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July 22, 2009

Unusual food allergies

honeydew.jpgAs far as I know, I have only one food allergy, and no one believes me when I mention it.

That's how rare it must be. I can't even find anything about it on the Internet.

When I eat honeydew melon, I get an instant, bad sore throat. That's my only symptom. It goes away fairly quickly when I'm finished.

I developed it as an adult, and not only does it seem to be my only food allergy, it's my only allergy.

You know what's sad? Even a bad sore throat doesn't keep me from eating honeydew whenever someone offers it to me. It was my favorite melon as a child, but that was before Crenshaws were widely available.

I think there's something wrong with my priorities.

(Con Keyes/Los Angeles Times photographer)

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I'm not sure it's an allergy but I also get a sore throat when I eat eggplant.

I'm terribly allergic to carnuba wax.
No big deal, you might think. It's in most Easter candy, and some regular forms of chocolate and carob candy. One Easter i looked like the Michelin man, and to the extent that my hands were so swollen i couldn't make a fist. Every once in a while i don't read labels and end up with chipmunk face.

Bananas, carrots, sometimes avacado, watermelon, cucumber. My lips, mouth, and throat itch horribly. I think it may be a latex allergy. There is a natural latex in foods.

I have not gotten this tested. But recently I have discovered I get hives when I eat pesto. I think I have tracked to fresh basil. I can eat dried basil. But the fresh makes me break out in hives.

A year back I had a pesto spread on a sandwich. Then went to a business meeting. I had not seen my face prior to this. I was a bit itchy but put it down to nothing. A coworker finally opened a compact mirror right after I finished giving a report. I fled the room like my heels were on fire.

My wife is allergic to rosemary. Amazing some of the places this turns up.

I can't remember who it was but someone I know can't touch shrimp shells but can eat shrimp if it's out of the shell.

I also have a friend who can't eat the skin of peaches but can eat the peach underneath with no problems.

Mine is cayenne pepper. It's not an altogether unheard of allergy, but it usually goes along with avocados, which I have no problem eating. Cayenne is in EVERYTHING, but it was Old Bay that first made me break out into hives. Prior to that it was merely breathing issues and congestion.

My husband had his lips swell up eating fresh raspberries off the vine last summer. When I washed and pureed them, and turned them into sorbet, he had no trouble... but something must have been on them. Didn't bother anybody else that was with us that day. Now he's afraid to go raspberry picking. They're so good right off the vine!

Eggs. Very annoying. I won't give the symptoms, but suffice to say they are uncomfortable and go on for days.

Yet, every so often, I get a strong craving for eggs, then I can sit down and eat a half dozen with no ill affects. The rest of the time, the very thought of eating them makes me nauseous.

Honeydew melons can be so good...I'd still eat them if they gave me a sore throat. I can live with that, but life without good melons would be grey.

I can't remember who it was but someone I know can't touch shrimp shells but can eat shrimp if it's out of the shell.

someone was fooling you into peeling their shrimp for them.

I have eaten cantaloupe 3 times in my life... and barfed all three times. Even the smell used to make my stomach turn, but that has faded over the years. Part of me wants to give it another go and see what happens.

You may have oral allergy syndrome. Its a sensitivity among folks who have hay fever and other "non-food" allergies.

(My son is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.)

Crabs. It started when I was in my 30's and has just gotten worse over the years. I can eat any other seafood and crustaceans, but there's something in crabs that makes me very very sick.

Joyce, I used to spend time with someone who claimed he couldn't touch shrimp shells and needed me to peel them for him. I thought he was just a Princess.

After a teenage summer of peach overindulgence, I became allergic to peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries, apricots, etc. I can't eat them raw, but I can eat them cooked, frozen, and dried. (I've been nuking fresh peaches for 1 minute and eating them after they cool down. Seems to do the trick and they still taste mostly fresh.)

