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October 30, 2009

Dishes with an Egg on Top: Trend of the Year?



While many people at the Sun laugh at me as I try to come up with new and exciting Top 10 Tuesday topics that aren't so arcane only four people will call up the list but don't totally compromise my principles (Top 10 Crab Cakes, the Winter Edition), Editor Amanda actually sent me six excellent topics.

Of course, four of the six we've already discussed here, but not this one: Things with Eggs on Top. ...

Last January Bon Appetit magazine declared a poached or fried egg on top of anything -- hash, polenta, pasta, pizza, salad -- "The Trend of the Year." Where do they come up with these things?

Oh, wait. Bon Appetit is published in California. 

You would think by now if it's the Trend of the Year it would have made its way to Baltimore. And I have seen a pizza with an egg on top on some menu around here. I just can't remember where.

One thing's for sure. Even with your help I don't think I'll be able to come up with 10 dishes that have a poached or fried egg on top that are served in Maryland restaurants.  

(One of the featured culinary dishes on "The Taste of San Francisco" is Warm Ham and Cheese Toast with a Quail Egg on top made by Chefs Steven Rosenthal and Mitch Rosenthal from Townhall restaurant. AP Photo/San Francisco Chronicle, Craig Lee)

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It's looking so delicious. But I am pure vegetarian. So I can't eat it.

A vegetarian who likes spam?

Your comment was so funny I couldn't kill out the spam; I just took out the URL. I wish I'd read your follow up comments on the other ones before I killed them out. EL

Egg on pizza at B&O...Egg on burger at Abbey Burger Bistro.

The trend is aliiiive.

Shill spam at 7:05 AM!

Back on topic -- Iggies' current Pizza of the Month is PIzza Colazione, with scrambled eggs, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, and goat cheese. And, if I recall correctly from prior D@L posts, Abbey Burger Bistro had a burger with an egg on top.

Several years ago I had a frissee salad with poached egg at Petit Louis. Delicious.

i recently had smoked haddock with colcannon. it was topped with a poached egg and holandaise. absolutely delightful.

A fried egg on a burger has been around for years (ask anyone who went to college in Charlottesville), but the egg on pizza at B&O is definitely new. And delicious.

I have had an egg on top of corned beef hash at the Double T, but that's about as sophisticated as I get.

Egg on pizza isn't new. I had it in Paris around 1986 or so.

I like an egg, over medium, on top of an order of biscuits and gravy.

i suddenly have a serious hankerin' for some chilean sea bass with beluga caviar topped with a poached pacific sea turtle egg. droooooooool.

mmmmm, can't go wrong with eggs. Nature's perfect food.

Last week, while in New York, at Roc in Tribeca, I had an asparagus parmigiana dish with prosciutto and a fried egg on top. Terrific combination.

Taverna Corvino served a poached egg over roasted asparagus during the summer. There are a few places that serve it over salad, I think.

Lentils with a poached quail egg and crispy ham at Isabella's in Frederick. I always get it. I make it at home with a chicken egg and cheese grated on top.

Anything with a fried or poached egg on top goes really good with Beaujolais.

Glory Days in Towson has been serving a burger with a fried egg on top for at least a few months, I think. Yick.

I have been eating egg on pizza for a while is called breakfast pizza.

most mentioned so far are pretty tradiditional applications of a poached egg....warm bacon frisee salad...corned beef hash...burger egg sure aint new...and of course steak tartar...nothing wroth with these, freakin delicious.

me love egg lots, I want to hear some new applications. Never had it on pizza, sounds yummy. How about an over ez egg on a cheesesteak sub, or a poached egg on a tuna sandwhich?

Just recently had black bean soup with poached egg on top at Azul 17. I love runny yolks.

Just had a poached egg on top of a salad at Abacrombie. Not my thing...I left it at the bottom of the bowl.

I'm just not feeling this trend. Just my opinion, but I think poached and fried eggs should remain a breakfast food.

Eggs - Gack

This is hardly a "new" trend, though it might be one on these shores. Back when the Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo, there was a recurring bit included in the banter amongst the late-night "B" team commentators and hosts. It seems that in Sarajevo at that time, it was very common for the restaurants to put a fried egg on top of almost anything, and the hosts and reporters had a wonderful time with an on-going "can you top this" list, sometimes with photos or video footage, of things they had been served with a fried egg incongruously plopped on top. I don't recall specifics, but I do remember that at least some of the items reported left me slack-jawed.

Nearby, Iggie's special pizza of the month with scrambled eggs has been mentioned, and Joe Squared did a weekly special a while back that included raw eggs put on top of the other toppings (don't recall what else was on it) before the pizza went in the oven and the eggs came out baked/fried.

