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October 1, 2009

100 things every foodie should do in Baltimore

EatBerthasMussels.jpgSometimes I have such brilliant ideas I amaze even myself.

In this case, I told food editor Sarah KK that I was going to come up with 100 things every Baltimore foodie should do at least once to deserve the name.

And by "I," I mean "we."

Then she can use the list as a centerpiece for the Taste section. ...

As long as you keep the suggestions coming, the story will practically write itself.

Now these are not necessarily gourmet experiences. They can range from ordering a snowball with marshmallow on top to discussing a bottle of wine with Tony Foreman.

They need to be things that are quintessentially Baltimore, like "Eat Bertha's mussels" (no matter what you think of Bertha's mussels). They don't have to be unique to the city, but they do have to have some important connection. You can't just say "Eat heirloom tomatoes," as good as that advice might be.

Do we put some weird condiment on something that no other part of the country does? That would qualify.

I'm going to get the two obvious ones out of the way, just so you can be more creative:

1) Have a crab cake from [go ahead; fill in the blank]

2) Pick steamed hard shells at Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn.

Now it's your turn.

(Kim Hairston/Sun photographer)

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have Old Bay on things other than seafood. ie- corn on the cob, potato salad, coleslaw, etc.

Berger's Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corned beef on rye at Attman's.

Chiapparelli's house salad.

Knock back a goblet of Resurrection Ale at Brewer's Art.

Have a Pit Beef sandwich at Boog's during an O's game.

Sorry about the double post, kept getting error msg.

Sauerkraut with your turkey!

Soft crab sandwich on white bread.

Mary Sue Easter Eggs.

Thrasher's french fries from the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. Also some Candy Kitchen fudge and/or salt water taffy.

Tio Pepe sangria (red). (It contains fruit so it counts as food!)

Gravy on your fries!

Polish Sausage from one of the two Ostrowski shops; German sausage from Binkert's

I'll suggest Sunday brunch on the terrace at Ambassador Dining Room, an atypical setting for an Indian restaurant.

On a beautiful day, of course!

Dinner on an early summer evening on the patio of The Ambassador Dinning Room.

get some Utz potato chips to munch and don't forget some tastycakes.

Get a chicken box (fried wings, western fries, dinner roll) from a Baltimore City public market


breakfeast w/ scrapple or creamed chipped beef (the s.o.s)

This is "journalism"???

Didn't your write a post a couple months back about losing your prominence as a food critic?

This is a perfect example of why you've lost that prominence.

Oh, come on, Jay C. Don't be so grumpy. You know you want to play or you wouldn't keep coming back. :-) EL

You have to get a Popular Mozzarella Pie from Matthew's Pizza! Try their gelato while you're there, it's great!

Find a place that still serves coddies.

Lake Trout. And for those of us that watched The Wire, have a grape soda with it.

Jay C. could use a refresher for his Dale Carnegie course.

All-lump crab cake at Faidley's

Fisher's popcorn downy ocean hon!

brunch at Blue Moon Cafe down at Fell's

Incur the wrath of know-it-all Jay C.

Have a coddie and coke

Take the Clipper City brewery tour.

Eat a egg custard snowball with marshmallow on it.

Get peach "cake" from a local bakery.

Off the top of my head, two extremes:

Have a Snowball from a roadside stand on a warm summer evening.

Have a special occassion dinner at Charleston.

Wander through Belvedere Market, ordering a soup at Atwater's, a piece of salmon at Neopol, etc.

Browse the downtown Farmer's Market.

Try some of the special flavors from Taharka Bros. (formerly Sylvan Beach) ice cream and Pitango Gelato.

Savory muffins at Red Canoe.

Indian food & a milkshake at Tamber's.

Eat appetizers at the Helmand.

Shop for shoes AND chocolate at Ma Petit Shoe.

Sunday morning stroll through the JFX Farmer's Market

Hey Patty,

Utz & Tastykake are both Pennsylvania products. I know they've been adopted by Baltimoreans but I wouldn't include them in things that are quintessentially Bawlmer.

How about some soft shell crabs & Natty Boh instead?