That's probably not as weird as my brief allergy to wine. I blamed it on a switch in a medication I was taking. My doctor insisted that grape/sulfite/whatever sensitivity wasn't a side effect, but as soon as she switched me to a different med, I no longer experienced the symptoms (itchy, puffy, red breakout on my face).

My mother-in-law claims she is allergic to chocolate and peanut butter. Not separately, just when they're together.

I claim she's insane.

This is so funny. My mom gets the exact same sore throat from honeydew (she still eats it too)! When I eat it, my gums get itchy. Pecans and raw green beans also make my gums itch.

There are food sensitivities that are distinct from food allergies, the latter with hives, itching, breathing issues. Sometimes the sensitivities, like to crab, can be handled with Immodium pre-treatment.

My old man is allergic to crabs. Just crabs. He can eat any other seafood item and be fine.

He loves crabs and ate them all his life, until one day a few years back, he ate a crab that tasted terrible. Suddenly, he got an allergic reaction, which persists to this day every time he eats crabs.

Funny, huh?

I am allergic to Starburst candies. Break out in hives all over. My guess is that it's only a certain dye in one of the flavors, but I'm not willing to conduct any experiments, despite pressure from my "friends" to do so.

I have an allergy to apples, pears, plums, peaches, tomatoes, cherries, etc. Any fruit that has a skin on it that you eat (although i'm ok with berries).

Once these things are cooked, I can eat them. i've tried peeling and eating, but still allergy.

so sad :-( especially peaches :-(

My throat starts swelling, and I have trouble breathing when I eat that stuff. I would probably kill myself if I ate a whole peach. I could probably eat one bite, and be ok...but I haven't really tried... that whole suffocating thing makes me not want to try :-P

Oh, and I get a slight sore throat with honeydew. I just always thought it was cuz there was too much sugar or something. it was never anything bad, and the reaction was totally different from my other fruit allergy, that I never really categorized it as an allergy. maybe it's a different type of condition that allergists don't consider an allergy.

Dill weed makes the mucus membranes in my nose and throat swell, once to the point of passing out. No problem with dill pickles, perhaps because of the acid and/or salt curing.

Weird! For me... it's always and only the first few bites of honeydew that are bothersome. It's so strange. After that I seem just fine. Go figure!!!

Tomatoes. Which are surprisingly difficult to avoid... I'm allergic to the fresh fruit and sauces/ketchup mostly, but large amounts of tomato powder (in things like doritos) also make me sick. I have to eat a lot of them though.

I've also fairly recently developed a contact allergy to them. Makes it hard to do dishes when my stupid roommate makes spaghetti-os (gack) and splashes tomato-water everywhere.

I get headaches when I have mint- they are especially bad if I eat a "mint" say an Altoid (which I avoid at all costs!) or peppermint, spearmint or wintergreen gum.

My husband is allergic to the flour mix that is used to make beignets. He discovered this after making beignets at home one morning, and his entire face swelled up for 3 days. Once he was able to get to a doctor for diagnosis, she happily told him that she had just attended a symposium on exactly this allergy and he was now in the dubious position of being perhaps the 5th person in the world known to have this allergy.

Needless to say, he no longer accompanies me to Cafe du Monde when we visit New Orleans.

brazil nuts. This can go in so many directions....

I tried to convince my mom I was allergic to all vegetables...for some reason she didn't believe me

My Mom is highly allergic to all corn products (as in anaphilactic reaction). She actually breaks out in hives just from being in the same place as popcorn popping (so she avoids movie theaters and Targets). She's been dealing with it for close to 30 years now and as a family we just tend to go to the same resturaunts where she knows the chef and who can accomidate it (which is few and far between).

My brother can't eat shrimp, crabs, or shellfish in general without breaking out in hives and having his throat swell. No big loss for him since he hates all of those things.

My mother can't eat coconut without getting nausea and possibly throwing up. She knows it's all mental, but just avoids it like the plague.

