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August 16, 2009

A local version of Top Chef at Roy's



Now here's a strange event if you have $85 to spare and you're a fan of Top Chef.

Three students from the Baltimore International College culinary school will pair off with local chefs in a cooking contest at Roy's in Harbor East tomorrow night, Aug. 17.

For your $85 (excluding tax and tip, of course), you get a five-course meal, including food prepared as part of the competition. The dishes they create will have to be Hawaiian fusion cuisine.

I can't imagine how that works, and I'm not about to call anyone early Sunday morning about the press release, but maybe someone who's going to go can fill us in. ...


Jeff Sarzyuski, Lisa Davis and Rachael Brosh are the students; chefs Jesse Sandlin of Abacrombie Fine Foods (who is actually on Top Chefs this season), Nino Germano of LaScala Ristorante, Franklin Thomas of the Westin Hotel, and Rey Eugenio of Roy’s will work with them. I'm not sure why there are four chefs, but anyway. The prize is an internship working with Roy’s chefs.

If you have a culinary competition, you have to have celebrity judges, right? The ones tomorrow night will be Reagan Warfiel, host of Jojo, Reagan & the Mix Morning Show; Downtown Diane, entertainment reporter for 105.7 FM; Rodney Henry, owner of Dangerously Delicious Pies; Anita Marks, host of the MASN’s Anita Marks Show; and FOX 45 reporter Myranda Stephens. 

The event is called the Aloha Kitchen Challenge, and Roy Yamaguchi himself is coming to town to oversee it. Your dinner will consist of one course from each of the competing teams, one course from Yamaguchi, and one from the Baltimore restaurant's head chef Rey Eugenio.

Reservations are required. I really hope that someone who does this will report back.

(Photo courtesy of Roy's)

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Well, at least one of them has some food preparation knowledge.

As much as I would love to attend $85 per person without wine is way out of my price range right now. Perhaps EL could get the Sun to foot the bill since we would be contributing to their content with our review.

Anita Marks? You are joking?

She knows nothing about Baltimore sports. I wonder what she will know about Baltimore restaurants.

RoCK, why would knowledge of Baltimore restaurants be a requirement to judge a cooking contest?

I'm trying to figure out how knowledge of Baltimore sports is a requirement to judge a cooking contest. Maybe pigskin is one of the ingredients?

I agree. Why should a sports talk show host be a judge for a cooking contest?

I normally don't like the "celebrity judge or panel" gimmick. It's one thing if the celebrities in question are either qualified or they are real characters like you would see on Match Game or the Gong Show. Who cares, however, about the local tv reporters or sports talkers?

As to Anita Marks, I just have problems with her on the account that she doesn't deserve her job. She has no clue about sports, let alone Baltimore sports. Some program manager decided to give her a job based on a very sexist premise that men will tune into someone who is marketed as this hot, sports chick.

First, she's not hot, but even if she were, who cares? It's radio for crying out loud.

Wow Rock...Jealous much...Get over it..she's great...her show's ratings are killing it...and she's really a sweet woman..stop hating so much and enjoy some good food...sounds like a great night! I'm excited!!

Ellie, if the radio station's lineup describes it as "Scott Garceau & Anita Marks", it's hardly "her" show, just a program for in which she shares (or has second) billing.

Perhaps Ms. Marks's 6-page "Naked Quarterback" spread in Playboy better qualified her to judge a cooking contest?

Anita looks like Dee Snyder...and really doesn't kn ow anything about sports

I don't have any interest in sports radio (other than listening to actual games), but I wouldn't at all be surprised if the antipathy to Anita Marks doesn't largely boil down to "a woman shouldn't be trying to do sports broadcasting".

Hal, you are looking for an easy explanation. It's not that she's a woman. She's just not good at the job. Anita Marks is a train wreck.

The reason I don't like Marks is the same as why I don't like Rachel Ray. Both are hacks, albeit for some reason marketable ones.

I'll admit that I'm annoyed when talent isn't rewarded but smoke and mirrors are.

I'm also bothered that Baltimore doesn't have a place for people who know sports like Rick Maese and Ray Frager; however, there's a place for someone like Marks.

Anyway, I think the event at Roy's is a fun idea even if the judges are lacking.

looks like the judges have changed, and everyone is going to be dissapointed... no Anita Marks... at least according to Roy's website:

They are:

Sam Cassell
Retired NBA player and Assistant Coach for the Washington Wizards

Rodney Henry
Owner of Dangerously Delicious Pies

Rick Dempsey
Former MLB Catcher for the Baltimore Orioles

Downtown Diane
Radio Reporter for 105.7 FM

That's old...Elizabeth Large had it correctly...Rock, you should take some time to talk to Anita...I've met her a few times, my husband loves her (he's lived in Bmore all his life and is a die hard fans) and she was a darling to my kids...You don't have to have lived here for 30 years to know what's going on with the sports teams. She's a great perspective from the player, because she knows what's going on currently, not just a grumpy old fan who's mad that he doesn't have a job in sports...I think its a good mix...jump on the bandwagon. It's alot more fun than being bitter...

I don't know who Anita Marks is, but she'd have to be pretty bad to be a WORSE choice than Reagan from Jojo and Reagan. The morning show on Mix 106.5 is unbearable. And yeah, I know him. He knows nothing about food.

Are you still looking for feedback? I must admit, I was a little nervous about being a judge (I don't watch Top Chef and I'm a really picky eater. Honestly, I don't know why they chose me), but everything was great! To clarify, there were really only the three guest chefs paired with the three students. The judges scored them on presentation, creativity and taste. The winner was Jeff Sarzyuski for his Foie Gras dish. Overall, a fun time for my first time at Roy's. Mahalo!

Thanks for letting us know. EL

Anita Marks is the worst thing to disgrace the airwaves since Nestor. She is so full of herself and does nothing but stumble, stutter (trying to make her point like a little kid) and lobs softball questions to guests.

She's a complete insult to Baltimore sports fans. Instead of saying anything meaningful she tries to sound like she's black when talking to black athletes which is SO annoying. I think she's trying too hard to make up for that "Juice Monkey" comment she made about a black athelete a couple of years ago. I'd much rather listen so intelligent like Tom Davis or Stan the Fan.

RoCK, you're spot on with your Anita assessment, buddy.

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