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October 11, 2009

Tailgating at a Ravens game

Tailgating.jpgUnder my post on 100 things every foodie should do in Baltimore, bob posted this comment:

... I would say go to a GOOD tailgate for a Ravens game. We make the top 5 every year in lists of places with the best tailgates in the NFL. I have seen some not so traditional tailgate items being cooked at some.

Posted by: bob | October 1, 2009 8:57 PM

I didn't realize there was a list of best NFL tailgates, let alone that we made the top five.  ...

I just looked through our archives and didn't come up with a story about the list. However, Kevin Cowherd did write something on Ravens tailgating in '05, specifically on a couple of tailgating brothers, Marc and Gary Scher, who call themselves the Poe Brothers.

Here are their tips for a great party. I do like the part about no fondue:

"Don't get too fancy: In other words, be sure to serve tailgate-friendly food. Avoid anything that has to be cut with knife and fork, or foods that are a hassle to eat.

'This is tailgating, it's not sit-down dining,' said Marc Scher. 'Most people are standing and eating ... [so] you want something you can hold with one hand.'

Ham on fresh rolls, meaty ribs, big crackers that can be raked through the crab dip - these are all proven winners. They allow people to eat and talk football at the same time.

'Some [tailgaters] will have crabs,' said Gary Scher. 'But that's a social thing. When you eat crabs, you're concentrating on crabs. But this is about Ravens football.'

In a sense, the Poe Brothers' menu philosophy can be summed up in two words: no fondue.

'We tried it once - it didn't work,' said Marc Scher. 'Too messy. Too hard to keep hot.'

Don't be predictable: Try to come up with a new wrinkle for each tailgate party.

For the Poe Brothers, this often involves a surprise on their menu. Marc's Tailgate Tenderloin was a recent surprise - and a big hit - as were the fried oysters and flank steak they've also trotted out.

Around Thanksgiving, they might even serve turkey with all the trimmings.

'We like to keep [guests] guessing,' said Gary Scher.

Don't forget your guests: A tailgate party is about more than just the food. It's also a great social event.

'We always mingle with our guests,' said Gary Scher. 'We try to give everyone a little personal attention.'

This extends down to the 20-ounce plastic beer cup that each guest receives, complete with his or her nickname and jersey number on it."

(Unfortunately, there wasn't a photo of the Poe Brothers that I could find. The one above had this caption: Jim Weslow is the "grill-master" holding the beef and rump roast he is about to grill for his friends Richard Osman, Kelly Myron (seated) and Jerry Kossol before the first regular season Raven game of the year. Gene Sweeney Jr./Sun photographer)

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 6:13 AM | | Comments (9)


I tailgate before most games and usually bring kabobs. You can do the work (cutting, marinating, and assembly) ahead of time so at the game you just grill. They don't take alot of time to cook and you can choose an endless variety of marinades (teriyaki with ginger & sesame, BBQ with homegrown hot peppers and Old Bay, fresh herbs & lemon are some of our favorites). Go Ravens!!!

this is way off topic, but I thought I'd clear the air a little bit. I am leaving Abacrombie. my departure is strictly for personal reasons-a recent death of someone very close to me has made me feel the need for some time off to decompress ans reboot my systems. I do not know at this point where or what I will be doing next. thanks for all of the support everyone has given these past couple of years, I hope it will continue with my next venture, whatever that may be. -JS

Happy trails to you, Jesse, and good luck in your future ventures.

Ms Sandlin, we all have times like that. I hope you get things sorted (I'd recommend a trip to Iceland, but I'm crazy). Please let us know where you land.

Not to by the resident cynic, but how do we know this is her?

I've been "quoted" by EL as an authority for the Pappas crabcake but it wasn't me.

And it happened again after that.

Call me a skeptic, but I've been called worse.

Jesse, if it's you, tell me the name of the bike maker's place I last saw you at. On the real. EL, is this good authority, I demure. But you know where I am coming from.

If you can do that, it's true. It's just too easy to take a blog post as fact if there is no e-mail link or some other identifier as such.

Perhaps I'm too demoralize after Cincinnati beat us but you know how I want more proof than a blog post that someone is leaving.

Please forgive the spelling above and syntax; but mucinex + tea + a beer or get the drift.

But the point remains.

Where is your identifying e-mail that you always give me now if this is you? EL

I'm not sure who Chw is, but the only bike maker's place I have been recently would be chris bishop' is me. thanks again for the continued support. I'm going to vacation in Australia. I have a good friend there....-JS

yep jess, that be it...

ok, I'm on board.

sorry to hear you're leaving.
enjoy your trip!

sorry about not including the e-mail el, but it was a rough day yesterday. Illness came out of nowhere and smacked me in the face.

I just want you to know I'm ever alert, protecting your nom de blog. EL

I do not usually have the time to read blogs that are off my main interest. But I ran across this post while looking for articles on cycling. Not quite what I was expecting but overall a pretty organic post.

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