For me, I start gagging anytime I'm around pears. I know it's mental, but I do some serious gagging, on the verge of throwing up, if I eat a fresh, uncooked pear. One time, I didn't have any shaving cream left and used some of my girlfriend's. I didn't look at the label and had it all over my face when I realized it was pear scented. I started gagging and almost threw up just from the scent.

I am allergic to Mangoes. The skin contains an oil like poison ivy. I have to be very careful when handing them or i get raches wherever the oil has made contact. This includes my lips. They can get all chappy from mango juice.

I am allergic to scallops. I can eat shrimp and lobster with no problems. No problems with oysters or clams although I don't care for them. Once I ordered a seafood crepe after the waiter assured me it contained no scallops. Scallops must have been in something used to make the sauce. Two hours after dinner I was in agony until I deposited my dinner in the commode. I am extremely careful now.

Well,we have a few. I'm with you EL, I'm allergic to all melon. I get the sore throat and as I got older it has now progressed to my throat closing up. But the weird one is my allergy to Yellow #5. As in the food dye. Even the Dr. who was tasked with trying to figure out what made me break out into hives couldn't believe it when we finally isolated it during a food trial. And it is in a LOT of stuff!

My husband is allergic to cashews. The only thing I will say about it is that we found out that cashews are supposedly in the same genus as Poison Ivy. So, imagine what would happen after eating something that makes one itchy, what happens at the *ahem* end. Not pretty.

Starting during my second pregnancy, iceberg and romaine lettuce make me sick to my stomach. So does an egg dish (scrambled, omelet, etc.).

I was told this would probably end after my son was born, but here it is more than a year later, and I still can't.

I think most allergies are in your head. Walk it off.

I think most allergies are in your head. Walk it off.

Count your blessings. I'm alergic to antihistamines.

We have a family berry allergy. Apparently it is triggered by the first berry eaten in sufficient quantities. I cannot eat strawberries, one son can't eat cranberries, and the other one must avoid blueberries. All other berries are fine.

For me, it's milk. Not a lactose intolerance, an allergy to any uncooked milk. Been this way for decades now. Once the milk is cooked, however, I'm fine with it. Even if I just boil it on the stove for hot chocolate.

Hot tea of any kind makes me naseous.
Iced tea, no problem. What's up with that?
Also, red wine (as little as half a serving) makes me barf.
Can drink white wine til problem with it.

I also have that honeydew reaction. I used to just eat it anyway and then drink a lot of water. However, knowing that sometimes these mild reactions can suddenly turn into a bad one I stopped taking the chance.

I love honeydew, but I've gotten used to dewing (haha! couldn't resist) without. Also, in recent times, most honeydew never seemed as heartbreakingly good as it used to be.

I never knew the honeydew sore throat was an allergy. I'd been having the reaction since I was a child, too, but have been eating it anyway. Oh, well. Some people run with the bulls in Pamplona-- I eat honeydew.

The skins of red apples (not green, just red) and peaches. I get itchy lips and an itchy mouth and throat from them.

I have reactions to many, many fruits- the more acidic, the worse- a tiny bit of fresh pineapple almost took me to the hospital!. I usually stick to berries.

I also am lactose intolerant (love those lactaid pills!) & had a childhood allergy to eggs which I thankfully outgrew.

I really can't eat anything hot (spicy hot) as it is asking for a migraine on top of just plain misery. Red wine also causes headaches for me, as does artificial sweeteners- no diet products for this girl.

I have a friend who also has the shrimp shell problem- she is also very allergic to mushrooms and it turns out they are in a lot of stuff you would never, ever expect!

Some people run with the bulls in Pamplona-- I eat honeydew.

*snort* Somehow, I doubt that eating honeydew melons has quite the same macho connotation, YumPo. Although I'm sure you own a set of white clothes and a red neckerchief.

I'm allergic to hot dogs! (Except all beef ones...) but not allergic to any other meat products.

My hands break out when I eat lima beans. Blech.