Eat a Wockenfuss caramel apple! Mmmmm

Have a Black Eyed Susan cupcake at Charm City Cupcakes. Its one of my favorite things about Baltimore!

Thin crust pizza! Iggie's and Joe Squared.

Make fun of greasy hipsters at Golden West & Rocket to Venus.

Change your mind about vegan/vegetarian food at Liquid Earth.

Cross Town Burger and Brewer's Art beer @ Hamilton Tavern.

Actually, you could also make visits to all of the Brewer's locations - Brewers (duh), Annabel Lee, and Hamilton Tavern. Um... are there more? For spite, you could go to Dionysus as well!

I've heard great things about the Charcuterie at Clementine.

Hey William Penn's ghost,

Natty Boh is brewed in North Carolina & distributed by Pabst (HQ in Illinois).

But since you're a ghost, you probably remember when it was from Baltimore.

WPG, Utz chips are from Hanover, PA, which is closer to Baltimore than it is to Philadelphia (or any other big city).

Natty Boh, on the other hand, hasn't been made in Maryland in years.

Get fruit & veggies from an arabber. Drive longingly past the former locations of Little Tavern. Help yourself to whatever's in the crock pot at your corner bar on football game days. Get a Pollock Johnnie's with "the works." Wash oysters down with a tub of beer at Cross Street, or walk down to Steve's Lunch Counter and order cheese and b'loney with extra b'loney.

I'm not sure if it's a Baltimore thing or was just a family tradition, but when we were kids my mom used to drive from Columbia to Brooklyn Park for Luckie's lunchmeat as a special treat. It always tasted way better than any from the regular supermarket.

Throw in a shrimp salad from Kibby's and/or Mary Mervis.

And for those looking to go old school, have a shot of Pikesville Rye.

Oysters and beer at Cross Street Market!

Before I finished reading the post, the first thought in my mind was "eat somewhere other than Baltimore."

I consider myself a foodie. You can put "Baltimore" in front of that only because I've lived here for 43 years. I've had the crabs, the pit beef, the Berger cookies, the snowballs. What else is there that is quintessentially Baltimore?

Smith Island Cake, but only from Sugarbakers.

Gorge yourself on the Monday night all you can eat at Vaccarro's.

Veal Chop at Da Mimmo.

Roasted Vegetables at Donna's...wearing black.

Sip N' Bite.

Eat at a diner with good Indian food (Tamber's).

The Double T may need a mention as well.

Have an oyster on the half shell @ Faidleys.

Drink a shot of Vivitias (or however you spell it) from Harbor Way Inn or the Lithuanian Hall. Try not to touch too much in the Harbor Way. That's load bearing dust.

Nosh on some Cowtails Candy from Goetz's.

Find some place that makes sauerbraten. Enjoy the hell out of it. If all else fails, wait until spring and have it at the church across from City Hall.

Eat some pit beef from Pulaski Highway. Not endorsing anyone in particular, but avoid Chaps. Guy Ferrieri went there, probably still has grease stains all over the place from that day.

Make your own crabcake.

Try to feed Peter Angelos some humble pie.

Brewer's, Hamilton Tavern, Annabel Lee, Chameleon Cafe, Parkside, and Clementine all have some kind of attachment, past or present. Wow, that's stacked heavy in the northeast.

Have a Black Eyed Susan at the Preakness.

Have a Polish sausage from Polock Johnny's.

serve sauerkraut at Thanksgiving... may not just be Bmore but it is definitely done more here than any other are that I know

I didn't see these:

**TV dinner at the bar at Henningers
**Butcher's Hill Cheese Steak (Or any other sandwich) at DiPasquales (Highlandtown location)
**Greek Salad at Samos (or just going to Samos)
**Bookmaker Salad at Sabatinos

theminx, sounds like this list might be able to help you out!

chw, thanks - forgot about all those connections!

Get a crabcake and a lemon/peppermint stick at the Flower Mart. Isn't a fabulous crab cake, but even an average crab cake in Baltimore is better than anywhere else!

Eat crepes for dessert on the back deck at Crepe du Jour.

Eat at the Maryland Food Pavilion at the State Fair (I know, Timonium...but you can at least get there via light rail from downtown Baltimore!)

