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August 25, 2009

Jordan's employee files criminal charges

The Howard County Times is reporting that a kitchen worker has filed criminal charges against Jordan Naftal, the owner of Jordan's Steakhouse in Ellicott City, for failure to pay some $2,000 in back wages.
Posted by Elizabeth Large at 3:27 PM | | Comments (17)


This really is the only blog I'll ever need.

good for him/her, I wish I could file on the 3 restaurant owners that still owe me money. criminal charges? I don't know much about law but is that really a criminal case? I don't wish having to go to court on anybody, but I have seen this alot in my career. the most notable was a grand old restaurant in Westminster, who's name escapes me. it was a pre-civial war victorian house converted into a beautiful restaurant, right on main street complete with ghost sightings. the owner left for florida in the middle of the night and the staff showed up the next morning for work to a closed business. I wish I could remember the name of that place, it was at least 15 years ago or better. I didn't work there but I did work for the auction house that came in an took everything for the creditors sale. the staff still didn't get paid just the creditors.

Its funny, this guy owes everyone and anyone money, but he has the finances to open a new restaurant in a high-rent district, leaving his employees, his landlord, and his purveyors hanging.

Years ago I entertained working for him but the rumors of bounced and late paychecks made me look elsewhere. Glad I did.

I hope that this person, and everyone that Jordan Naftal owes money to files charges. We have a term for unpaid work-- slavery. And that was outlawed many, many years ago.

The Howard County Times article references the judgment recently obtained by Howard County and the two tax liens recently filed by the Comptroller.

Out of fairness to Jordan's Steakhouse, it should be noted that this past Monday (8/24), the County had the judgment revised to correct the amount due to $820 (plus $75 court costs).

Also out of fairness, it should be noted that on Monday 8/24, the Comptroller filed a third tax lien against Historic Hospitality LLC (Jordan's parent company) for about $21,000.

"the most notable was a grand old restaurant in Westminster, who's name escapes me."

cockey's tavern?

oops, that was me.

We could probably have told. :-) EL

wow...this sounds exactly like the Dogwood. They did the same thing to their employees.

But, no one will talk about that because they think they are such caring people.

Think again...

Anonymous @ 6:02 PM, if an employee should file a claim against the Dogwood for seven week's unpaid back wages, it would probably get the same level of media attention that has been focused on Jordan's of late.

I just think its wrong for a restauranteur to close up shop in one place because the botttom line isn't there and open a place somewhere else, leaving the employees at the former place in the lurch.
They have a responsibility to these workers to pay them for hours worked. If not a legal responsibility (and it should be), certainly a moral one.

oh well, that's just me.

Jordan knows what he (almost) paid his people -- he figured none of them could even afford a lawyer.

I see where the chef from Dogwood is doing a sustainable fish dinner at the Aquarium. Was he one of the owners?

he was a dead bet when times were good, i was one of his suppliers

hey EELover, to which dinner are you referring? I heard that was cancelled- if we're talking about the same event. I could be mistaken.

I mean...isn't Dogwood closed? How can it be the same chef?

yumyum (and EEL), the Aquarium's website is still selling tickets for the 9/22 sustainable seafood dinner with chef Galen Sampson from the Dogwood.

The last time EL reported on the Dogwood, they were closed at least for the month of August, but were still hopeful of reopening in September. I'm sure that EL will update the news as it develops.

There is a posting about the Aquarium event on the B'more Green blog, which, by the way, could use some love. Meredith and Tim write on some very good topics but get hardly any comments.

Mary Roby, I have read the B'more Green blog. It's informative, relevant, and up-to-date. I was cheered to see some comments posted by our own NotableM and Donna Beth Joy Shapiro. But it looks like one of those blogs where people only comment if they have something to say.

I was thinking if the chef is one of the owners and they really do owe alot of emplyees money maybe they could all show up and picket the event. If he is not one of the owners then they most likely owe him money too.

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