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September 15, 2009

New Fells Point tapas bar to open soon

Here's the latest on Adela, the Spanish tapas bar that the Kali's Restaurant Group will be opening in Fells Point in the next few weeks. Thanks to 21224 for sending me the link.
Posted by Elizabeth Large at 11:44 AM | | Comments (20)


I thought Sam said the Kali Group was opening something at the former Admiral's Cup...?


"Located on the South Broadway side of the Admiral Fell Inn, Adela is the latest brainchild of Kali's Restaurant Group"

Oops, I guess I mean Nope. I knew it was something to do with an admiral...

Super excited about this. I really miss the awesome Spanish tapas restaurants I fell in love with in Chicago - Cafe Babareeba, Cafe Iberico, Emilio's. Pazo doesn't cut it for me, and I hope Adela steps up to the plate.

They have bought the Admiral's Cup, but that building is going to take at least 2 years to get it ready.

If they can match Emilio's I'll be there every weekend.

Hi-thought you might like this scoop from our latest e-news: Tavern on the Green LP, operator of the 75-year-old restaurant in New York’s Central Park, sought bankruptcy protection after losing its lease on the city property to a higher bidder a month ago.

The restaurant’s name, valued at $19 million and in place since its founding by Parks Commissioner Robert Moses in 1934, now will be sold to the highest bidder in bankruptcy court, according to Keith Costa, a lawyer for the bankrupt partnership. and locally: RESTAURANT OPENINGS: Cafe GIA's-the Italian CAFE in Baltimore's Little Italy writes us with scoop that Chef Gianfranco joins her team! "Cafe Gia welcomes the newest addition to our talented culinary team, Chef Gianfranco Fracassetti. Gianfranco comes to us originally from Bergamo Italy, via several high profile Italian restaurants (most recently Pazza Luna who also announced a new chef on its team!) in the Baltimore area. Chef Gianfranco's exquisite knowledge of the Italian cuisine, combined with the great food, vibe and energy offered by our current staff at Cafe Gia Ristorante, will surely make an even greater culinary statement in Little Italy. Come and experience our food, our ambiance, and our " culinary family", only as Cafe Gia can offer it. Benvenuto, Gianfranco ["cicci"], e "cent' anni"! Gia-- Footnote Scoop--And, most exciting news also, Gia finally has her liquor license approved! Just had a

FABULOUS GRAND OPENING of alizee bistro and wine bar orchestrated by its new well-known and regarded Executive Chef Chef Christian deLutis, (worked at Harbor Couurt's Hampto's, Dogwood Cafe and Woodberry Kitchen) Daniel Raffel and Steve Warrick. Guests savored homemade pate, suckling pig, steak tartar, excellent wines. We enjoyed a warm welcome from hotel and restaurant owner, Richard Naing and his beautiful wife. Enjoyed catching up with the Inn at The Colonnade Execs GM Steve, Amy O'Connell and Tammy Stone, Girard and Gayle Billebault, Bonjour & THE FRENCH OVEN Bakery, as well as media folks.

Patti @ 8:11 AM, had you bothered to pay attention to this blog (instead of endlessly flogging your own blog), you would have known that your alleged scoop on Tavern on the Green was covered in this blog, by none other than EL herself, six days ago. EL also covered the Cafe Gia liquor license in this blog seven days ago, and she covered Alizee in her Table Talk column in this morning's print edition of The Sun.

Frankly, I am getting tired of your lame posts and endless self-promotion. If you want to post news, make it new news for a change. Othwewise, we have no reason to look at your blog.

hmpstd, they were scoops of gelato.

Please try again, Owl Meat/Camille -- your gelato line wasn't all that funny.

Um, melted gelato?

Whoops -- it seems that I assumed (incorrectly, as it turns out) that Owl Meat and Camille were one and the same person. My apologies to all concerned.

hmpstd-sorry it was so long-i actually went to the grand re-opening and thought it might be of interest. will keep posts shorter. anyone going to Dining Out for Life tonight Sept 17?

Harbor Couurt's Hampto's
Where is this?

Hampton's, now closed, was the fine-dining restaurant in Harbor Court in the Inner Harbor when it was an independent hotel. Known for its extraordinary service (and prices). Galen Sampson of Dogwood was the executive chef there for awhile. EL

Zagat Losing Ground to Online Rivals--From Paul Tharp of the New York Post: After failing to sell their guidebook empire for $200 million, Upper West Siders Tim and Nina Zagat are not only putting off their retirement plans, they're struggling to keep it afloat. Over the last three decades, the pioneering Zagats — he's 69 and she's 67 — have turned a hobby that started in a Manhattan apartment kitchen into a brand that sells millions of books, reviewing eateries, hotels and leisure spots in 104 countries. But it is losing substantial ground to online rivals, including Chowhound (and aka CITY PEEK) and Yelp, said a source familiar with the matter. Sales are down dramatically, said another source inside the...
Are you kidding me? This woman entered her company name on the NY post entry? Whoa! Where does it STOP?

Excellent catch, hardtoplease. I checked the NYPost article on Zagat (available at this link), and, while it cited Chowhound and Yelp, it contained no mention whatever of Patti's blog. For the record, her use of parentheses around her blog name does not imply that the text was inserted into the original story; hard brackets, at the least, would need to be used.

It's one thing to quote a newspaper story and to give full credit therefor, which, as I've noted, EL takes great pains to do. It's another thing entirely to take one's own third-rate blog, insert its name into the newspaper story, and create the false impression that the blog name was in the story all along.

EL, I knew who it was, nut just considered, if this woman has spell check. They say it doesn't matter what press they write, as long as they spell your name right. This blog thing she does is garbage; she doesn't spell things right and the grammar is abominable!
HMPSTD, what a mess that is! I can't imagine the endless self promotion of this thing! Let's just stick with EL. THat's all we really need!

and it is a far cry, to call her PRESS. I didn't mean that!

hardtoplease, that's why D@L is The Only Blog You Will Ever Need. This is not to say that other blogs aren't also worth at least the occasional eyeball (think Midnight Sun, or You Don't Say), but all good Sandboxers should come back here.


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