Oh, how can I forget!

Order any sandwich at Trinacria.
But no calling ahead to order like I do. You must wait in line for the full effect.

Get a b'loney wrapped hot dog from Attman's.

A refinement to dinner at Charleston: don't order from the menu, just ask Cindy to fix what she thinks is best that night.

Love this idea, EL! Here are few:
1.Have the macaroni & cheese with chocolate at Jack’s. Yes, its strange but it works and Baltimore foodies appreciate the innovative concept.
2.Sip a Bloody Mary with a Old Bay rimmer. I only see this done at Baltimore restaurants
3.Pig out at Nacho Mama’s with their crab quesadilla and hubcap margaritas. I dare someone to name another city that has a restaurant that serves drinks out of car part – so Baltimore. While you are at it, have your pic taken with Elvis. I hope he is allowed to come back on the sidewalk soon.
4.Enjoy a meal at Salt
5.Try to shrimp salad at Mamas on the Half Shell
6.Order the popcorn and deviled eggs at Woodberry Kitchen. Before your appetizers, not in lieu of.
7.Order the sweet potato fries at Annabell Lee Tavern.
8.Celebrate a special occasion at the Oregon Grille in Cockeysville.
9.After a night out in Harbor East, head to the bar at Cingiale for desserts and after dinner drinks. The desserts are wonderful especially the Tiramisu (not sure if they still have it on the menu).
10.On a crisp fall evening or cold winter night, have dinner at Petit Louis and order the stake frites or salmon. The atmosphere is comfortable, cozy and perfect for cold weather.
11.Have lunch on the patio at Sanders Corner overlooking the Lock Raven reservoir
12.Try to perogies at Ze Mean Bean and save room for a slice of their homemade pies. The strawberry rhubarb pie is delicious.
13.Head to Carroll County for the best cream of crab soup at Smokey’s BBQ on Liberty Road (only served on select nights but truly the best in Baltimore)
15. Head to Dipasquales in Highlandtown for their Italian and meatball subs.

Eat the Berger cookie pie at Dangerously Delicious Pie in Federal Hill. A new tradition built on the old.

How anybody in this town can go more than a week without eating at DiPasuqles is just not something I understand. I have a hankering for a sausage and peppers sub right now!

Eat a box of Rheb's buttercreams. Not at one sitting, of course...on the other hand, why not?

cheeseburger @ the poncabird pub

captain harvey's cheesesteak

fried chicken livers from lexington market

bagel with lox & cream cheese from greg's

....just to name a few

on another note: does anyone know of anywhere that has outstanding eggs benedict?????

Late night stop at Paper Moon.

chocolate butter creams from Rhebs

Eat a chicken box followed by a slice of coconut cake downed with pineapple soda.

Warm mozarella from Mastellone's

A Godfather sandwich from Canella's

A dozen donuts from Geresbeck's

A bucket of popcorn at the Bengie's

Read Dining@Large.

oysters at lexington mkt, mussles at the fells point festival, tamales from the food truck on broadway, cappucino from daily grind, breakfast at blue moon, onion rings from burkes, birds nest from ding how, gnocci from amicci's, coddies on a cracker from a row house bar, crab cakes from timbucktu, avoiding phillips, foie gras from ironbridge wine co, bookmaker salad from sab's, try all 65 mustards from the deli at the tremont, mile high nacho's from nino taco, mashed potates (or anything) from gecko's, gumbo from sisson's (I refuse to believe it is gone) chopped salad at outback, chocolate truffle at the wine company, I could go on but I gotta go to work.

stone mill bakery
one straw farm
gun powder bison

Wander aisles of exotic produce -- lychees! jackfruit! Indian eggplant!-- at H Mart or Lotte Plaza in Catonsville. Eat some yummy bi bim bap or udon soup at the food court and then pick up a beautiful fresh whole fish for dinner before you head home.

Go to a bull/oyster roast or crab/shrimp feast at any number of Baltimore venues as long as you go to at least one at a V.F.W hall, American Legion, Steelworkers Hall, Fire hall, State Park, etc.

By the way, this is a Baltimore tradition that I miss terribly here in Florida.