EL, my stepdaughter is reacts to cantaloupe -- I believe an enzyme causes her throat to swell shut -- but she loves it and eats it anyway. She found several years ago that taking a sip of water after each bite eliminates the reaction. Just a thought.... She's also lactose intolerant but loves cheese. She takes Imodium as a preventive measure whenever she knows she's going to eat cheese in any form. Otherwise, the picture is WAY too ugly to contemplate.

I was allergic to cow's milk when I was young, it made my nose bleed. I had to have goat's milk instead.

I drink cow's milk now (skim) all the time, with no nosebleeds.

A girl I once knew had a bad allergy to tomatoes, it would make her face break out in a horrible red rash.

I'm allergic to raw celery, but not cooked celery. When I was a teenager, I had severe allergic reactions (requiring trips to the emergency room) on 3 occasions, but my family physician never believed that the celery was the cause. An allergist later told me that some people are allergic to some foods in raw form but not cooked (such as celery or carrots).

I have no food allergies. A fact that is manifested by my expanding waistline.

I have serious Anaphylactic reactions to all nuts - peanuts and tree (including pesto which is made with pine nuts,) chocolate, sesame and sunflower seeds, eggplant, coconut, and White fish. Hives, itching/swelling of the lips, gums, tongue and throat when I eat any type of melon, all citrus fruits, bananas, mangoes, kiwi, raw celery, carrots, and cucumbers. With that said, I think people who are allergic to milk, eggs, wheat or other grains have it much worse.

sigh, you said it, there, RoCK!

I stop breathing when I eat oregano. I break out in pretty bad hives from tomatoes, eggplant, all bell peppers and cucumbers. I 'm also sensitive to gluten. Typing this, I realize I'm a freak and should not be allowed to pass on my genes. Lucky for my daughter she doesn't have the allergies and didn't think of not reproducing until it was too late :)

Celery - mild anaphalaxis. Realized it one Thanksgiving - it was in the stuffing. Its not too big a deal - I don't like it anyway, but sometimes its in soups/stews/salads when I eat at restaurants.

My mother is highly allergic to shellfish - crabs, shrimp, lobster, scallops. She can eat mussels and escargot, though. She loved them as a kid, but got a bad one when she was pregnant with me and now blames me for her allergy!

Christina - you may not be allergic to the hotdog itself - it's probably the milk filler that is in them. My sis is latose intolerant and got very ill everytime she ate hotdogs. Then she bought a book that lists all processed foods containing milk product - the list is mindboggling. She now eats only Hebrew National dogs (100% beef) but no other hotdog or processed lunch meats.

Tell your daughter to take Lactaid or its generic instead of Immodium! That is over-treating the problem & will take too much of a toll on the system eventually.

Lone Lady, I wonder if you're reacting to the tannins in hot (black) tea and red wine ... strong black tea upsets my stomach too (Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast comes to mind). Iced tea should be more dilute, I'm guessing.

I hope you read the earlier post on Oral Allergy Syndrome, which is what you have. You also have a pollen allergy (likely ragweed) which cross-reacts with melon, and you'll get this reaction more in the spring when pollen is high.

Latex isn't Id'd most times people have allergies. I found this website: and has some good info.

Lettuce, peanuts and tree nuts, melons, apples...I could keep going but usually these are the most "shocking." To the poster that stated we should just "walk it off, it is in your head" that is a naive comment. Food allergies, especially to nuts, have increased significantly over the last 20 years, my theory is the pesticides and growth hormones for food products has increased allergies. The reason is food allergies deal with proteins and the growth hormones in food are a rapid growth of protein to make stronger and large quantities of the product. I will say that I'm not a radical that is anti-pesticides I do not eat organic food it is just my theory.

Poulet at Greenspring Station is owned by folks who have severe nut/peanut allergies in the family, and they do not use any nut or peanut products in their food.

I am so relieved to read that others have food allergies or reactions other than the most common ones (gluten, dairy, tree nuts, shellfish).

