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July 22, 2009

Top 10 redux and Table Talk

PX00137_9.JPGSome days it's better not to open my e-mail. This is the kind I hate to get, although Jim couched it in the nicest terms possible:

Reading this morning's paper, I was delighted to see my post to your blog included in the "Readers talk back" box, until I saw the word "macaroons."  My original post said "macarons."  As perhaps you know, a macaron is a delicious French sandwich cookie made with a kind of meringue.  A macaroon is a disgusting coconut thing that no self-respecting French person would touch. Is this what happens when all the proof-readers get fired? All snarking aside, though, please keep up the excellent work. ...

This was in the print edition of last week's Top 10, which appeared in today's Taste section. My policy is not to edit comments at all, which makes my life easier, but I guess it was hard for someone to let what seemed to be a error go by that would embarrass the poster.

Interestingly, this was the first time I've substituted one of my original choices for the print edition. I had completely forgotten about Cafe Normandie in Annapolis until Naptown Represent reminded me. It certainly deserves a spot.

Also in my Table Talk column in today's Taste section I talk about 13.5%, the new wine bar in Hampden, and Howard County's Restaurant Weeks.

(Barbara Haddock Taylor/Sun photographer)


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What a maroon.

Well played, Bugs! Well played, indeed.

Macaroons? Macarons? Isn't that the mix up that cost George Allen his Senate seat?

At least it wasn't changed to macaroni (who was once credited by a New York newspaper with inventing the telegraph.)

Odd, because I have spotted mis-spells in the Talk Back section that have made me wonder if whoever is choosing the comments is even reading them at all.

The eternal posting problem -- you click, then read what you wrote and shudder. As I did this morning when I spelt restauranteur "resteraunteur."

Ahem (cough)--I believe that's properly restaurateur, MAG.

Dahlink, I agree with you on the spelling of restaurateur. Curiously, though, Merriam-Webster Online includes restauranteur as a variant of restaurateur, so I guess that MAG may be right. (On the other hand, restauranteur does not appear in the online Compact OED. Perhaps Lissa could favor us with a check of her full set of the OED?)

OED ... I went to look at mine, but the magnifying glass is missing!

Gladly, hmpstd. Gods know, you've answered more than your fair share of the ref. questions around here.

restauranter is given as the US form, with an example from 1887.

restauranteur is labeled as the correct form, restaurateur is labeled as erroneous.

(My built in spell check, which is set to UK English, likes restaurateur but doesn't like restauranteur.)

I think that muddies the waters sufficiently, eh?

Will this settle the flutist--flautist thing?? My daughter in Cambridge is dying to know.

You may be able to find out what the correct usage is, Canon, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to get people to use it.

You've got to be kidding. All these years I've been correcting a certain someone by insisting that it's restaurateur,

not restauranter.

Oh well, doesn't matter now.

Will this settle the flutist--flautist thing?

Depends upon whether she plays a flute or a flauta ,,, and we're back to tex-mex

Laura Lee, if you and I agree on this, then the dictionary is wrong. End of discussion!

I would be inclined to say restaurant owner. If you put a gun to my my I would guess restauranteur. How about restaurantress for a woman?

Online dictionaries list all three as legit. I don't trust M-W online anymore because for some obscure but legit variations they refer you to a larger version of the dicitonary that you have to pay for.

Restauranter sounds like many of the people here, the ranter part.

I'll be glad to check again when I get home. I'm well aware that I'm very overdue for having my eyes checked, and small print is giving me fits lately.

I also didn't check the Additions. I have them, but I was lazy.

All this spelling discussion (which I admit I started) reminds me of the teacher who asked one of her students to spell the word, weather. "WHETHOOR" the youngster replied. "Billy," said the teacher, "that's the worst spell of weather we've had in years."

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