And, now, a place I'll never go!

and at 12:56 X 13

steamed crabs w/ MD corn and tomatoes in August !

Have a CMP at Woodberry Kitchen.

Chicken and savory waffles at Miss Shirley's.

Lemon stick at the Flower Mart.

William Penn's ghost ,
NOOOOO. You've crushed me. I ALWAYS thought they were Baltimore's thing.

Sit at the bar at Cinghaile and order anything. Talk to Rob about wine when Tony isn't in town.

Have a Big Beer at Cross Street Market with soft shell crab sandwich.

Order the rock shrimp over blue cheese grits at your suite for the O's game.

Have Cory make you a drink at Woodberry and eat local oysters.

Have some Butter Chicken at Mirchi Wok in Columbia.

Hmmm, getting to 100 with 15 repeated spamming doesn't count!

That's where the editor (me) comes in for the actual story list. EL

um....cannoli from Vaccaro's in Little Italy

- Prime Rib at the Prime Rib

- Cheese selections at Petite Louis

- Chaps Pit Beef

How about the fried green pepper rings at Gunnings!!

Get a pint of Key Lime Pie from Taharka Bros.

Drink a pint of Guiness and listen to irish music at J.Patricks

Eat a chicken box with Sunny Sauce at Sunny's Subs

Maybe the chicken box should be from Tyrone's?

I'm with Nik on the baloney-wrapped hot dog from Attmans.

Adding to the list: a cheesesteak "sub" --- served with lettuce, tomato, raw onion and mayo. Nothing like anything you'd find in Philly.

Have the Huevos Montulenos at Golden West.

Indulge in dessert as big as your head at Vaccaro's.

get a pretzel dog in fells point hon!

I've really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for the memories and wonderful suggestions!!

A snowball (preferably thick chocolate with marshmallow) at Walther Gardens.

Pit beef from anywhere without a door.

Have the Maryland Tots at Alexander's in Fells Point!

Rum Balls from Glauber's

Three Pint Pasta (hots on the side) at Red Brick Station

Prime rib from Williamsburg Inn on Pulaski Highway.

A spinach pie and Greek salad from Box Hill Pizzeria.

One other I thought of - Late Night Dinner at the Bel Loc Diner.

Kill a human being.

What? That was weird.

Oh, I thought of a good one, call on me!!!

Eating a "Tour of Samos"

Having a PBR and oysters at Mamas, ummmm Tour of Samos, soo good

Go back in time 50 years because most of the things a true Baltimorean should enjoy are gone, made someplace else or replaced by pretentious posers imported by what Charley Eckman called "experts".

Get the fresh roasted turkey sandwich at Krausses at Lexington Market. Pick up some fresh-roasted peanuts while you're at it.

Get any hot sandwich at Isabella's.

Eat sushi in Towson.

Order the Chocolate-Chili Bread Pudding at the Blue Agave.

Eat anything on the menu at Andy Nelson's.

I could go on, but I'm getting hungry.

I concur with what Paul Wiliams wrote.

Gil's Pizza!

Gils? They're good and all, but go up the street and do it right at Frank's!

Go on a taste of Fells Point; sample appetizers at Meli, then on to the back patio at One Eye'd Mikes, then for dessert Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding at Ale Mary's. All such different atmospheres within a few blocks, all delicious food!

Mustard on those elusive coddies.

Those little meringue cookies at Patisserie Poupon. Raspberry or coconut...yum.

The potato leek soup at Slainte.

The oyster appetizer at Henninger's.

The leek tart at Chameleon Cafe.

A ham salad sandwich from Mueller's.

"on another note: does anyone know of anywhere that has outstanding eggs benedict?????
Posted by: ed"

Have you tried Eggspectations? I'm not an eggs benedict person so I can't comment on them specifically, but the egg dishes we got there were good.

Paul W and Donny B, you are technically correct about Baltimore's food traditions of 50 years ago disappearing, but the same can be said of any city and any era. In the 1940s, H.L. Mencken probably waxed nostalgic about the Baltimore dining institutions that fell to the Great Fire of 1904 or to Prohibition. New Yorkers of the same era likely bemoaned the closing of the original Delmonico's, scene of Diamond Jim Brady's greatest gluttony. Elderly Parisians probably thought that Maxim's became a tourist trap with the German occupation of the 1940s followed by the American tourist invasions of the dawning jet age. And so it goes.

