of a few months on the same channel! Especially since it ISNT the best pit beef we have to offer!

And I though he went to Chick & Ruths?

Just check your 8/30 post, must have been for C episode. Sucks for them!

"Wanna know where the beef is? It's on the battlefield."

Ah, yes. The battlefield. Reminds me of this classic Bert and Ernie skit:

My friends and I randomly wandered into the "Steak & Main" after a round of golf at the Chesapeake Bay course in Northeast, MD. It had very good food and did have an a little thing about Man v Food. It does seem a little strange for it to be in the "Baltimore" show since it is probably closer to Philadelphia than it is to Baltimore.


b- He went to Chick and Ruth's as part of the "washington" episode.

Steak and Main in on Main St. in Northeast, MD. Great food & Sunday brunch with Bloody Mary Bar!

nothing against obrycki's but NOT OBRYCKI'S....!!

I just watched John Candy put down the Old 96er a few days ago - what timing. I'm intrigued by the Steak and Main challenge.

It's too bad that the TV personalities keep hitting up Chaps. It's good, but we are not a one note BBQ/grillin' town.

Chaps DOES NOT have the best pit beef in Baltimore and it has to be stupid locals who haven't tried a sandwich from anywhere else.

Their pit beef is fatty and tough!

Jen, where do you recommend?

First, I want to say that I'm a big fan of Man v. Food and No Reservations.

But I second the frustration with shows visiting Baltimore and going to the same old places over and over again. Nevermind that these places tend to NOT be the best restaurants in Baltimore. If I have to see one more show host go to Obrycki's and proclaim it the best around (I'm looking at you Oprah...can't even remember the name of the darn place and yet she says it's the best around; embarrassing for someone who lived here for several years and supposedly loves the place).

I also second the frustration with shows going to restaurants outside Baltimore (and Washington) and grouping it under a "Baltimore" episode. Northeast, MD is not Baltimore. Annapolis is not Washington. Why not just go to some place in Harrisburg? I mean, it's part of the Baltimore metro area, right?

Typical Baltimorons.. They're unhappy cause the main place was in havre de grace. Hello? it's free media coverage. Do you really think the inner harbor tourists that spend millions are going to get in their car and drive to Havre de Grace. Just say thank you and move on.

you mean you didn't read my comment when you approved it when i mentioned steak and main in the heart attack on a plate post?

and chaps is still one of my favorite pit beef, Jen. Where do you recommend over that? Just cuz it's in front of a strip joint (which nobody on tv ever mentions...i wonder if tourists ever get a little shock... driving by gentlemen's gold club, and completely missing chaps) doesn't mean the meat's bad =).

not a huge fan of obrycki's with their pepper seasoning, but eh.

Matt, 61,601 comments and counting. Forgive me. EL

I really don't understand the fascination with this rte. 40 local? Maybe it's just tough beef and hookers?

Spam on the 5:34 AM comment. Although points for trying to tie it into the topic we are actually discussing.

I don't know of any places locally that have big food or super hot eating contests so I couldn't think of a single place that I would send Adam.

Back in the day, Father's Icecream on Frederick Road would have been the place though. He'd never get through that sundae they used to serve that had like 20 scoops of ice cream!

Best BBQ: Andy Nelson's on York Rd
Best Crabs: Anywhere but Obrycki's and Bo Brooks

I've been seeing a lot of complaints about his visiting places outside of the main city, first DC (Annapolis) and now Baltimore (Havre de Grace). Do you people understand the point of this show is the eating challange, not a balanced view of the cities restaurants? The truth is, without the Chick & Ruths/Steak & Main challanges, he probably wouldn't have visited either DC or Baltimore! So, for those that are complaining, do you know of a restaurant in Baltimore City officially offering a similiarly difficult food eating challange?

I agree, the pit beef at Chaps is tough and fatty. Where is the spot for pit beef??? I do not put pit beef in the same catergory as BBQ...they are 2 different things. Secondly, I wish all these food shows would stop visiting and recommending Obrycki's and Bo Brooks as excellent crab houses, they are nothing but tourist traps. My first stop for steamed crabs is Bill's Terrace Inn or Costa's.

I love that Adam wore a "Carcetti for Mayor" shirt in the first segment of the show.

Since this was the "Baltimore" episode, he must have known beforehand that our mayor sucks to the highest degree. Good for him!! I will def be paying attention to that when I catch the episode.

I've been to Steak and Main in North East a few times, but not lately. I remember having some very good lamb there.

In many ways Cecil County doesn't really identify with Baltimore. I worked up there for years, and I found the cultural identity was more aligned with Wilmington, DE and Philly. The people up there are actually Eagles fans.

I've mentioned this before, but for pit beef, the Charcoal Grill on Old Harford Road/Putty Hill is great. Just had some the other night with their fries, yummm.


I was at Chaps when they filmed and after the crowd dissipated I spoke with Adam and complimented his shirt. He said that he was a huge fan of the wire and he wanted to incorporate all of these shout outs into the episode but he was vetoed.

I let him know that I actually have Omar's trench coat in my closet (true story) and he was so excited he called his producer over. He was very generous in our conversation and we got a great picture together.

I absolutely love Man v Food, and would buy Adam Richman a beer(s) any day of the week. But here's what reallllly rubbed me the wrong way. He goes to Obrycki's to learn to crack crabs and they only focus on the claw meat? WTF? Even the owner of Obryki's saying that Marylanders know that the best meat is in the claws? Seriously?

"Since this was the "Baltimore" episode, he must have known beforehand that our mayor sucks to the highest degree. Good for him!!"

That's it Babs, you gotta know firsthand that a city runs honest politics before earning a paycheck by gorging cheesesteaks and omelets.

Pit beef- The Canopy on rt. 40 in Ellicott City is far and away the best. I've eaten roughly 435,000 pit beef sandwiches in my life and I have yet to find one better. There's also a good stand on Rolling Road just outside of Security that is only open lunches. Chaps is ok, but there are definitely better choices.

Crabs- Canton Dockside is relatively new but they have yet to disappoint. Heavy and fresh all the time. Crab soup (MD, cream of or bisque) is high quality as well. Obrycki's is more of a name at this point; very average at best.

I find it amazing that I've never heard of Steak & Main and will definitely need to go out there shortly. I'm a little worried about my lack of self control when it comes to steak, but I suppose I can't hurt myself any more than I did at my last Fogo de Chao outing.

Obrycki's is depressing, who ever decorated it must have been having a major bout of depression.

The "old" Obrycki's was OK, and I believe the crabs were better there too.

I know a lot of people don't agree but I think Bo Brooks is very good. The crabs are always hot, heavy and fresh. Plus sitting on the deck watching the boats and the water is enjoyable.

There used to be a place down on Ritchie Hwy called Henny Mack's that had the best crabs ever. But they are long gone now.

Shill spam at 6:37 AM!

Jack Z., I do agree with you about Bo Brooks. My problem with them has never been the crabs it's the PRICES ever since they moved to chi-chi-ville!

But, having said that the food is always good and the wait staff at least adequate if not excellent. And, as you pointed out sitting on the deck is quite a pleasure.

It's just the heartburn that occurs afterwards when the bill comes!

Psul_D -- I'll take gorging cheesesteaks and omelets over a moronic thief. Thanks.

I agree that Chaps is not the best pit beef.
There is a pit beef trailer just off of Washington Blvd, About 1/4 mi. west of Caton Ave. It's in an industrial park across from Walmart. I eat there frequently and always love it.

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