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October 23, 2009

Gailor's Halloween costume dilemma



As bill pointed out, today's blog entries featured gluttony. Which brings me to Gailor's Halloween costume dilemma.

She's thinking of going as the Seven Deadly Sins.

No, not all of them. She would be Envy; she has something nice in green to wear. She's hoping to find six friends to go in with her on the costume.

When Gailor first told me her idea, we tried to name the sins without looking them up, and I was surprised how badly I did. I think I got four of them.

They are, in case you don't know and don't want to bother to Google, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, Greed and Gluttony. ...
One of her friends is going to put on her pajamas and join her as Sloth. Lust won't be any problem, and I suppose you could dress up as a banker for Greed.

But Gluttony...someone who's willing to go as Gluttony is going to be hard to find. And I'm not sure what the costume would be.

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Posted by Elizabeth Large at 7:53 PM | | Comments (16)


Hi Elizabeth,
I looked up your blog for a restaurant recommendation but I love the bit about Gailor's costume dilemma. I always imagined the seven deadly sins marching across the stage when I read Dr. Faustus in college.

Yes, we're not so good on restaurant recommendations here, but you can learn a lot about medieval drama. EL

Gluttony...snack continuously. Stuff a pillow under your shirt. Done.

I can't decide whether I'd rather be Wrath or Lust. Middle age crisis there, I guess.

"I can't decide whether I'd rather be Wrath or Lust. Middle age crisis there, I guess".

Oh yeah, Lissa, I'm with you on this dilemma!

There's no point wasting your time on Wrath.

But wrath = rant, and a really good rant is soul cleansing. And an added bonus: a really good rant sometimes ignites Lust.

I love this blog!

But a really good rant can lead to gluttony, too. And lust can lead to gluttony, which would just be lovely.

With this weather, though, the big temptation is sloth.

I was going to mention this last week in another thread but ince you have brought up the general topic:

The author Lawrence Sanders and especially as evidenced in this book "The First Deadly Sin" was a gastronome. Read this thriller and enjoy entire chapters describing what the protagonist had for dinner including the preparation and the shopping (even the mental conversations while selecting the ingredients).

Not a bad novel in it's own right too.

Perhaps a Bernie Madoff mask for greed maybe..or a
Gordon Gecko mask
Donald Trump..
Leona Helmsley..
etc. etc. etc.
Not a real exclusive club!!

Gluttony wouldn't be all that hard as Lissa pointed out. Rather than just a pillow though, get a "fat suit", like the one Gwyneth Paltrow wore in that movie with Jack Black.

Speaking of Ms. Paltrow, she was in that movie se7en, that was all about the Seven Deadly Sins.

How many women do you know in their 20s who want to dress up in a fat suit (or even a pillow) and party? EL

For Gluttony, perhaps just eating a ripe tomato with seeds and juice running down her chin.

(I was aiming for disgusting on a modest scale.)

How many women do you know in their 20s who want to dress up in a fat suit (or even a pillow) and party? EL

True, I guess you have me there. But it would keep the menfolk at the party guessing though...

To further Prof McI's idea, Gluttony could be carrying a tub of butter or lard with a spoon in it. They wouldn't necessarily have to eat it. Or if they did want to eat, maybe a huge bag of Doritos, pork rinds, or how about cans of Cheez Whiz that they could fill their mouths with from time to time?
I know, that is gross, but isn't that what gluttony is?

When I first started going out with my now "significant other" (come on, can't we come up with a better term for boyfriend for mature adults???) his favorite snack was spray-on cheese which he sprayed directly into his mouth, followed by a cracker. After repeatedly complaining about how disgusting this was, one day I said "gimme that cheese" and, I hate to admit this, it was fun! It felt so disgustingly gluttonous (if that's a word).

A couple years later, I noticed he'd stopped buying spray cheese, and asked why. He said "you told me it was disgusting". Whuh??? I don't know which is more remarkable: that it took a couple of years until he listened to me, or that he listened to me at all!

Anyway, yeah - carrying around a can of spray cheese is a great (and simple) Halloween costume for Gluttony!

Better than spray cheese, use a can of Reddi-Whip. Tastes better, and you don't need the crackers.

Next year, Gailor and her friends can go as the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Short straw has to be the Colossus of Rhodes.

A bit late, but for the Deadly Sins, you only need 6 people. When people ask, "where's sloth?", you simply say he couldn't be bothered to attend.

Brilliant! EL

Cheap Jim--wow!

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