Those of us who weren't in Baltimore 50 years ago can't recreate the past. The best we can do is to try to discern that which is best of what remains available today.

Schmearcase from Hoener's. Sour beef dinner at a church.

A foot long everything from Anne's Darie Cream

An iced cold beer served in the stands by Fancy Clancy at an O's game...

A dinner for a group of friends at Antrium in Tawney Town

and blasts from the past:

A nice steak at Pierces Plantation to celebrate your birthday,

A yard of beer from the Owl Bar

A monte cristo sandwich at 2am from Gampy's

Shrimp toast from the Sea Girt House, tell um Charlie Eckmen sent ya!

A "I hope to get lucky tonight" romantic dinner for two at the JE Howard Room

Egg rolls from Jimmy Wu

A dog "wit da works" from Pollock Johnnies

A slab of ribs served by Homer from Dixie Pig

A pint and a shot served by American Joe

Gee, the postings have made me terribly homesick and very hungry.

A coddie on crackers with yellow mustard, and a 6oz bottle of ice cold coke.

Fresh shucked oysters at Faidleys in Lexington Market. As I remember the fellow shucking 'em could keep them coming as fast as I could slurp them down.

Thanks EL this has been a great read.

I was going to say the bookmaker salad at Sabatinos and I would say go to a GOOD tailgate for a Ravens game. We make the top 5 every year in lists of places with the best tailgates in the NFL. I have seen some not so traditional tailgate items being cooked at some.

EL, you should release them 10 at a time, that way you get 10 articles. On an unrelated note, one of my best friends came up with the Berger pie at Dangerously Delicious.

Pizza from Pizza Johns, in Essex!!

String bean rolls @ Cafe Zen
Garlic fries @ Brewer's Art
Pretty much any sandwich from Eddie's of Roland Park and having a picnic at Ft. McHenry
Getting your birthday dessert FREE @ Vaccaro's!

Nice lists, everyone! Thanks for the ideas & memories.

Eat a Cheeseburger Sub at Palmissano's on Harford Road

Peach cake from Woodlea Bakery.

Steamed shrimp from Kisslings.

Gravy fries.

All the basic food groups right there.

Macaroni and Cheese with Bittersweet Chocolate from Jack's Bistro.

Crab Nachos from Nacho Mama's

One more I forgot, chicken salad from Graul's Market!

Sushi and sapporo at a picnic table inside Cross Street Market.
I second the garlic fries at Brewer's Art!
Attend a weekend event at Boordy - Soup in the Cellar is a good one!
Pizza and beer at Pub Dog.
Brunch on Saturday at Whiskey Island Pirate Shop, Waverly Market with Mick T. Pirate!
Fried pickles at Pickles!
A snow cone purchased from any picnic table at any corner in Pigtown!
Dinner at the Camden Club before an O's game.
Egyptian Pizza before a movie at the Senator.

Jerry Da Bud Man,

I like your suggestion of getting a beer from Clancy, but let's not overlook some of the other "old-timers" who began at Memorial Stadium and are still slinging suds at Camden Yards. Getting a beer from Greg S., John O'H, Howard, and Ronnie (in addition to Clancy) is a highly recommended way to connect to a time and a stadium long gone, one in which the Orioles were perennial winners and had some of the most boisterous fans in the majors.

Old-fashioned Maryland stuffed ham served with homemade, buttered biscuits.


My top ten; no order
1- crab cake from Faidley's
2 - berger cookie from Lexington Market Berger's shop
3 - any and all of the fresh Bread from atwaters
4 - coffee from Zeke's
5 - apples from Reid's Orchard at JFX market
6 - Anything at Woodberry Kitchen
7 - smoked platter from Neopol at Belvedere
8 - Taharka Bros. Ice Cream. All of it.
9 - Stone Mill Bakery Brownies
10 - Mozz/Pesto sandwich on foccacia at Trinacrias

--have a cup of coffee at baltimore coffee and tea with you-know-who

A Coke (in a REAL glass) and a cheeseburger at the sit down counter of Woolworths.

