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September 25, 2009

Looking for bananas Foster



Megan is looking for a place that has bananas Foster on its menu. The only two restaurants I can think of, and dessert menus can change any time, are Louisiana and Rusty Scupper. Rusty Scupper actually has a bananas Foster station at its Sunday brunch.

I wish I had more than just these two to offer her. If you know of any others, please post below.

The first time I had bananas Foster was at Brennan's in New Orleans when I was a little girl. Of course, they seemed like the most glamorous dessert imaginable. ...

I think almost as important as the bananas and the rum is to have a black-tied waiter creating the dessert at your table, cooking the bananas, brown sugar and butter; pouring on the rum and setting it afire; and arranging the hot, rich concoction over vanilla ice cream.

(Amy Davis/Sun photographer)

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Thank you Elizabeth for putting this out to your faithful blog participants! My boyfriend is a huge fan of this dessert and I would love to find a place to get it for him for his birthday (Oct 9). Thanks again!

My experience with Bananas Foster at Brennan's was also memorable...but not in a good way.

They almost set my wife on fire when preparing it for the table next to us! Some of the piping hot sauce came out of the pan and landed on her blouse (fortunately, not her skin).

She was fine, and the reaction of the staff was very professional. They paid for the cleaning of the blouse, which I'm happy to report was saved...

And Steak Diane too?

As hard as it is to find waiters capable of the minimum basics of table service and now you want to raise the bar even higher? ;)

(I can be snooty on this because I have done both and man what a pita it was)

I had bananas Foster once at the Manor Tavern -- table service and all -- but that was several years ago and I haven't been back since it's far out of my way. I suppose one could call and find out if they still offer it.

Also, it's not Baltimore, and it's not exactly traditional bananas Foster, but the District Chophouse in DC has a fantastic, huge Belgian waffle topped with bananas Foster on their Sunday brunch menu. I can barely finish it all but usually stuff it down anyway because it's so delicious.

The only place I've had banana's foster, and still will get on occasion is Ruths Chris Steakhouse on water street. it's not on the menu, and you have to get at least 2 servings (10 bucks per person).

it's not on the menu, and they haven't done it in the past if the dining room is jam packed (though i don't expect that would be a problem nowadays).

They also do a cherries jubilee, but i prefer the pure sweetness vs the tang of the cherries.

they won't do it in the pierV hotel. only water street.

Most timely. I just made Bananas Foster for company last weekend. Sis is lactose intolerable and there aren't many desserts I can make to deal with her issue. Bryers lactose free ice cream is tasty. P.S. I didn't do the showy table side prep but it was still a big hit.

an alternative (and imho) a better variant:

use FRESH peaches and Frangelico over serve over french toast made from fresh local crusty bread with vanilla ice cream and black coffee. mmmm yumm.

These are really not that difficult to do at home... but please be careful at the open flame stage.

It's my girlfriend's favorite too.

We've had it locally at Louisiana and also Ruth's Chris on Water Street. As Matt said above, it's not on the regular RC dessert menu but it's almost always available ... and delicious.

The Havanna Club used to do it.Upstairs from R/C Water St..
F A B U L O U S !

Is that restaurant Copeland's still around? I think it was in Columbia. They had bananas foster a few years ago.

According to the Copeland's website, they DO have Bananas Foster on the menu.

I did not wait to check the dessert menu at Copeland's a week ago. It was too loud, a combination of the fellow diners, somewhat open kitchen, and the music selection. My boyfriend and I escaped after dinner.

I was at Rusty Scupper for brunch last weekend and, alas, no Bananas Foster station. I would have gone bananas for it. Sorry.

While I am late to the party on this one, Clarence's Taste of New Orleans in Edgewood has bananas foster as a recurring special. He does a competent version of the dish.

He also makes a corn and crab cream chowder that is out of this world good.

Banana Foster is part of the waffle and omelette station at RUSTY SCUPPER brunch, every Sunday 11-2 PM

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