When I tell people my food allergies/reactions, no one takes them seriously (except OMG, thank you dear for the measures you took). They act like I just don't like the stuff, instead of that the reaction can be very uncomfortable to life-threatening.

Food allergies run in my family, but I don't have any of the same ones my mother has. It took me a long time to isolate what the problem was (certain spices), but once I did I have been a much happier diner.

You have to ask questions dining out/read labels carefully. I frequently find my allergy triggers in foods I never expected to find them in.

Very glad I can eat honeydew without a reaction, though. Honeydew melon is yummy and refreshing. What is a crenshaw melon?

:-) squared, thanks dear BG. I would never poison you.

The reaction to melons is called "Oral Itch Syndrome" and is due to a cross reaction between melons & pollens. See our website ( & click on Allergy Topics--Food Allergy--Oral Itch Syndrome.

Kent DeYarman, MD

The reaction to melons is called "Oral Itch Syndrome" and is due to a cross reaction between melons & pollens. See our website ( & click on Allergy Topics--Food Allergy--Oral Itch Syndrome.

Kent DeYarman, MD

"Just walk it off???" How does that person propose you walk something off when you are in Anaphylactic shock??
I have been allergic to tree nuts and peanuts since the very first time I tried one. (and the reaction wasn't the kind you get because you 'don't like' something!) As I have gotten older, the reaction has gotten worse and worse. I now carry an Epi-pen with me at all times just in case. I have been very concerned over the past year regarding the articles regarding plant cloning. Apparently peanut plants are considered the best 'host'. That's just great--now even foods that SHOULD be ok, won't be. At least now the labels have warnings on them. I've been told it is very dangerous to go ahead and eat something that makes it hard for you to breathe--the next time you might not be able to breathe at all.

My allergies have gotten worse as I've gotten older, meaning more things are bothering me. All spices that go in to a pumpkin pie...ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg..didn't occur until I was in my teens. The way foods are being prepared are often not listed on a menu. 85 percent of my Anaphylactic reactions have occurred in a restaurant where an ingredient was not listed, like Cream of Tomato soup that was flavored with pine nuts (pine nuts not on menu,) Hummus that had sesame (not listed), and chili that was thickened with chunky peanut butter (not listed.) A few reactions at friends' houses when I didn't make my allergies known. Only one reaction as an adult in my home...someone kissed me after eating peanuts. My allergies didn't start until after my tonsils were removed when I was six-years old. Coincidence or causal...don't know. I was told that I would grow out of them and that my children would not inherit the allergies, however two of the four are allergic to nuts, one to sesame and kiwi. I typically go to a restaurant website if possible prior to dining out so that I can peruse and I always let the server know about the nuts and sesame. Chocolate is easy to avoid. I've had more ER trips in the past seven-years than I did when I was a kid, all due to nuts and all where I didn't think I was going to survive...6-7-8-hours in the ER.

what is in fresh blueberries and fresh pineapple, when eaten, that cause a sore tongue?

Cap'n Crunch cereal always makes the roof of my mouth sore.

I'm allergic to gravity. It seems to make certain parts of my body to sag, and it gets worse as I get older.

RayRay - I know exactly what you mean with Cap'n Crunch! I have never heard anyone else comment on that.

Trixie and RayRay, it must be the special texture combined with all that sugar. Sorry, Cap'n-- I've found better ways to wake up in the morning.

It is called Oral Allergy syndrome. I have it too and I am allergic to most raw fruits and vegetables. I can eat them cooked canned or processed but not raw otherwise I get itchy in my mouth on my tongue and gums and throat.

Recently I have been eating at an Olive Garden Restaurant.
Every time I have a sore throat later and the next day aalso. It feels swollen and the glands get sore.
Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

As I read in some of the comments, we are not alone! I never really thought much about it until today. We got the best Honeydew melon ever & not only did my throat burn & swell, I couldn't stop sneezing? I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I've always been very sensitive to all kinds of soaps & perfumes, I didn't realize the food allergies. Cayenne pepper also gives me the same reaction so I try to stay away from it. But Honeydews are my favorite melon!