A Big Champ burger and onion rings @ Champ's (route 40) on a Friday/Saturday night while watching all the muscle cars cruise round and round.

Some penny candy (that really did cost a penny) and homemade ice cream @ Schaffer's after school on Main St. in Reisterstown (I think it's now a Ski Shop?).

Oh, eat Sylvan Beach ice cream - the cake batter & key lime pie are amazing.

Oh, howie. The dream lives on.

Dahlink and Howie - LOL!

From the do it yourself school....I am kind of a white collar redneck...but it is so easy to be one in Bmore :-)

Catching your own crabs on a trot line in the Severn River, cooking them in your backyard by steaming them in a 6 pack of beer after coating them with JO #2 and then sitting on your screen porch with friends and a case of Boh to smash and gab!

Trolling up a 30 lbs striper a mile from Annapolis, marinating the fillets in Wishbone Italian, grilling them until they flake and then eating fish the same day it is caught....this is close to Heaven!

Gunning a brace of puddle ducks in Chestertown on Sat morning and then
having duck la'orange (sauce includes Grand Mariner) on Sunday during 1/2 time of a Ravens away game.

Got goose gumbo?

and think....all of this within a little more then an hour from the wonder it is called the land of Pleasant Living!

Almost forgot......a staple of all east baltimore family gatherings...

raw beef and onion sandwich with raw yellow onion and salt & pepper on fresh rye bread

One more....

oyster shooter at Mcgarveys in Annaplois

this is funnnnnn

Meal in a basket @ Alonso's

one more..

Greenberg Potato Skins from Prime Rib, truly before there time (at least before Friday's and Apple Bees "invented them" in the mid 80's)

Choose from three Korean restaurants in Station North.

Have a "Big-Ass Pork Chop" at Sobo Cafe.

Go to Wine Market on a Monday night and enjoy a neighborhood discount (extended to all diners).

Eat a meal prepared by chef Edward Kim. I know he's not often in the kitchen these days, but everthing he prepared at Soigné back in the day made me swoon.

Buy paczki and house-made kielbasa from Krakus Deli.

Eat at Feast at Four East; stroll in their garden between courses.

Buy a crepe at Sofie's and enjoy it while watching a movie at the Charles.

Enjoy donuts from New System.

For those with enough cash, commission a cake from Charm City Cakes.

Enjoy Italian soda and free live music at Cyclops bookstore.

Have pizza and catch some free Dixieland swing on First Thursdays at Joe Squared.

Ack, sorry about the duplicate post.

I just thought of one more: eat ice cream that contains vegetables, at Dominion Ice Cream in Charles Village.

Jerry, I'm with you the raw beef sandwich, but please, it is served on pumpernickle not rye.

1. Naron candy
2. Polish dog with "the works" at Polock Johnny's
3. Italian Cold Cut sub at Pastore's in Towson
4. Crab cake and/or raw oysters at Faidley's

Parkville Dave, Gil's was my first pizza over 40 years ago, and it's still THE best!

Bryanintimonium, Pappas Seafood in Parkville has delicious coddies. You can get em raw or cooked.

Andrew, you're right about Walther Gardens snowballs, but HUSH ... nobody else needs to know!

Fresh peach cake at Hoehn's Bakery. When peaches are out of season, get the donuts.

Neptune salad or souvlaki pita at Samos.

Flaming saganaki at Ikaros

Lunch at Eastern House--that won't be possible for much longer because it has been sold, alas

automatic weapons at the Utz stand in Lexington Market

Robert, and do not forget to put butter on the pumpernickle bread before you salt and pepper it to taste!

jerry da bud man, ever see someone put salt & pepper in their Bud? That seems to be a Baltimore thing too.

Margarita in a hubcap from Nacho Mama's

Borrow a car. Drive south to 1) enjoy a pit beef on the picnic benches outside Pioneer Pit Beef, 2) spend an afternoon shopping at the H Mart and Hanoori World in Catonsville for everything from bento boxes and seaweed to whole fish and Asian fruits and vegetables, 3) grill your own meats at Shin Chon Garden in Ellicott City, 4) buy house-made tortillas at Lily's Mexican Market in Columbia, and 5) stop for a milkshake right out of the 1960s at the Duchess in Ellicott City.