I've had egg yolk on top of pizza at Mario Batali's place in NYC. Other than that, the best egg on anything is the egg burger at Bruce Lee's @ the Cross St. Market....heaven for a glutton

I've had steak and egg and burger and egg at several places around town. Rio Lisboa always had beefsteak and egg as one of their best sellers.

I'm not thinking I want to try pizza and egg but who knows? I never say never as at one time, I swore that I'd never eat raw fish!

The Eichenkrantz Restaurant on Fagley St, guess they are still there, serves Schnitzel Holstein which is a piece of veal, fried and has a fried egg on top. Haven't been there for years, but, it used to be amazing.

I love fried and poached eggs. When I was a kid they were called "dippy eggs."

You can order a burger from the Hamilton Tavern with an egg. Garlic soup sometimes comes with a poached egg. I do have a hard time seeing an egg on a salad, though.

I was in Japan in January. Does omurice count? Because it's delicious.

Take two hamburger patties on a toasted bun (open face), cover with chili (beans optional), top with fried eggs and cheese. In St. Louis it is called a slider. The true breakfast of champions. Also very good at closing time.

Bi Bim Bop always has an egg on top. Delicious.

my favorite dish with a sunny side egg on top- fried rice at Woodberry Kitchen

There was a dive restaurant in Farmville, VA where I went to college called "The Hitchin Post". They served something called the "Scooter Burger" - cheeseburger with chili, mustard, cole slaw, and an egg on top.

Best dish with an egg on top in Baltimore - the warm frissee salad at Petit Louis.

Gosh I'm making myself hungry.

... Crab Cake with an Egg on top! duh

that's not too far off from the soft shell shirleyfeller at ms. shirley's. except that it's a soft shell on top of an egg round, on top of tater hash smothered in chipped beef gravy. now i'm hungry!

Recently my husband ordered a dish at Abacrombie that had a poached egg on top. Well, it was what I called "Tuna Benedict". A slab of seared tun with a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce on top. My husband enjoyed it. I think it would be too much for me...

I blame the trend on "Julie and Julia" -- the scene where she poached the eggs it instilled a craving in me that I've yet to satisfy -- I've had more poached eggs in the last few weeks than I think I've had in my life. And more butter. Mmnmmm.

Egg is delicious on pizza. We have it on the crab pizza and, for Sunday brunch, we make a breakfast pizza. Its not a trend, its just a pizza.

I love a fried egg on top of a Caesar salad. I make it at home but I would order it if I saw it on a menu. So I'm happy to hear of these salad with egg on top offerings.

The Europeans have been doing eggs on top of everything forever!!

There's a great dish called Pete's Delight at the Lemongrass Restaurant in Crofton. Chili basil garlic sauce, sauteed red and green peppers, minced chicken, a fried egg on top and rice on the side. Only available in Crofton and people love it.

Got some bacon risotto at Joe Squared. Reheated the left overs and put an over easy egg on top the next morning. Awesome!

I think we discussed "eggs on top" after Elizabeth's trip to Italy. Or maybe it was my trip to Italy. I'll bet hmpstd can tell us.

I was afraid of that. EL

There was a dive restaurant in Farmville, VA where I went to college called "The Hitchin Post". They served something called the "Scooter Burger" - cheeseburger with chili, mustard, cole slaw, and an egg on top.

As a Hampden-Sydney alum, many a day I ate at the Hitchin Post.

On campus there was/is the Western Burger, which was a burger with bacon, egg and cheese.

Late Night Burger at the Red Star-served with a fried egg on top-the ultimate hang over helper....

Nik, over easy, poached, and soft-boiled are still called "dippy eggs" in my house; I love 'em all. My favorite egg-topped dishes, though, are corned beef hash with poached eggs and Eggs Benedict -- gotta love eggs topped with good eggy Hollandaise. YUM.

On a Holland America cruise in the 70's, an Indonesian dish called Nase Gorang (sp?) came with an over-easy egg on top. It was FABulous! It was my first adventure in "exotic" food, and I'd pay good money to find it again.

Just had a Croque Madame @ Regi's

Wine Market has a burger with an egg on it on their Sunday brunch menu.

Dahlink, while I am mindful of EL's fear (whether of me or of prior D&L posts is unclear), I'll bite.

So far, the earliest D@L egg-on-top comment I have found was from February 2008, in a post by EL on Pizzeria Mosca on LA. In that comment, Owl Meat Gravy complained about Paris restaurants' habit of serving pizza and other dishes with an egg on top.

If any egg comments were made in response to EL's posts from her Italy trip (September 2007), I didn't see them. Also, I can't recall when you went to Italy or commented on your trip. Can you pinpoint any dates on your own trip or comments?

Don't make me laugh out loud this early. After 3,172 posts, I can't remember which ones I did last week let alone three years ago, so any time I say we haven't talked about something. I shouldn't. EL

hmpstd, I'm with EL on this one! But thanks for checking! As our secretary of state said recently, I'm looking forward, not backward.

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