I just read that some specific food allergies may be related to latex allergies. Can anyone here confirm that connection?

The comments about "Princesses" not wanting to shell their own shrimp - as a child through adulthood members of my family and myself are allergic to the shrimp juice when we shell shrimp (which is often). We get rashes and it feels like it's burning. The symptoms go away after washing the juice off, sometimes it takes a while. I love picking shrimp, just not how it affects me. Love eating it too!

Oral Allergy Syndrome: A process of "cross reactivity" whereby the body's immune system, allergic to one thing — such as a tree pollen or mold — begins reacting to a substance in a food or drink that it perceives as similar.

OAS is not to be confused with bee sting, shellfish or peanut allergies that trigger, in allergic individuals, anaphylactic shock.

I suffer a huge list of OAS problems, mostly tied to raw forms of food: carrots, all melons, bananas, avocado, raw snap peas, celery, coconut and most tree nuts. And no, I did not "self diagnose", which is the first thing any doctor who hears a patient complain of an allergy assumes. I've been allergy tested by proper specialists in the field for foods, drugs, pet dander, pollen and molds, to which I reacted quite severely, and for which the results indicated that I'm allergic to a lot more foods than I previously thought. Of course, the numbers of food and drug tests are limited so many are symptom-based. My usual reaction is itching, swelling or hives. But as of late a new wrinkle: A sensation brought on after eating certain foods that I bit my tongue when I didn't, a dentist that insisted I return due to a ulceration on another part of my tongue after eating chocolate the night before, and blisters that pop up on the inside of my lip or cheek after eating certain foods (not to be confused with canker sores that persist for days). The latest round of symptoms that brought me to Google and hence to this site were brought about by eating a hard-shelled taco from a fast food chain that made national headlines in 2000 for using genetically modified corn only approved for cattle feed.

I have read that the vast majority of US corn is genetically modified. Where genetically modified foods are concerned, the American foodscape is the Wild West. There are few laws governing this, and even fewer disclosures for consumers such as myself (because folks like me are a statistical rarity, supposedly). Hence, allergy suffers face a future in which we not only have to question whether the food itself is a culprit, but whether some foreign set of genes inserted by bio researchers might be the trigger. Talk about Pandora's Box!

I do have potentially life-threatening allergies to most antibiotics due to overexposure prior to and after past surgeries. If I ever need anything stronger than tetracycline and related meds, I have to be admitted to a hospital.

I have even been to a chief of allergy for a major university in my area. There was no help to be had there.

Nobody researches this area because it is thought to be rare. Statistically, that is.

But most of my immediate family members overlap my allergies. And I have friends who, as adults, with no prior history, have had to start carrying epi-pens like me. You would think there would be something worth researching here.

In my view, what I call "environmental hypersensitivity" is a growing problem. There are just too many manmade substances and our immune systems are over stimulated by substances that didn't exist in the concentrations and forms they do now over 100 years ago — or at any point in human history, for that matter. Whether by vaccinations, environmental pollution, genetic conditions or other triggers, it seems that more and more of us can relate to the phenomena of oddball sensitivities and allergies.

At family gatherings and restaurants, things get downright embarrassing for me. My future father-in-law to be, a retired doctor, once told me that food allergies were merely a way of getting attention. Boy, has he pegged me wrong. As a work-at-home writer, I prefer to be the fly on the wall — not the object of curiosity, doubt or derision!

Frustrated, I consulted yet another specialist. This allergist claimed that the number of people who have these problems is not worth the money it would take to fund research. In other words, the law of supply and demand. Even if we imagine that his conclusions are wrong, there's little incentive to open Pandora's Box if, indeed, the number of people who have no family history of asthma or allergies is going up by virtue of how overexposed we are to all manner of things — from non-native landscaping to drugs and chemicals in our household cleaners. Take Teflon. The substance has been found in cord blood in infants. It has also been alleged to have caused birth defects in female factory workers who applied this coating to products. Can you imagine how many lawsuits it will open up if we begin connecting more dots?