Is there a place near Baltimore that serves Maryland stuffed ham? I thought I had to make it myself, or drive to St. Mary's County if I wanted find it on a menu. Do tell!

* Berger cookies
* Cheesesteak from Maria's
* Colossal crabs eaten on the deck at Bo Brook's at sunset
* Eclairs from Fenwick Bakery
* Utz chips, although from PA, should accompany ANY Baltimore sandwich
* Route 40 Pit Beef
*Tio Pepe's Sangria, Seafood in Champagne Sauce and a Spanish coffee at the end
* A celebration at the Prime Rib
* Pizza and Italian Cold Cut from Matthew's

We had a potluck at work today. One of the guys brought in Berger cookies and got a big laugh by labeling them "low fat."


foot long dog or cheesesteak with fries and a shake from ann's dairy creme in glen burnie.
pizza john's in essex.

Wiener Schnitzel, Red Cabbage, and more at Eichenkranz in Highlandtown. The last traditional German food in the city.

Tableside service by Fernand Tersiguel at Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant in Ellicott City. Must be on a Saturday night. Crepes Suzette is a must.

Order a crab cake from Brewster's Saloon in Glen Burnie and dip each bite in Old Bay.

Chocolate eclair from Puff's and Pastries in Hampden, on the Avenue, 36th St, right beside Ma Petite Shoe, where shoes and chocolate is the thing!

Rheb's chocolate-covered caramels and vanilla butter creams.
Anything from Egon Binkert.

I notched 16 out of 100. ouchy. But I've only been here for 3 years...

I would add:

Chicken Burrito at Cinco De Mayo in Highlandtown. It beats any other burrito I've had in Baltimore. Which is a lot.

Getting a sausge and egg sandwich from Jimmy's while working at O'Mally's lumber company in Fell's Point in the 70's

Prime rib from the Prime RIb

No. 59! EL

a beef brisket sandwich from attman's

and a box of chocolates from Rhebs

Your rule that it must be “quintessentially Baltimore” must have been taken to be very restrictive by the folks who responded to your request. If not, Ann’s Foot Long Chili Dogs would have been at the top of your list, or at least in the top ten. Any eatery that has a mall entrance built around it, rather than being bulldozed down, is certainly a place the public treasures.

My wife and I make the almost 100 mile round trip several times a year to eat the food we enjoyed so much when we were dating, and we’ve been married over 40 years.

Joe in Jarrettsville

Steak Frites then Fried S'mores @ Jack's Bistro.

Joe in Jarrettsville, Ann's Dari-Creme and its hot dogs have long received rave reviews on this blog. While I can only speculate as to why it was omitted from the most recent list, there may already have been hot dog sensory overload from the mentions of Attman's and Polock Johnny's.

income-A kiddos

Mothers Heart Attack on a Plate.....yummy!!

Mothers Heart Attack on a Plate.....yummy!!

Does one have to be a glutton to be a foodie?

Constance duster

Mini donuts and Zeke's coffee from the Baltimore Farmer's Market, with mushroom fritters to take home for lunch!

Zeke's coffee isn't nearly as good as High Grounds in Highlandtown, and those donuts, while attractive, are typical.

I'm with you, though, Katie-O, on those mushroom fritters. They'd never make it home, though. Those are amazingly good.

This would be great as a google maps project, too.

As a Baltimore Girl who's been in Georgia for the past 10 years I'm homesick just reading everyone's lists - so here's what we miss the most down south - at least we can get Goetz's Caramels here:

Milano's Pizza in Parkville
Utz's Crab Chips
G & M Crabcakes
Rheb's Chocolates
Andy Nelson's Pit Beef
Corner Stable
Cream of Crab Soup at Ocean Pride
Fishers Popcorn
Thrashers Fries
Sauerkraut Polish Sausage & at Thanksgiving & Christmas (no one could cook it as good as my mother-in-law)
Sabbatinos Salad
Memorial Stadium to Camden Yards - A Hotdog a beer from Clancy
Hard Shell Crabs/Sweet Corn & Tomatos
Will always miss Easter dinner at Pierce's Plantation

to answer Ed - who has good Eggs Benedict: The Milton Inn

More Bests:
Pre-dinner crackers: Pazo
Brie & Shrimp stuffed Salmon: Rusty Scupper
Mexican: Mari Luna's on Reisterstown Rd.
Lobster Mac & Cheese: Crush
Sushi: GreenLeaf (Hunt Valley)

Oh for days gone by. Lunch at Arthur's Bakery on Eutaw Street., Or A Gino's Giant!

I can't guarantee, but I think I'm hitting 40 out of the 100, with a couple on my "to do" list...........

I think this is a brilliant idea. I've lived in Baltimore my whole life and I've never been (or heard of) some of these places. It is my 2010 New Year's resolution now to visit or revist all of the places on your list! I'm excited!! Thanks so much!

Kim, please report back on your quest from time to time!

My Hawaiian Chicken wings. You will never go back.

captcha: Harry cornered

One thing missing from all the lists, and I too am pining for the old days: ANYTHING from Marconi's!

Chw, I know where Gil's Pizza is but I can't locate Frank's.

how did i miss this? you should go hang out at baltimore tea and coffee.

howie, dear, just don't get picked up for stalking!

I saw this in the paper and me and two girls from work are going over the list tonight and we are going to start one a week for the next 2 years to finish this list....what a great way to squeeze in a girls night every week.
By the way I work at G&M Restaurant..,....The best crabcakes in Baltimore
Stop in, ask for Nikki and have a crab cake and one of our 40 some desserts.

Congrats on this latest listing ...your list has taken an immediate [albeit large] spot on our frige. I know you'll be getting a million other suggestions as to what/who was overlooked so what the hell, here's mine.

I think I'm a closet Italian Cold Cut Sub Junkie ... this perhaps dating back to the Maria's in Arbutus from my UMBC days ... they made a great Toasted Italian Cold Cut Sub and it's been a fetish of mine ever since.

Witness that, of your entire listing, my eyes skimmed and stopped right at # 77!

I've done Pastores... nice but, until you've had a toasted Italian Cold Cut w/ LTM (hold the oil & onions... business day/customer thing) at Vito's in Cockeysville, you haven't lived! Indeed, I wear dark glasses, turn up the volume and pretend to look at the Jags/Rovers across the street so as to ignore/control my addiction as I motor past on York Road.

And this from one who has dined in some pretty nice places from around the world ... Europe, Asia, Australia/NZ ... yep, Vito's get's my nod ... I'm drooling already ...

Enjoy a FRIED HARD CRAB (only in/around Baltimore!)

Sea King carry out (part of Crab Shanty) in Ellicott City still makes a good one.

Also Stoney Creek Inn..

Don't forget about a meatball sub from Gianni's on Washingotn Boulevard.

I found the addresses from most locations on the list and used the URL to create a map and list combination if anybody wants one (see link). My wife and I are working our way through the list.

Cool, Kent. I think you've got a few that weren't mentioned on there, too. I especially like that some of them have hours.

I saw this article, and drove to Chestnut Avenue to buy a burger cookie pie for Dangerously Delicious Pise, and IT IS OUT OF BUSINESS!

I saw this article, and drove to Chestnut Avenue to buy a burger cookie pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies, and IT IS OUT OF BUSINESS!

Carl Lamy, the Dangerously Delicious shop on Chestnut Avenue closed some time ago. Indeed, Grano, the restaurant that took over the space, was reviewed in The Sun last November.
I'm puzzled by why you went to Chestnut Avenue at all, since neither of the two references above to the cookie pie mentioned Chestnut Avenue. Indeed, the only specific geographical reference was to the Dangerously Delicious Pies Federal Hill shop. Considering that this blog post dates to last October, I think it would have been prudent for you to check their website before driving on a fruitless trip to a place that wasn't mentioned at all.

Moved to Wildwood, NJ over 20 years ago and people here think we are crazy that we eat sauerkraut with turkey. But they serve chicken salad with their fried oysters. We thought that was strange but it's a Philadelphia thing!

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