They'd rather not go there. That's too bad. I'd like the psuedo psychoanalysts of the medical world to take a hike. That takes proof I don't have — yet.

I am allergic to the wife when she eats garlic! (just kidding)

"walk it off" "it's all in your head"....tell that to a dead person, because eating some of these things for people can be DEADLY!

The allergies I battle from foods, which I've mostly recently discovered (the others I knew about...wheat, chocolate, sugar, milk, due to my mom doing the Doris Rapp test on me back in the 1970's), are:

peanuts, cashews

The reaction I get feels like almost immediate hayfever. I begin spitting up sticky gunk and sneezing, eyes water, nose gets itchy, and the biggie...THROAT FEELS LIKE THERE ARE TINY RAZOR BLADES IN IT!

I frankly don't care if people tell me this is in my head, cause I know it's in my HISTAMINES, NOT my brain!

Alaska gal, my father-in-law could not handle shrimp, but he loved to eat them. My mother-in-law could not eat them, but she could handle them. Guess who got stuck peeling the shrimp in that relationship?

I'm allergic to peaches bananas watermelon honeydew cantaloupe and all tree nuts,my throat starts closing and my tongue gets a "fuzzy" feeling.when i eat pineapple my lips blow up crack and bleed. If i even get a kiss from someone who ate a cookie with nuts in it i get huge hives!

no one mentioned the reaction I get from apples, cucumbers, peppers & hot dogs. if I eat even a tiny bit of any of these within a few hours I get horrible gas pains. I take Pepcid before I eat but nothing helps the gas pain once it starts. so I try to avoid those foods but I cant tell you how many times I have unknowingly eaten something made with peppers - it's a nightmare!

Note to self...step away from betti...

I get an acne breakout with apples, pineapples, pears and strawberries. What is that about..? oranges, bananas, mangos no problem

Galia melons and soya milk both give me a sore throat, as do rice cakes (although that could be because they are so rough).

Pineapple has always left me with burning lips.

Berries often make me feel as though I'm sweating.

What a great site this is...when I was a kid, I could and would eat apples, peaches, strawberries, plums, grapes, watermelon, etc... any fruit I could. Around the age of 10, I started hvaing reactions - especially to peaches and plums. My throat would swell up and my lips would get hives. I can now eat cooked apples (no skin). I cannot eat plums or peaches at all, but can eat the other things if I only have a few. I also cannot eat carrots or radishes, but can eat cooked carrots.

It seems clear that this post will survive the regime change.

I got a weird reaction to cooked greens from the yard. I don't know what the plant is, we call it mustard in Southern California and it is totally organic. The first time, I was nauseous, the second time which confirmed the cause, I also had very swollen cheek glands. They felt like large marbles and were noticeable when swallowing food later. It lasted for less than 24 hours. Not at all like other allergic reactions I have had to other stuff.


I have the same symptoms when eating honeydew, but it does go away after I'm done eating.

Wonder what it could be?

Thanks for posting this blog, at least now I know I'm not crazy!

God Bless allll of you

TM, this doesn't prove you're not crazy...

Daphni, probably mustard greens.

Captcha: stab scotsmen - Braveheart in two words

I started getting a sore throat from honeydew melons about 8 years ago (I am 52). At first it went away quickly, but now it will last for days. Sad to say that due to the raw, sore throat I have given them up. Fortunately it is my only food sensitivity.

I can not eat bananas or avocados or scrambled eggs. I get HORRIBLE waves of pain and nausea. Did not start happening to me until I was in my late 20's. Same thing happened to my sister. Tonight I had a portabella mushroom sandwich and have felt horrible ever since!

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